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Like several others on the SE-R Mailing Llist, my '92 SE-R was groaning from the area around the front passenger footwell. The noise occurred on heavy deceleration and suspension compression. For months, I thought the front control arm bushings might be worn from the lowered stance of the Eibach springs, until I re-installed the stock springs and the noise grew worse and more frequent. It sounded like something was ready to break.

The engine rocked back and forth a lot, so I suspected the rear motor mount (called 'rear insulator') was worn from the torque. It was somewhat collapsed, so I replaced it. The groaning continued.

I went to the dealer to compare my right motor mount (called 'front engine mounting', the expensive, fluid-filled one) to the one in a new SE-R, and sure enough, mine was collapsed. I replaced it, and the groaning vanished. A new right mount IS the cure. The left motor mount (called the 'rear engine mounting') looked good, so I'll wait until it fails.

Purchase the following parts:

Front Engine Mounting
(Right Motor Mount)
Rear Insulator
(Rear Motor Mount)
Right Motor Mount
This procedure requires about 45 minutes and can be done alone.
Tools and supplies: hydraulic floor jack; scissor jack; wood panel (mine was about a foot square); ratchet; 14mm socket; ;long extension; U-joint.

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Rear Motor Mount
This procedure requires about 2 hours. I performed it alone in about 4 hours, taking extra time to fix bent components, repaint the center member, and inspect the suspension.
Tools and supplies: ramps or jackstands; two jacks; wood blocks; ratchet; 14mm socket; 10mm socket; WD40 for easy bolt twisting.

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