Nissan USA
RS5F32V Transmission Switches

My transmission had been dripping fluid for a few months. The seals seemed good, but I discovered leaking switches. I smeared sealant on the rubber boots, but this helped only for a couple of months. The leaks turned critical. The only real solution was to replace the switches.

Purchase the following parts:

Reverse Lamp Switch 32005-70E10
Neutral Switch 32006-51J60

The following procedure takes two hours and can be done alone. You will have to drain the transmission, so buy four fresh quarts of your favorite gear oil, or empty the used oil into a clean pan for refill.

Is it worth saving $100 in labor? You be the judge.

Tools: ramps or jackstands; floor jack; 19mm wrench; ratchets in 1/2", 3/8", and 1/4" sizes; sockets in 10mm, 19mm, and various other sizes; various flat-blade and Phillips screwdrivers; large pliers; large drain pan; transmission funnel and hose; Loctite PST sealant; wire cutters.

Rick's SE-Rious Procedures

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