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Replacement Photos:
SR20DE Right Motor Mount

Plan of Attack

Scissor jack I used the factory scissor jack with a wood plank and blocks to support the engine beneath the oil pan. This jack offers much better control than a hydraulic floor jack.
Right mount The right motor mount, or "front engine mounting", is secured with four bolts: three into the engine and one through the insulator.
Right mount The coolant reservoir and seat must be removed to allow access to the motor mount pivot bolt. The seat still remains in this image.
Right mount Here's a view from another angle.

What a Difference

Right mount comparison The old mount on the left shows signs of cracking and collapse caused by 77K miles of hard driving. The new part on the right boasts a superior pivot shaft and broader mounting feet. I hope it is less prone to burst.

Mount Replacement Procedures
Rick's SE-Rious Procedures

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