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About Hawk Pads

Hawk Blue Carbotic Racing Brake Pads

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From the Hawk Tech department:

  • Hawk HPS: comparable to a Repco/Axxis. It has a co-efficient of friction of .4. I should not cycle over 1000 degrees. Meant to be used as a street pad. (Price comparable to Repco/Axxis).
  • Hawk HP+: same basic composition as HPS except it's co-efficient of friction is .45 to .5. Can cycle over 1000 degrees on limited use. Great for autocrossing and limited lap times as well as drivers school.
  • Hawk Black: This is a racing pad. Originally designed for dirt track and limited asphalt. These pads are designed to run hot. Will not get optimal performance if the pad is cold. It will wear down the rotors before it will wear out the pads if the pads are cold.
  • Hawk Blue: Full race pad. Will not run cold. Same as the Black except will take higher temps.

Rule of thumb, do not put more pad on the car than the car needs.