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Car Related Terms and Abbreviations

Term / Abbr Meaning Notes
200SX 1995-98 Nissan 200SX SE-R  
AFR Air to Fuel Ratio  
AD22VF ID found on calipers of largest stock front brakes. "Big Brakes" Nismo B13 Upgrade Kit 
BTDC Before Top Dead Center Commonly used in the context of ignition timing.
CAI Cold Air Intake  
CARB California Air Resources Board  
CAT Catalytic Converter  
Classic 1991-94 Nissan Sentra SE-R  
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles  
DOHC Dual Over-Head Cam  
DOT Department of transporation  
ECU Engine Control Unit/Electronic Control Unit Main vehicle computer. Controls ingition, fuel injectors, etc.
EFI Electronic Fuel Injection  
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation (valve)  
ET Elapsed Time Time to complete quarter mile in drag racing.
FSM Factory Service Manual  
G20 1991-96, 1999+ Infiniti G20  
HS HotShot Header supplier
JWT Jim Wolf Technology Aftermarket ECU tuner, parts manufacturing and sales
MAF Mass Air Flow sensor  
NOS Nitrous oxide  
NX 1991-93 Nissan NX2000  
NX2K 1991-93 Nissan NX2000  
OBD On Board Diagnostics  
OBDII On Board Diagnostics Revision 2  
OE Original Equipment  
OEM Original Equipment from the Manufacturer  
POP Performance Optimized Program JWT product line name
SCC Sport Compact Car magazine  
SCCA Sports Car Club of America  
SOHC Single Overhead Cam  
SS Stainless Steel Usually used in reference to exhaust components and brake lines.
ST Suspension Techniques Suspension parts manufacturer
STB Strut Tower Brace  
TB Throttle Body  
TPS Throttle Position Sensor  
TSB Technical Service Bulletin  
WOT Wide Open Throttle  

Abbr Meaning Notes
BTW By The Way  
FWIW For What Its Worth  
FYI For Your Information  
IIRC If I Recall Correctly  
IMHO In My Humble Opinion  
LOL Laughing Out Loud  
ROTFL Rollign on the Floor Laughing  
ROTFM Right on the Freaking Money  
TIA Thanks In Advance  
VBG Very Big Grin  
WFO Wide Freaking Open see WOT
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary