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SE-R Foglight Activation

Many drivers are interested in activating their foglights when ANY external lights are illuminated, perhaps to fill in the foreground when high beams are on, to sneak through neighborhoods with minimal lighting, or to cruise along the well-lighted strip looking stupid when they think they look cool. Whatever the reason, this is possible to achieve with a factory-clean modification to the switch pickup in the steering column. Don't run some silly wire through the engine bay or chop up anything else.

I performed following procedure on my car back in 1993. This job can be performed on any 1991-92 Sentra SE-R. The NX2000 and 1993+ SE-R can possibly be modified in a similar manner with attention paid to where the foglight switch taps power. Wire colors or positions may vary, so refer to the factory service manual and note any differences. Also note that a simple change to this procedure will allow the foglights to run at any time without any other external lights activated, but I won't be responsible for dead batteries. Figure it out yourself.

Tools: Phillips screwdriver, small wire cutters, pliers, 3M Scotchlok connector.

Rick's SE-Rious Procedures

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