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Shell's B13 Brakes

By Shell Black

I have had a few folks wanting to know how the foliatec brake laquer came out on my B13 caliper & rotor install...(also might be useful if someone wanted to see cross drilled rotors and stainless steel lines).

Click on the picture on the left to see a larger version of it.

braknwhl_small.jpg (7495 bytes) Painted caliper showing through wheel spokes.
frntb13_small.jpg (9143 bytes) Side shot of the front brakes, wheel off showing SMC lines & cross drilled rotors (Tokico shock) with B13 caliper painted black.
b13side_small.jpg (11279 bytes) Another shot at angle of front caliper
rearcalp_small.jpg (6580 bytes) Angle shot of rear caliper, same setup as above
pantbrak_small.jpg (7733 bytes) Pic of roommate taking a shot at painting brake calipers on our jack-stand rack.
shavdb13_small.jpg (7654 bytes) B13 caliper shaved by Jeff Naeyart ready to paint, back calipers in background ready to paint