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What is IRC?
Internet Relay Chat. Pretty much just like the chat rooms on AOL, only the rooms are called channels, and they're not on AOL, they're open to anyone on the Internet.

Getting the Software

  • For Microsoft Windows
    mIRC is probably the best, if not at least the most widely used IRC client for Windows PCs, you can get it at
  • For Macintosh
    Ircle is one of the best IRC client for Macs, and you can get it at
  • Alternative: If you'd like to use IRC but don't want to download the software, go to Talk City at Type in #SE-R and press Go! Note: you must have a Java-enabled browser to use TalkCity.

What to do after installing the software

  • For an IRC Server select one of the Undernet servers. Some of the servers we've had luck with connecting to are:
    •, port 6663 or 6664
    •, port 6663 or 6664
    •, port 6663 or 6664
  • Now join the "#SE-R" channel by:
    • Either finding a menu item JOIN and type #SE-R for a channel
    • OR typing /join #SE-R

When is everyone on?

Most of us are on from time to time, but the best times to get a crowd are Friday and Saturday nights.