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Transaxle & Clutch

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Adjusting the clutch
Clutch Cable Replacement
How to do a clutch job on a classic SE-R
To clutch or not to clutch
Comments about clutch installation

Drivetrain Performance Tips
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bullet_blank.gif (76 bytes) Reviews of Clutches
bullet_blank.gif (76 bytes) Lightweight Flywheels
bullet_blank.gif (76 bytes) Other Drivetrain Modifications
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Available Clutches

Some interesting information from Jay Stewart
Jim Wolf Technology
Jim Wolf Pressure Plate

Dual friction clutch - Sentra
H/P Clutch - Sentra
H/D Clutch - Sentra
Redline Racing PROformance


Lightweight Flywheels
Picture of JUN Lightweight Chromoly flywheel


Automatic Transmission / LSD Information
Change CV boot
Information about Redline Synthetic Transmission Oil
Changing the tranny fluid (Manual Transaxle)
JWT Pressure Plate & Stillen Flywheel
Pacesetter vs. Stillen Short Shifter
Replacing the Transmission Switches (Manual Transaxle)
Short Shifter Installation and Removing Shifter Rattles
Speedo Cable Replacement
Transmission Photos

Short Shifters

Stillen (Aluminum ball, non-adjustable) [$251 list]
Pacesetter (bought design from SMC (Kwik Shifter, adjustable)) [~$109]

Misc Transaxle & Clutch Info

I have driven other cars (not SE-Rs) where the shifter does not get pulled back.

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes) Comments by Jarrod K. Wright

All SR20DE-powered cars use a rod-actuated shifter mechanism, which is bolted directly to the transmission. A solid connection such as this transmits vibration and engine/transmission movement directly to the shift knob in the cabin. You get outstanding shift feel and that karmatic connection everyone loves, in exchange for increased NVH and, of course, stick movement when the driveline whips around.

Most cars on the road today, however, use cable-actuated manual gearboxes. The pliable cable takes up any slop in the driveline, so you won't feel any stick movement even if you're down to one mount. You won't feel anything else, for that matter; it's like shifting with a dead gerbil.

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