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Clutch Cable Replacement

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes) Written by Larry Weeks

  • Remove battery
  • Unbolt fuse box from battery pan
  • Remove battery pan
  • Disconnect top half of air box from hose(s) & remove
  • Remove lower half of air box
  • Remove resonator (?) (now exposed, next to air box)
  • Loosen & disconnect cable from transmission end
  • Optionally, remove driver's seat to give more working room
  • Push cable toward firewall
  • Laying on back beneath dash, disconnect end of cable from pedal
  • Pull cable through firewall. Cable is between the brake booster and fender, far right side of firewall while facing it
  • Disconnect cable from bracket beneath resonator - simply pulls out toward firewall
  • Remove cable from bracket near brake booster, remove from car
  • Install new cable in reverse order - adjust freeplay
  • Reinstall other components

Not all the removal of stuff is absolutely necessary, but it makes the process easier. No pictures for this, unfortunately.

Also, getting to the point where the clutch cable attaches to the pedal is very difficult. You need a flashlight to see up into the area. You need small hands, or a helper with small hands, to reach up to disconnect/connect the cable. One should get familiar with the region (feel how stuff is connected) before doing the work.