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International Nissan Dealer Service Experiences

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U.S. Dealer Experiences: Arizona - Montana

U.S. Dealer Experiences: North Carolina - Wisconsin

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Note: These are merely the comments of people from countries other than the U.S. on Nissan dealerships they have dealt with. People's experiences may vary, but we're just trying to give people a better idea of who to deal with and who they probably shouldn't.  And by all means, if you have something to add, click on the link above and send us your comments.  We remove all names. :)


Hornsby Nissan, Hornsby, Sydney

Average. Prompt Service, but liable to rip-off people they see as not being mechanically adept.  They will charge for work that was not asked for by the client.

Above Average. I reckon this is a great Dealer.  My SSS was stolen, used in a ram raid, and vandalised  The guys in reception moved Heaven and Earth to order in and replace all the interior parts required and then arranged for a beaut job on the panel damage.  The car was off the road for just a week and they also fixed my rattly lifters - I'd been using the wrong grade oil.

Frankston Nissan (Peninsula), Frankston, Melbourne

Below Average. They used cheap crappy oil in my SSS which caused very noisy lifters on start up. I had to take it to a none Nissan mechanic to diagnose the problem which was fixed with Mobile 1 synthetic.


Gallerie Nissan, St-Hyacinthe, QC

Above Average. 2 years ago, they had a special price on rustproofing, but when I came back to get it done, the special was over. I asked them about it, and they charged the special price! Same thing happenned with my alignment. But the best is when they changed my starter motor free of charge although it wasn't under warranty.


Bitburg Nissan, Bitburg, Germany

Below Average. Nissan of Germany will not honor a warranty for an American Nissan. Even though the warranty book states that for U.S. government employees and military they will have to honor it. Nissan of Germany responded with "Your in Germany, you can't make us".

South Africa

Midrand Nissan, Johannesburg

Below Average. When I first bought my 200SX, it was supposed to contain a leather interior and a CD Shuttle; instead it contained a cloth interior and a front loader. The guys at Nissan said that the leather interior would be have to be imported and so, in good faith, I took the car. When I got into the car, the performance was so poor that it was unreal. Apparently they had given me a car with the distributor being full of water. Then I got the car back again, and once again problems... the engine was misfiring, the car would drop out of turbo whenever it felt like it, etc., etc. Anyway after taking the car back a record four times (like as in Nissan spent more time with my car than I did), there were still problems with the engine and braking system. Finally I decided that in order to get anywhere, I would have to take it somewhere else. After having the car looked at by the guys from ATC, besides the engine having been fixed, I've gone from 160nm to 200nm and 83Kw (on the wheels) to 105Kw (on the wheels). Now I have to ask why Nissan can't fix their own bloody cars? Besides the fact that they were unwilling to fix the car properly, they have now decided to cheat me out of the leather trim and CD shuttle. The only consolation I have is that I deal with some very large clients, and I'm making damn sure that all the guys from the major corporations know not to go Nissan, fleet or otherwise.