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Sentra SE-R Coolant Change


You will have to change coolant at sometime in the life of your car, whether required by the periodic maintenance schedule, hose replacement, or a major component repair.The mighty SR20DE is a strong, sophisticated, aluminum power plant, so use care and common sense.

This procedure requires less than two hours can be performed alone. It was done on a 1992 Sentra SE-R, and likely applies to all North American versions of the SR20DE-powered Sentra and 200SX produced since the 1991 model year. If in doubt, check with your dealer and the factory service manual. Optimum results are allegedly achieved by strictly following the factory service manual, but the method here has given me excellent results.

Tools and supplies: anti-freeze; distilled water; ratchet; sockets in 10mm and 14mm sizes; extensions in various sizes; small and large Phillips screwdrivers; large drain pan; funnel; Loctite PST sealant

View the photos before beginning!

If coolant has been drained to allow replacement or repair of a cooling system component, stop now. Perform the required work, then continue below.

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