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General Info

East Coast Drag Racing Schedule (List of import drag events)

Owner's Registry (Check out some of the SR20DE owner's rides)
100K Club (SR20DE-powered vehicles with over 100,000 miles on them)
SR20DE Timeslip Table (1/4 mile timeslips of SR20DE-powered cars)

Multimedia Area (Pictures, Videos, WAVs, event pictures, etc.)

Other Car Related Links

Wounded SR20DEs cars and Crash Stories
Misc. Information (All the things that didn't have a home elsewhere)
Car related Abbreviations

Communicate with others: Chat
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) (Info on chatting with SE-R mailing list members) events and Gatherings (Meet up with some other owners...)
The SE-R Mailing List (correspond with over 800 SR20DE owners daily)
The SR20DE Message Board (ask/answer SR20DE-related questions)

Driving Information:

Heel / Toe Information
What's an Apex (A nice diagram)
Ten Best Tips for Fearless Flying (From the boys at Car and Driver) (Find all those speed traps)