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Rick's SE-R in August 1997 Rick's SE-R in August 1997 Rick's SE-R in August 1997 Rick's SE-R in August 1997 Rick's SE-R in August 1997 Rick's SR20DE in 1997 Rick's SR20DE in 1998 SR20DE Cut-away
My horse at the Retama Polo Grounds
near San Antonio
Here we go! SR20DE

These pages are dedicated to my former automobile, the 1992 Nissan Sentra SE-R pictured above. For six years after taking ownership on September 7, 1992, the car's performance, appearance, and reliability inspired confidence and delivered miles of fun. As a Nissan owner, you already know the Sentra SE-R was born to be driven hard. By mid-1998, however, my car's advancing age and changes in my lifestyle influenced me to go in a new, if not too unfamiliar direction. On September 8, 1998, I handed the keys of my beloved SE-R to another owner, a few days after bringing home a 1996 Acura Integra GS-R four-door sedan. In a single moment, all of my car's good times and bad, from its first stoplight victory to the infamous header saga, vanished into the hands of another driver. That was a sad day, indeed.

Fortunately, you can benefit from my ownership experience in these pages, which were formerly part of Rick's Nissan Page and have been contributed to  If you visited my former Web site and have participated in the SE-R Mailing List , you may be familiar with my past involvement in the SE-R enthusiast phenomenon. Like most serious owners, I performed nearly all of my own work and chatted about it openly with other SE-R drivers. My Nissan knowledge is fading now, but if you have questions about these pages, you may e-mail me.

The following procedures are recommended only for drivers with significant experience in automotive maintenance. Before you attempt any work on your vehicle, always:

No guarantees are expressed or implied regarding the safety, merits, or results of these procedures. They have simply worked for me. With that understood, good luck!

Maintenance: Sentra SE-R Coolant Change

Replacement: SR20DE Motor Mounts
Replacement: SR20DE Oil Pressure Switch
Replacement: SR20DE Timing Chain Tensioner
Replacement: SR20DE Water Pump
Replacement: SR20DE Lower Oil Pan
Replacement: RS5F32V Transmission Switches

Upgrade: Sentra SE-R Suspension
Upgrade: Stillen SR20DE Header

Modification: Sentra SE-R Foglight Activation
Modification: Jeff Naeyeart's Sentra Rear Strut Tower Brace

Original material is the creation of Rick Zotz, 1999, 1998, 1997, and has been contributed to