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Jeff Naeyeart's

Sentra SE-R Rear Strut Tower Brace

Jeff Naeyeart got into a really creative mood recently, and developed something many of us SE-R drivers have been seeking: a rear strut tower brace. According to Jeff and others who have driven his car, this brace does make a big difference in handling, causing the rear end to step out more willingly. Jeff has a template for making more of these, so interested drivers may contact him for information.

Way to go, Jeff!

brace_off_1_t.jpg (3983 bytes) brace_off_2_t.jpg (4225 bytes) tower_left_t.jpg (5980 bytes) tower_right_t.jpg (6536 bytes) in_car_close_t.jpg (5687 bytes) in_car_far_t.jpg (5891 bytes) measure_t.jpg (4950 bytes)
Two views of the brace Left tower
and cut
Right tower
and cut
Trunk view of
Outside view Clearance
from the
rear deck

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