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The lug nut covers on my stock wheels are beginning to fade and flake, revealing the yellow plastic underneath. Any solutions other than buying new covers?

Comments by Mike Hill

I repainted them with some spray paint. If you want to refinish them, here are some tips I found helpful:

Two thin coats will make them look good as new. Avoid any clear finishes, they look milky. The brand of paint was Duplicolor. The color code is:

DS CC 338 Radnt Silver MC
upc code: 26916 11338 2

Comments by Scott Reid

I repainted them also. I used Rustoleum Aluminum spray paint. It only comes in one color as far as I know; just called aluminum. It was a perfect match.

Comments by Shell

With the heavy chemicals in wheel detailing sprays I found that my covers would turn yellowish. I just spruce them up with some Krylon Silver Metallic spray paint a couple of time a year (off the mags of course!). In minutes they will look new.

At what temperature does the common High Performance tire become dangerous to drive on?  I've got the pirrelli p700z series and temps have been in the 30s.  Should I be worried?

Comments by Ken Pratte

There is no specific temperature.  It varies from tire to tire.   The way it works is that an All-season tire is not supposed to glass-over based on temperature.  Non all-season tires don't say anything about the temperature that they can glass-over at.  However, they have a tendency to glass-over when the temperatures drop below freezing.

The glass-over term means that the tread compound will actually become hard and looses traction with the pavement.  Wayne Cox reported that his AVS Intermediates glassed-over around 20 degree F.  It caused him to go into the grass taking an exit ramp.

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