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Brake System

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Brake Upgrade Tips
Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors
Nismo B13 Brake Upgrade
Pictures of Shell's B13 brakes
Upgrade Alternative to B13s


Bleeding the Brakes


Adjusting Brake Pedal Freeplay
All About ABS
All About Brake Fluid
Breaking in Brake Pads
Calculating Rotor Runout

Available Brake Pads

Porterfield Pads
R4S compound carbon-kevlar(street) [~$80]
R4 (race)
R4E (endurance)
Stillen Metal Matrix pads
Hawk Pads (more info here)
Axxis Metal Masters
AV22F caliper [~ $50]
200SX [~$62]

Misc Info about Brakes

How to tell if you already have the B13 Brake Upgrade

It's somewhat unclear which models had the brake upgrade. Some people say certain years, other say if it had ABS, etc. The ONLY real way to tell is if the calipers have AD22VF stamped on them.

The different kinds of brake fade (Comments by David Alexis Pertuz)

Keep in mind that there are really two kinds of brake fade, and it's important to know which you suffer from so that you know how to fix it. One type is when the fluid boils in the line. When this happens your pedal will turn into a banana, and you will really notice it! If you do this too many times and anticipate more heavy stopping, it would be good to replace the fluid (with something better, yet.)

OTOH, when you overcook your pads the pedal will still feel the same as ever, but you won't stop as well as you otherwise would. Sometimes you will also get billows of toasted-pad smoke from the wheels. The fix for this is better, harder pads.

How to prevent rotors from warping (Comments by Rob Microys)

  • Don't stop hard at lights.
  • Try not to brake hard, if you know you might have to stop at a light shortly.
  • If you find your brakes are fading, DON'T STOP. Keep moving until they cool down.
  • Do not wash your car with hot brakes (very good way to warp rotors), most people warp their brakes while running errands around town, driving quickly in traffic, and gassing up the car and running through the carwash quickly...
  • Torque your lugnuts on correctly.
  • Cross drilled rotors will stay cooler, but only if you're moving, but stock rotors won't warp either if you keep moving ;)

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