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B13 Upgrade Alternative

Written by Matt Eads

For an inexpensive alternative to the NISMO B13 Upgrade, one need only buy "loaded" front calipers [for a 91-93 Japanese, ABS NX2000] from an auto parts store [$58+ $14 core charge from Pep Boys]. It includes everything you need except the rotors and the [optional] master cylinder. A little birdy told me that as long as you return your [smaller] Sentra calipers *after* picking up the AD22VF's, you can get your core charge back. Even if you don't get back the core charge, this is a steal compared to what Nissan wants. The pads that come with the calipers [Wagners I think] aren't as good as the OEM units that come with the B13 kit, but George Roffe said they're decent. Even if you chuck the Wagner pads your still saving a lot of cash.

Note: Make sure "AD22VF" is visible on the top of the caliper; it took me a couple times to get the right ones from Pep Boys.

The other [obvious] cheap alternative is to get some calipers/rotors off a junked NX2000. A complete overhaul [including new caliper pins] can be done for about $23 a side [just new seals/bushings are about $15/caliper]. The job is fairly easy but getting the old rubber bushings out can be a bitch.