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Nissan recommendations for liquid gaskets and such:

Both RTV sealants above are oxygen sensor safe.


> ... when you replace the pcv valve do you coat it with anything... [someone mentioned teflon tape]

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes) Comments by Dan Thompson

Teflon tape is not recommended in an environment where it may come in contact with gasoline. I realize that there isn't supposed to be any gas in the PCV system, but I wonder if it has more to do with the characteristics of the gas rather than the gas itself (ie. petroleum product, like oil is).

Anyway, teflon paste is recommended where contact with gasoline will occur. The paste can be found in the same section of the plumbing or hardware store as the teflon tape.

Roof Racks

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes) Comments by Rob Microys

I have the Thule rack for my 200SX SE-R. It's a great rack, but requires the 'short roof extension' kit. Although it is difficult for one person to assemble because of the extra bits from the kit, it is very solid and it a great system. I would also recommend anybody using a roof rack for extended periods to get a wind deflector for the rack too. It will help to keep some dirt off the rack and prevent a bit of dirt from getting under the footpads of the rack. It also tends to lower fuel economy quite substantially, or is it my winter tires... I haven't figured it out yet, as they both went on my car at the same time. I leave my rack on most of the time, as you never know when you're going to want to just go for a quick ski.... If you're not familiar what a short roof extension is, it's a kit that allows the rear bar to sit further back on the roof in a location where there is nothing to clamp down on to. What the kit does is connect the front bar to the back bar on both sides of the car and clamps down the connecting bar. So, if you were to look down on the car, the rack would form a square or a rectangle. Bad ASCII art follows (requires fixed pitch font to view ;):

      [=]                            [=]
       |                              |
       |                 |            |
  /                      |                \
 /                       |                 \
/    door opening        |   rear window    \

The M's represent the clamps, the ==='s are the footpads. I'm really satisfied with my rack... they are expensive, but worth it. I prefer the Thule over the Yakima, a friend with a Maxima has the Yakima rack, and it has footpads with much smaller footprints, and he's put dimples in his roof from his rack. He probably also over tightened is and overloaded it too... but that's another story.