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Bleeding the Brakes

  • For the '95+ 200SX SE-R and Sentra SE bleed the brakes in the following order: RR, LF, LR, RF.  If you have ABS, shut the Ignition off and disconnect the ABS actuator connector or battery cable.
  • For the '91 - '94 Sentra SE-R and NX2000 bleed the brakes in the following order: LR, RF, RR, LF.

Comments by Wayne Cox careful not to run the MC reservoir dry - note that it takes a lot more pedal pumps on the back than the front between fill ups.

Bleeding the MC on the car is a good idea too. Have someone press the pedal while you crack open the valve under the hood. Make sure to have a rag over it - brake fluid trashes paint.

There was also some talk about hoses and stuff - I bought a "one man brake bleeder" kit from AutoZone. It's a hose with a clip to secure it to the bleeder valve, and a one-way valve in the other end. Works Great! You just open the valve, clip it on, drop the other end in a drain pan, and pump away on the brake pedal. About $5.

Comments by Mike Kojima

Basicaly if you read Carrol Smiths "engineer to win" book on race car prep, it warns specficaly not to uses the power or hand pump vacume bleeders. The vacume can lead to cavitation in the brake lines and microbubbles.

The Tilton cataloge and tech manual warn against these too. I have always hand bled my brakes and always get a rock hard pedal. Read Adam Kim's post on adjusting m/c freeplay and do that.