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Note: These are merely the comments of people from far and wide on Nissan dealerships they have dealt with. People's experiences may vary, but we're just trying to give people a better idea of who to deal with and who they probably shouldn't.  And by all means, if you have something to add, click on the link above and send us your comments.  We remove all names. :)

North Carolina

Cardinal Nissan, Jacksonville NC

Below Average I brought my 1997 Nissan Sentra GXE into the service department and told them that my engine malfunction light was on.  After waiting a couple of hours they told me it was my gas cap and replaced it.  Well, it may a long story short two days ago my malfunction light came on again and I brought it back to the dealership.  After waiting five hours I was told that they could not find the problem and if I wanted they would contact me when it was fixed so I would not have to wait any longer.  They told me late that afternoon that they would need to contact Nissan because they could not explain what was wrong.   They gave me a "good faith" rental car.  The following day I called them late in the afternoon.  Nothing was done to the car.  Again they could not explain why my light comes on.  As they discribed it "intermitent".   What they hell does that mean?  Do I need to go thru this every two weeks?   I will never buy another Nissan.  I need this car to commute to college. I cannot not afford to break down on some lonely country road late at night.  My school is eighty miles each way from my home!!!!!  I may explore my options under the law if this continues to be a problem.

Lumberton Nissan, Lumberton NC

Below Average Purchased a new 2000 Maxima.With 16,000 miles in it the tranny goes out. They tell me they do not have a loaner or rent for me because I did not purchase an extended warranty. So now I got a 30,000 dollar car and I am walking. Hmmm. Maybe if I were a top dog in the community I could get a loaner.

Southern States Nissan, Raleigh NC

Below Average I believe that being the only Nissan dealer in Raleigh has made them complacent and antagonistic. Physical Site: Butt Ugly!! The building is in a bad state of dis-repair and new, used and down-right junk cars seem to be inter-mixed through out the pot-hole laden lots. Prices: A short story will explain it all. When the 200SX SE-R first came out, they were trying to charge extra for equipment listed as optional on a 200SX SE but standard on the SE-R. Salesmen: All tend to be hanging around the outside of the building smoking when you arrive. They don't know much about the cars and are definitely not performance minded. Parts: This is where it gets real bad. The parts people are unfriendly and treat you as if you have no clue about you car or what you need. I asked for the gasket between the mid-pipe and the muffler for my NX and got the gasket between the exhaust manifold and the cat. When I took it back he insisted that it was the right part until I showed him the old one. Then he said that this was not the one I asked for. Then you can't pay at the parts counter for the part. You have to stand in line and wait for the incompetent cashier sitting at a desk cluttered with papers to add up you total on a adding machine with a pull handle on the side (no electricity involved).

New Hampshire

Peters Nissan, Nashua NH

Above Average Peters may not be the cheapest place in the world, but so far I have nothing but praise to say about them. Very good to deal with, great at fixing problems, and no hassles.

Average The service was fine, but it always seemed they were trying to convince me that I needed more done to the car.   They would point out different items and try to explain how I should fix it right away.  I knew enough backyard mechanics to refute them, but it got tiring.  I haven't been there for almost two years, so they may have changed.  The muffler they said was about to rot off is still fine, by the way.  (It was the heat shield which rotted instead).

Above Average I find Peters Nissan to be the best garage I've ever dealt with although their prices are high. They are courteous and on time which is very important in this day and age.

Average Had timing belt, tensioner and water pump replaced. Very satisfied. Went to pick up the vehcile and the idler pulley was very noisy. The service advisor had no response as to why I was not made aware of the need to replace the pulley. Made another appt to have idler pulley replaced. Went to pick-up the vehicle and the new idler pulley was also very noisy and needed to be replaced. No satisfactory explaination as to why the tech did not inform the service advisor of the "new" defective pulley which would have saved me a two hour trip.

Above Average This dealer has been excellent over the last 2 years that I have been dealing with them exclusively. I own 2 Nissans (Maxima and Quest). The service dept. at Peters is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to explain anything that needs to be done and why. They are very customer focused. When you go for any type of service, they give you a ride to work/home in their courtesy van, and will come pick you up to bring you back to your car. This dealer gets an A+++ all the way around!

Team Nissan, Manchester NH

Below Average Team Nissan is sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. I bought my wife's Sentra from them and they did a lousy Pre-delivery inspection, lousy paperwork, lousy everything. Would you believe a lug nut fell off her car because the nuts weren't properly tightened, and the nuts that were on there were over tightened. Go to Peter's for real service.

Above Average In my experience, they are professional and courteous.  They've allowed me to poke through their service and tech manuals, and let me copy down a wiring diagram, even though it meant I'd be fixing the problem instead of them.  On repairs, they've been very systematic and have listened to my input.  So far, they've fixed everything right and in a timely manner.  Cost is on the high side however, since you're paying dealer (and OEM) prices.

Below Average I wouldn't even step foot on this dealer's lot again. We purchased a slightly used Altima from this dealer a couple of years ago, and couldn't believe the lack of customer service. During the sales process, the sales people were rude. When we went to pick up the car, they informed us that they had put "$18" worth of gas in it for us. There was 1/4 of a tank in it. Then, we encountered vibration problems with the "brand new" tires that they had placed on it prior to our pickup. They were completely out of round, and when I took the car back the dealer refused to replace them. I then discovered when I got home, that they had put 40 lbs. of pressure in each tire while they were checking them!!! (The manufacturer specs say 29 lbs.) When I later went to the manager with all of my complaints he told me there was nothing he could do for me, and was the rudest one of all that I had dealt with. Please save yourself the hassle. I have been dealing with Peters Nissan ever since, and can't say enough good things about them.

New Jersey

All Brands Nissan, Hackensack NJ

Average. I have a 96 200SX SE-R with your basic mods, intake, header, and exhaust. I've taking my car 3 times for several problems and lets just say two out of three ain't bad. I think we have all had the check engine light problem. Joe Perez the service manager was very friendly and had the car ready in about two hours. No charge. I then brought it back for a rattle coming out of my flex pipe. He had a mechanic check it out. The minute I popped the hood he laughed and told me that he was not going to touch it because its aftermarket. (I still have that rattle). This week I brought in for a clutch adjustment. I was waiting for them to tell me how I voided my warranty but instead Joe did the work himself (15 min. tops) No charge and wouldn't except a tip.

Classic Nissan, Mount Holly NJ

Average. Great for oil changes ($14.95). However, My car has a grinding sound above 3,500 rpm...I was told to keep it under say rpm to avoid the grinding sound !!! That's the fix according to the dealer.

East Coast Auto Mall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Below Average. Charged $1,205 for replacement of ecu unit (unit leaked) which should have been under warranty as this Nissan Altima was 8 months old and had 5,024 miles at time of problem.

Twelve days (200 miles) after Altima was delivered, same problem occurred. Dealer's service mgr. merely said "bring it in and we'll see what the problem is...but I can't look at it the day you bring it in."

First time, had to rent vehicle for 10 days at my cost until I complained to Nissan N/A in CA. Result: dealer provided car for another 10 days.

2nd problem: Dealer refused loaner until, once again, had Nissan authorize a vehicle.

Flemington Nissan, Flemington NJ

Above Average. I bought my car when I was 19 - brand new.   They were the only dealer in my area that didn't laugh me right out of the showroom.  I very much appreciated the fact that the salesman stopped to talk to me about the 200.  It's been a great experience since then - service and all!

Freehold Nissan

Below Average Bought a '99 maxima SE from this dealer. At 9K miles took car in for tire rotation; Dealer tries to sell me wheel balancing. Not interested, but after rotation I've now got a high speed shimmy. Go back to dealer who tells me wheel balancing is not covered under warranty! According to warranty book, this is covered but they don't want to hear it.

Route 22 Nissan, Hillside NJ

Below Average. This goes for the service area alone. I do not know about their sales department. I wound up at these guys because I hit a *BAD* pothole and blew out both right-side tires. I needed two new rims and ordered four new tires for them to mount on the two good rims and the two new rims. When I went in, there were several irate customers. I didn't go by that and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Then, these guys tell me (2 months after being told by *MY* dealer - see Flemington Nissan - that I have 60% left on my brakes) that I need new brakes. So, in 3.5 years, I've only used 40% brakes but in two months I've used the remaining 60%?!?! I don't think so! I call them to find out when my car will be ready because I had the tires rushed overnight (Route 22 Nissan told me that the rims would be ready for the next day). The service manager yells at me saying "When are your tires going to be here?" I call up Tire Rack and they give me a name and time they were signed for. I call back the service manager and he tells me that they have the tires but the rims aren't there. No apology. Just like it's *MY* fault that they couldn't get the stock rims in for the next day. Maybe I should've payed the extra towing to have the car brought the extra 40 or so miles to my dealer!?!

Below Average. I think the service department is one of the worst I have ever dealt with. I ordered a tow hitch as an accessory when I purchased my 2001 Pathfinder. First they were unable to locate one to install. I had to call various dealers to find one for them. Then, when I brought it home after install, the directionals did not work, so I went back. They had installed the harness incorrectly. Then my Pathfinder was blowing fuses with the trailer attached and the vehicle was put in reverse. By checking voltages on the wiring pins, I can see that it is still wired incorrrectly. I had that verified by another dealer. That dealer can't fix it without charging a fee. I refuse to return vehicle to Hillside because I feel they are completely unqualified and all I hear there is a lot of yelling. I am now fighting with the main office in Nissan trying to get this resolved. Good luck to all. Stay away from Nissan 22 in Hillside.

New Mexico

Melloy Nissan, Albuquerque NM

Comments from the dealer: I work at Melloy Nissan and i think we do a very good job of taking care of our customers. I think we all make mistakes sometimes. But i think the main thing is that if someone makes a mistake that they do their best to make it right for you if they give you the chance. I would much rather have someone tell me about our mistake so we can make it right for them than for them never to come back. We have been in business for over 40 years.

New York

Autotech Nissan, New York NY

Average. i have had terrible experiences with other Nissan dealers in the past, these guys seem to be competent, courteous and wash your car after they service it.  the only complaint is that they did not align the front end after the rack was replaced under warranty.  it seems like they forgot, and that cost me a pair of front tires!

Biener Nissan, Great Neck NY

Above Average. This is the BEST service in the NY area! They are responsive and quick to fix any problems. I have to say that Mark is one of the nicest guys that I have meet in the business. I never have to argue with him about warranty work and usually get a discount on work not covered under the warranty.

Above Average. Above average for Nissan dealers in this metro area, anyway. In short, this is what an average service department *should* be. A pleasant, personable place to do business, a short walk from the railroad station, recommended work was sensibly explained and fairly priced (if not exactly a bargain), and the work has held up.

Gregoris Nissan, Valley Stream NY

Below Average. Really lousy service manager and crew. I dropped my car off on Wednesday and finally got a call around 3p.m. that they would not be able to get to it till Thursday!!!!!! On Thursday they did nothing till almost 1p.m. and then refused to fix anything that was wrong with the car stating that the previous dealer was responsible for fixing the repair.< I had the motor mounts fixed under warranty and it turns out that the right rear mount broke a bolt > JUST PLAIN LOUSY SERVICE !!!!!!!!!!! Also told me that a screeching belt was a bad a/c clutch.

Koeppel Nissan, Queens NY

Below Average. The week from hell, a simple job turned into a $400 nightmare through (let me be kind) "miscommunication" to me and possibly to Nissan.  Worse, after 5 days of confusion and conflicting answers, I learned the Service Manager was not even aware of the situation.  Once he was, he was insulting.  Otherwise, the service writers seem professional, but not accommodating or particularly knowledgeable -- None recognized the description of what I now know is very common starter-noise problem. (The writer involved above is no longer there; the Service Manager remained).  The overall impression is that all the outfit cares about is through-put. And, on bringing the car in on another occasion, I received a call from a salesman asking if I wouldn't rather trade it in!   Can we say "conflict of interest"?    That was in the mid '90s. Haven't been back since.

Queens Nissan, Queens NY

Below Average. You better hope you don't have an aftermarket anything because they'll blame any problem you have with the car on it!

Middletown Nissan, Middletown NY

Above Average.  I own 2 Nissans and have found Middletown very good and reliable. They are priced competitively and their parts and service management really knows their cars.

Mike Barney's Nissan, Amherst NY

Above Average.  This dealership is probably the best Nissan dealership in New York State. Car is promptly taken when you make an appointment into the garage for your service. One of the service advisors explains what problems the mechanic has found and recommends what your options are with itemized pricing. The service advisor will even help you out with discount coupons if the recommended service is over $25.00. In addition, fresh bagels and coffee are available to all customers in the waiting room. Car is washed and interior vaccummed and driven right to the customer waiting room door so you can drive off after payment.

Newburgh Nissan, Newburgh NY

Above Average.  The service department is very thorough. Personnel are helpful and fun to work with. The dealership is clean and pristine. Cars are treated with respect by service pesonnel. As with any technology, sometimes a problem is difficult to duplicate. My main problem is a front-end shimmy in a 1997 Maxima with 30k miles that seems to evade detection during test drives. I have two 1997 Maximas and they have been maintained beautifully by Newburgh Nissan.

Nissan North, Inc., Fulton NY

Below Average.  Bought 97 Nissan truck. As received spark plug #3 was cross threaded. Dealer "fixed" by cross threading more and reinstalling crooked (same plug). Said it was fixed because it was sealed (plug was not seated). Returned again to dealer who now installed a helicoil without removing head. Said there were no metal chips to worry about getting into cylinder. Dealer was also told truck hard to start, runs rough when wet. Dealer's response: Nissan did not put a gasket under distributor cap. They "fixed" by silicon sealer. Needless to say problem persists. I am wondering when cap will blow off from flammable fumes being ignited by spark. What do you think Nissan engineering would say about this? Wouldn't bring my lawnmower to this service shop.

Performance Pontiac Nissan, Syracuse NY

Average. First of all, we all know that dealers are always going to be more expensive than independent mechanics, and certainly Performance Pontiac/Nissan is NO exception. I have avoided getting ANY routine service done from them. They have only done work under warranty. For the most part, my experience has been average. Their regular maintenance includes lots of services not included in the Nissan maintenance guide (I last looked at their list of recommended procedures a year or more ago), as is typical of Dealers. They have tried to charge me ridiculous prices for certain services: like $25 to clean battery terminals. It's things like that that let you know what type of people are running a dealership. The customer service people are "friendly" but not at all knowledgeable. The parts people are neither particularly helpful nor friendly. Just average. They do offer you free rides in the morning but that is paid for by GM. Even the old guy who drives the "shuttle" isn't particularly friendly. The body shop is another story all together!!! Bob runs it (Manager). He is a SUPER nice guy and ultra patient. I had major front end work done there and he took INCREDIBLE care of me. I even came by and watched some of the work get done. Bob was patient with all my gripes and annoying attention to little details. He's a super guy. Of course, when the insurance company is paying the bill, the whole nature of the relationship changes. Things may have been different if I had had to pay for things out of my own pocket, but that issue aside, my experience with the body shop was great. Bob has a fantastic reputation in Syracuse for being an honest person. The insurance adjusters even told me so (off the record of course). As far as quality of the work, well...Bob wasn't doing the body work himself of course. I would guess from talking with the guys (and bribing them with beers), that are relatively intelligent and competent. Its impossible for me to say for sure however, since I haven't the experience, nor did I watch them do the whole job. My car was MAJORLY damaged (6k worth of damage) and was returned to me ALMOST as good as new. I cant say for sure if any one else would have done a better job. All I can say for sure is Bob Knittel bent over backwards for me. My best advice is do it yourself if and when you can! Dealers MAY know the cars they sell better than the average generic mechanic , but that isn't necessarily always true and you can almost guarantee that you'll end up paying more at a dealership.

They certainly cannot relate to any of us enthusiasts or any one doing serious mods.

Ramsey Nissan, Ramsey, NY

Below Average. Took my '91 SE-R in to have the CV boot replaced and they wanted to change my "timing belt" since I had 64,000 miles on the car. Since I knew it has a timing chain I of course did not bite but what about the person who didn't know their car this well


Jack Huelsman Auto Mall, Dayton OH

Above Average. Much better service and parts than other dealerships I've
been to in the Dayton / Cincinnati area. Lou Ann, the Nissan Service Advisor, knows more about cars than the mechanics at some other places. They've been helpful with diagnosing and fixing my car, despite the obvious modifications and knowing I do a lot of work on it myself.

Parts department has a nice computerized parts catalog, not microfiche like the others. They stock a lot of parts, even the SR20DE-unique stuff. When they have to special order, they get it in a day or two. Other places in town take a week.

Ganley Nissan, Cleveland OH

Above Average. Very pleasant experience. They are courteous, cooperative. They don't know what they have in the SE-R's, though. Expensive, but quality work. They were able to get my muffler under warranty even after I had cut off the original and put on a Flowmaster which lasted less than a year.

Ganley Nissan, Shaker Heights OH

Below Average. My experience is with an Altima, not an SE-R, but being a Nissan dealership it should be relavent here. My car needed a repair that was covered under my warranty. Ganley Nissan refused to perform the work under warranty stating that synthetic oil (Mobil 1) voids all Nissan warranties and charged me over $2600.. Initially, Nissan "consumer affairs" agreed with me over the phone, but the next day they had sided with the dealership. I had all service records for my car but Ganley Nissan wouldn't even look at them when I offered them. Eventually, it took the Ohio Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, and an attorney to get my repair costs back (they had charged $2000+ to replace JUST the timing chain!). It was by far the worst dealership experience I have ever had.

Buckeye Nissan, Hilliard OH

Above Average. I have frequently asked the Service Manger Ray, questions about my 94' Pick-up truck. He never hesitates to answer my questions fully, no matter how long I am keeping him on the phone. I had a couple of warranty repairs with no hassels whatsoever, whereas some dealerships try and talk you out of the fact that you even have a problem. I trust in Service Manager Ray and Technician Rick - both are exemplarary. I can't speak for the others that work there.

North Coast Nissan, Middleburg Hts, OH

Above Average. Great group of guys. high performance mod friendly and extremely knowledgeable with the many quirks of my 91 SE-R. Service manager owns and races a 240Z and 510. totally trustworthy, never skinned me and often doesn't charge normal shop rates. Highly recommended!!


NorthWest Nissan, Bethany OK

Above Average. If you want factory parts at wholesale price, look up NorthWest Nissan and if you have the part number, you can find the current price on the web. I've spent over $5,000 on factory parts before finding out about these guys. I wish I knew sooner because after comparing their prices with the prices I've paid at a local Nissan Dealership, I could have saved an average of 40% on all the parts I've ever bought! For example, for a factory door molding I paid $45.00 at NorthWest Nissan, for the same door molding if I would buy it at my local dealership $75.00. In my book that's a big difference! NorthWest Nissan ships all of their parts UPS and the parts salesmen all seem very nice. I live in Florida and the UPS shipping is fast "all the way from Oklahoma," it just takes a few days if the part is in stock and a couple more if the part is not in stock.I plan on doing all of my business with NorthWest Nissan and if you want to save money, you should too!


Beaverton Nissan Portland / Beaverton

Above Average. Very good warranty service.  Diagnosed wear & replaced the timing chain and gears on our Altima under warranty when we took it in for minor work.   Did almost $2500 in warranty repairs on our '93 classic (worn crankshaft, bearings and noisy wheel bearings, squealing starter etc) when I took it in to have a minor rainwater leak fixed at 59,700 miles.

Johannsen's Salem Nissan, Salem OR

Above Average. I Recently went to Salem Nissan to purchase a used vehicle. The lot advertises that they are able to finance regardless of past credit history. Since my credit is less than stellar Salem Nissan seemed to be a viable source for a purchase. I test drove several cars and finally decided on a car. I went to the sales office and a deal was made. Or at least I was lead to believe a deal had been made. Approximately 2 weeks after we thought we had purchased a vehicle, I received a phone call from the dealership saying that they were unable to hold up their end of the deal. They were not able to honor the contract that we signed regarding the monthly payment and terms.  Salem Nissan said I needed to pay a larger down or a larger monthly payment. I explained to them (as I did once before) that due to budgeting and personal finances that I could do neither. I could feel the screws begin to tighten. The sales person sensing my outrage and disappointment said that he would see what he could do to rectify the situation and that he would rather take a loss on the vehicle than lose me as a customer. Once again I was filled with hope, yet I could not help feeling that I was still somehow being deceived. Through all this I tried to remain calm. The sales person called back with great news, the deal was still on but I would have to commit to a higher monthly payment. I again told him that I was not able or willing to make a higher payment. The salesman said I will try to speak to the manager again and will call you back tomorrow. Tomorrow came. After discussing my situation with several friends I realized I was being Completely and severely Rectally intruded upon. I phoned Salem Nissan and told them just forget it and that I would bring the car in after I got off work and to please have a refund check for the full amount of the down payment ready when I brought the car in.   I further explained my extreme displeasure with the entire situation.  After work I came home to find that they had spoke to my wife and had tried to coerce her into agreeing to the higher payment.  I immediately phoned Salem Nissan to let them know that I was still going to bring the car in and that I would expect to pick up my refund check at that time.  The finance manager said that he was unable to give us a check that night and that we would have to call during business hours to get one, however he still expected us to (in good faith) bring the car back that night and I guess hope and pray that we would indeed get our money back the next day.  Also, while I was speaking to the salesman I could hear in the background the finance manager shouting obscenities, attacking my character, and threatening to have the car towed from my home at my expense. I did not understand why someone in this position would act in such an unprofessional and totally inappropriate manner.  I had no intentions of keeping the car at this point or dragging this out any further.  My only intention was to resolve this situation as quickly and fairly as possible. I just wanted to be certain that I would get my money back that I gave them in good faith.  I expressed my distrust in returning the car to them without immediately receiving my refund check.  I told them that I had absolutely no reason to trust that they would issue me a check the day after the car was returned, especially since I had called at 2:00 PM that day to tell them that I would be returning the car that evening and that I would expect to receive my refund check at that time.  When I called that evening there was no check ready and waiting as I had requested.  An agreement was finally reached that I would return the car the next day and that they would have a check ready and the entire deal would he null and void.  I am not a dishonest person, my only fault in this situation is past bad credit.  I would advise anyone with any sense of integrity that is looking for a car in the Salem, Oregon area not to waste their time and energy dealing with people that are so blatantly deceitful, such as those at Salem Nissan.  I will never ever go there again.  I will also go to great lengths to inform anyone I can not to solicit Salem Nissan because of this incredibly horrible ordeal.


309 Nissan, Montgomeryville PA

Average. Average prices.  This is my current dealer.  I'll update you all if they do something to incite my wrath.  Geez I'm running out of dealers in PA!

Bill Gray Nissan, Pittsburgh (West Liberty Ave) PA

Above Average.  First off, let my say that my parents bought two Maximas from them, and my uncle also bought one there as well (plus my 96 se-r).  So, they obviously KNOW us WELL and we always go to them (20 minute drive) even though there is another Nissan dealer (West Hills Nissan) five minutes from their house.  Needless to say, the parts manager is very helpful. One time my AC housing cracked from an accident, but he fixed it UNDER WARRANTY.  You could say that because we bought so many cars from them that he did it free, but when the work involves two full days, overnight express parts delivery, and ZERO charge---I would say that was beyond "the call of (Nissan) duty". Later I showed the Dealer the GAB/GC setup. They were aware of the se-r following on the internet. They looked at the car and replaced the inner tie rod while commenting on the new suspension on my car. Again the feeling I got was that if the part broke without being related to the modified part: meaning that the modded part did not cause the specific malfunction to occur, then Nissan would foot the bill. They were very helpful and even allowed me to talk to the mechanic while he was working on my car.

Concordville Nissan, Concordville PA

Below Average. Expensive and after one particular trip there when they put a nice big scratch on my driver's side rocker panel I decided not to frequent their establishment any more.  They did paint the rocker panel at no charge to me, but their attitude throughout the whole affair was not the best.

Devon Nissan, Devon PA

Average. Not too expensive, but after they stripped the threads on one of my lugs shortly before an autox and gave me a hassle about fixing it that day so I could be ready for the race, I quit going there.

Below Average. I have never had a good experience with this dealership.  I have a 1990 300zxtt that is my baby.  I went to Devon Nissan to have them do my timing belt, they ended up messing up the job, and the belt ended up shredding on the way out of the lot. They did however fix it.  I also had them install a Steve Millen Extreme duty racing clutch...which would have gone smoothly had they remembered to tighten all the bolts around the transmission, which in turn caused my rear main seal to blow.  They were extremely rude to me when I returned (yes thats right it left the lot like that!), and told me that I would have to come back days later, and pay for the work.  I would never recommend anyone to go to this dealership!

[Later, this person submitted a follow-up to her experience] Although I still rate Devon Nissan as below average because of all the problems I have had with them (used car lot, and service). -They did finally take care of the rear main seal that was leaking - thanks soley to the assistant service manager Charles Curran who was the only person at the dealership that treated me nicely.

Key Pontiac Nissan, Bethlehem PA

Average. Took my '93 sentra their for a tune up to eliminate a noise the car makes when starting, i get it back and start it up after forking over $200 for service, and it still makes the noise when I started it!!!

Rothrock Nissan

Below Average Actually, you would have a better chance of having your Nissan serviced in Uganda than you would at this shop. To cite an example. '93 SE-R 5th gear popout. Bring it into the shop. $900 charge. Tranny is making strange noises now. Bring it in again. Oh, bad bearings. Only a $500 bill this time. Tranny still makes funny noise. I do some web research. Idiots put in the wrong 5th gear assembly! Belongs in the 1.6 L engine. Their line: "Oh, NISSAN says its OK, but we'll change it if you want."

Sloane Nissan, Philadelphia PA

Below Average Took 2000 Pathfinder back 4 times to have them fix a faulty A/C button only to have the air flow control dial not work so took it back for the 5th time. During these frequent visits, they put a long scratch on the rear fender which they did not fix. Lost the screw that holds the trim panel & never bothered to inform me until I mentioned it then they said they it had to be special ordered. Messed up the alignment of the trim panel for good - there's a huge gap between the A/C controller. Put lots of scratches on the gearbox on what appears to be negligence while removing the trim panel. On one of the visits, I went to pick it up & they said that it was out on a road test - what the heck do you need to take the truck out on a road test when the A/C switch needs to be replaced? Also, I got 2 free oil changes with the purchase of this vehicle. When I took it in it always took around 2-3 hours to get an oil change with an appointment. This is a dealership that advertises the Nissan Oil Lube Express in 30min or less. Of course, since it was free I never mentioned anything. After this was done, I never went back....

Thompson Nissan, Doylestown PA

Average. Average prices.  I stopped going here when they claimed to have fixed a problem with my trunk, but when I picked the car up it was still broken.

Willams Pontiac Nissan, Boyertown PA

Above Average.  Bought my 93 SE-R new from them.  They went to the wall with the carbon build up in the EGR system.  At the time, no one in this neck of the woods had heard of it, but they took me very seriously even though the problem was very subtle at the time.  It took 5 trips, but they had a great attitude about the whole thing and it was covered under the emissions warranty

Rhode Island

Inskip Infiniti, Warwick RI

Below Average.  They tried everything they could to avoid fixing the car under warranty.

Smithfield Nissan

Below Average.  They did not hassle me about replacing my faulty seat belt and even replaced the seatbelt that was just fine so the two would match.

The seatbelt wiring harnesses were not hooked up when I got the car back and one of the plastic seat rail covers was hanging by a thread.  They got grease on my upholstery in a number of areas and gave the car back to me as if it was fine.  They cleaned it after I pointed it out.  But when I got the car back again, there was lithium grease all over the black vinyl on my passenger door and seat.   Again they made no attempt to clean it off.  In addition, they could not put the rail cover on correctly even after I pointed it out.  I think they broke it.   I did not want them to touch my car again so I left.

Below Average.  It is too bad that you do not have a WORST EVER Rating.  My SE-R was towed to this dealer to repair a fuel pump under the recall.   The car was filthy when I picked it up.  As I drove home I thought I smelled gas, so I opened the hood when I got home and discovered the fuel line was not secured properly on the fuel rail.  After securing that and doing some offramps on the way to work I noticed that the engine died in the middle of the offramp (with a 1/4 tank of gas indicated).  Back to the dealer.  They very nicely came out and told me nothing was wrong but they recalibrated the fuel sensor to show that I would have less gas than what was actually in the tank, so as to prevent this situation.  I mentioned that this would not remedy the situation correctly.  They said that that was all that could be done.  I decided that I would have to sell my poor car in order to enjoy driving again.  I really smelled gas when I got home and discovered the fuel line was clamped around the hose but not the fuel rail.  I pulled the seat to have a look, and found the access plate bolt stripped.  Fuel was wicking up around the seal.   After a solid week's worth of calls to Nissan of America all they would do was to say that  Smithfield Nissan would be happy to rectify my problem.  I mentioned that neither me or my car would ever be on that property again.  Anyway I got a new O ring from Nissan of Marlboro MASS. (Cute parts girl) and opened the fuel tank to find the O ring laying in the tank.  The fuel return line was tie wrapped to an internal tube and was pointing to the rear of the tank rather than down into the pump reservoir.   There was a little baffle that seals the side of the pump (missing) and various amounts of sand and dead insects in the tank.  After getting every thing together and changing the fuel filter we are finally running OK again.  I do have a very bad attitude about Nissan of America and Nissan of Smithfield. [Editorial note: At first this just sounds like sloppy work, but think about it, had he not fixed it himself, we're talking serious car fire!]

South Carolina

Benson Nissan, Spartanburg SC

Below Average I would never recommend servicing or buying anything from this dealer! They are especially dishonest in servicing!! They will will give you bogus repair problems, charge you for repairs not done and charge outrageous prices for parts!!

Burns Nissan, Rock Hill SC

Below Average I purchased a Nissan Quest in Feb 96. When warmer weather started, the air started blowing hot. I took it to the dealership and they said it was low in gas, so they recharged it. Then about mid summer it did it again. Again back to have it recharged and a minor leak fixed. Late summer again it blew hot, back to the shop. They kept it 2 days, could not find anything wrong, but 2 days after it was returned, again hot, and the rear air didn't work. Took it back again, but starting to cool off and not using air. Next year the same scenario again...... To make a long story short, I have had the van 4 years, the rear air never worked, the front air works fairly well at times, now the engine light is on and have been back twice.... Will never, ever purchase another Nissan. The company would not cover any more repair because they said the warranty is expired, even though the SAME problem persists.

Upstate Nissan, Anderson SC

Above Average Overall great dealership. Service dept is the best I have ever dealt with.

South Dakota

Billion Nissan, Sioux Falls SD

Average Two years ago my fifth gear went out in my beautiful, black 1992 SE-R. You know, the slipping problem that I now know is common-place. Well, I called the service department to check to see if it was under warranty(I had about 50,000 miles). "Nope, you only get 3YR/36,000", replied the service manager named Don. As I do mostly in-town driving, I did not fix it for about a year. I'm eating Chinese one day and ran into a Toyota salesman. He likes SE-R's and asked about mine. I told him about the 5th gear and he says "That's a common problem, besides, that's covered by the 6YR/60,000 mile warranty". Very irritated, I called Don the service manager to let him know what the warranty is. He called the factory and confirmed that I was correct. They fixed it and did good work. But what the hell, why didn't they check into it the first time. Were talkin' about 1,800 bucks! They did not provide a loaner car for a 4 day repair, either.


Action Nissan, Nashville TN

Parts dept. = good and friendly Service dept. = big jerks. Here's my story in a nutshell. I dropped my car off to have the belts changed while I was in Key West for spring break. Told them I'd call on Tues. to check in, but before I left I realized I had not given them the key to my wheel locks. When I offered to go home to get it, they said they didn't need it. Huh, I said? Then when I call on Thursday he tells me that they only charged me the one hour, "even though it was hard to get to because of the aftermarket "pump or steering stabilizer" or whatever." Whatever is right. The STB is not even close to in the way. Then, two weeks later at an autocross the tech guy pointed out that the nuts that hold the bar of the STB in the brackets were missing. The bolts were intact, but the nuts were just gone. I hate to say that the dealer sabotaged my car, but what the hell, they didn't just back themselves off. Then, last Wednesday, I developed another exhaust leak in the 4-2 joint of my header. When I looked down there, the donut gasket had slid halfway out of the joint????? Get underneath and there's a nut missing from one of the three bolts. Okay, now I'm pissed. I installed the header myself and I used silicon tape to keep the bolts secure. I'm going in to talk to the service manager on Wed. I'll update and let you know how he handles it.

Clayton Nissan, Knoxville TN

Average. I had a jdm engine put in my 93 NX2000 by Clayton Nissan. They were friendly, and willing to put the jdm engine in. Also they charge 55/hr labor, which is cheap for a dealer. Well after Soken sent the wrong motor (a turbo) and getting that taken care of, then ordering the clutch and the mechanic going on vacation, I finally got my car back after 4 weeks. It runs great, they did a nice job on the installation. I am very happy with my car now. If you have a couple weeks, Clayton Nissan does good work at a good price. My total bill, including new power window motor, new clutch, used jdm engine, new gaskets, one new motor mount was $1850.00. I felt like that was fair. Overall I am happy with Clayton Nissan.

Hippodrome Nissan, Nashville TN

Above Average. I noticed that my front tires were worn down on the inside to the point of drag slicks and starting to show thread. The service manager, checked the alignment and rotated the tires under warranty. The front had the maximum amount of toe-in the car will allow. He called Nissan and they paid for two new front tires. ($345 from GOODYEAR).

Ted Russell Airport Nissan, Alcoa TN

Above Average. I have been extremely pleased with the service I received from this dealership. I purchased my Pathfinder at a Nissan dealership in Knoxville. I would never take my SUV back there after dealing with Jody in the service department at Alcoa. He and the staff there are always extremely cooperative and accomodating. They try to work me in if I show up without making an appointment, and best of all, they charge me less than the Knoxville dealership for doing work not covered under my warranty! Plus, they always offer me a car to drive if it is going to take them awhile to work on my SUV at no charge. At Knoxville, I had to request a car, and they were going to charge me a rental fee. Their service team is truly the best!

Ted Russell Nissan, Knoxville TN

Below Average. They have consistently balked at performing warranty repairs, stating that I should take the car back to where I purchased it, 200 miles away. I Moved to this town after buying the car, and have yet to be satisfied with anything they do.

They also informed me that I would void my warranty, (which they regularly ignore anyway), by doing anything to it, such as routine maintenance. Much less modifying it.

Classic example: I had switched to Mobil 1 at my last oil change, at their place even, and requested the same again when the service came due. "No problem, you can wait inside." 30 min. later, the service manager comes in and tells me that they are out of Mobil 1, so sorry. I said ok, just get some in in the next week, and I'll be back. "Sorry, we have already drained your oil, would you like regular oil put in?" Some choice. I even said I'll go to Pep Boys down the road and buy some, and he tells me that they can do that.


Casa Nissan, El Paso TX

Below Average. I had my fuel pump replaced and have returned twice with additional problems for the same original fix. They replaced the fuel pump but the low fuel indicator no longer worked. I took it in for this and they found the sensor improperly mounted (service manager said it was a switch, the repair order told the truth). Then upon filling the tank it over-flowed from underneath and the low fuel lamp still didn't work. I took it back again and they said the sensor needed to be replaced due to corrosion and the part is $150.00 (not including labor).  The leak (loose filler tube connection) was fixed. This is the second quality control problem I have encountered with this dealership.

Cen-Tex Nissan, Austin TX

Crappy service after the sale. Won't usually talk to you about your problems with your car and when they do they don't know what the hell their talking about. Replaced my master cylinder, saying it had a hole in it, but when I asked for the defective part it had no hole at all.

Courtesy Nissan, Richardson TX

Above Average I took my 93 SE-R in for repair of 5th gear popout. The repair was completed in 1.5 days, and that included installation of a JWT clutch (ordered from their excellent parts dept.) while they were in there. When I picked the car, the tech showed me the damaged gear, plus my non-damaged shift fork, any my old clutch parts so that I could see what had worn. Getting it covered under the powertrain warranty was no problem, and the charge for the clutch work was minimal.

Soon after the repair, I had an obvious exhaust leak. I talked to the service advisor to see if their work could have caused it, and rather than just saying no, he had me come in to meet with him and the tech again. They found that my flex joint was rusted in half (Boston car), and then recommended a nearby exhaust shop, admitting that they would be too expensive. THAT was a surprise.

Above Average Considering that this dealership is located around rich neighborhoods, the service department is very ..well.. courteous (dont get me started on the new car sales). They listen well to the problems. The call me and update me on the progress. You can get a scheduled day to come in. They seemed very good about dealing with me when I was minimizing the vost. I felt they gave honest advice about what was parts/service should be done without giving me heartache about not doing everything they said needed to be done. One grip, after a major overhaul, the radiator leaked, and when I brought it in to be fixed I had to haggle with them that I shouldnt be charged the $30 to fix it after $3000 engine overhaul the week before. As if the leak was unrelated. Also, the exhaust was now tilted funny which they insisted was not touched during the overhaul. A little fishy. They still remained calm and understanding.

Below Average.  I hate to slander Courtesy because of the support they give the list but, here it is: I took my 300zx in for the injector recall and to have the clutch replaced. The car came back in worse shape then when I took it in! The injector job was a complete joke. They broke (and didn't replace ) many plastic wire harness ties under the hood, left wiring loose and unprotected. On the clutch they didn't even bother to check it for pedal pressure ( which still doen't work properly to this day!). And the worst part of it was they on purpose cut my radiator hose with a razor so it would break about a week later. Misteriously it did. I took it back and after arguing with the service manager, they fixed it. When I finally got the car back the engine bay was still dirty from the coolant that had leaked out. And this time the shocks that hold the hood up didn't work ( they couldn't hold the wait of the hood-sounds like they didn't want me looking under there). To this day the car still get terable gas mileage and the a/c still cuts out ocassionly. My conclusion is this: I think they can do good work -when they want to-they just didn't on my car the first time second or the third! So with this in mind I will not ever take my car to them again.

Below Average.  I don't believe that I'm alone here, but perhaps one of the only ones to openly admit that Courtesy has gone *way* downhill ever since Vince left. Vince knows the true meaning of customer service. The parts department in this place is filled with so many incompetent, uninformed, and generally careless people that it's a wonder that they even have a parts business. I'm a long-time member of and first bought from Courtesy about 4 years ago after hearing on the list that they had stellar service and prices. At that time, I indeed found that to be the case. Now they've done a 180 degree turnaround and just can't seem to ship the correct parts the *first* time, as well as being somewhat hostile to me on the phone about the *wrong* products that they shipped me. I understand that glitches happen but 4 times in a row and a bad attitude to boot!? To me, that is simply inexcusable. From now on, I'll either deal with Vince @ North Texas Nissan or T.J. Johnson @ Nissan/Infiniti of Scottsdale. One last thing...Forget about calling Courtesy later in the evening. None of those guys know anything. That is no joke.

Don Davis Nissan, Arlington TX

Below Average.  Service sux hard.  If you have a sup up Nissan, don't take your vehicle there.  They will try to blame something that you have done to your car to try to get out of fixing your problem. For example, I took my car in because my left turn signal was not working right.  When I arrived they told me it was because I added 85W fog lights.  I knew that it was not the source of the problem.  I kept insisting that they look at it.  When they looked at it, they found out that I had a faulty circuit.

Below Average.  This is probably one of the poorest service centers I've ever seen for a metroplex Nissan dealer. I just purchased a used SE-R, the seat belt did not retract back, so I brought it in to the advisor (smart ass uncle bob junior college student) who told me that they were too busy (four customers waiting) and that he'll see if they have some one to look at it. I asked how long it was going to take, oh about 3 hours was the reply. This is only to see if I need a new seat belt or not. I return the next two times with the same waiting BS. The service bay is pretty big, with only two people working, but there are at least 9-12 car sales men, very scary.... please don't ever bring your vehicle to service there, there is more than one Nissan dealer around the DFW area.

ED Hicks Nissan, Corpus Christi TX

Below Average. Took my car in for fifth gear pop out, for the second time in a year. While my NX was there for its 2 weeks stay, both of my amps where stolen. The car was not broken in to and even my radar detector was still there. The service manager ran me all over town and a week later tells me there is nothing they can do. My Mom was fixing to by a 98 200sx se-r, so she calls up the Charlie Hicks(ED's brother Vice P) and reems him, he says he has heard nothing about it, after 3 and a half weeks I got a check for my amps, and yes I came out ahead.

Grubbs Nissan, Fort Worth TX

Below Average is way too kind of an evaluation.. I HAVE NEVER FOUND A WORSE NISSAN SERVICE OPERATION. They tried to fix the transmission on my Nissan Pick-up three times and it failed each time. They finally admitted to me that they did not know how to repair transmissions and should have just replaced it with a factory rebuilt unit. The same story was true for the transfer box on this pick-up. Everytime they repaired it, it was worse. The story was also true for the carborator on this pick-up. They could not rebuild it either. I FINALLY DUMPED THE PICK-UP AND PURCHASED A NON-NISSAN PRODUCT!

I also had the same kinds of experience in their repairing my 280ZX. In replacing the clutch, they broke the starter and I had to replace it. Of course they denied everything. They also left the wires to the battery loose so the car would not start the next day.

Their service is so bad that I am bery deliberately purging all Nissan products from the family. This is after owning numerous Nissan cars and trucks continuously for the last 27 years. Odviously brand loyality is of no concern.

Don't expect any help from Nissan-USA in Calif. They claim they have no responsibilities.

And Nissan wonders why their sales are going down the crapper.

Midway Nissan, Sherman TX

Above Average I was very impressed with the way I was greeted, the service advisor took his time with me and seemed concerned to help me with my problem. While my repairs were being performed, he kept in touch to let me know the progress and even delivered my Maxima SE when it was finished (ahead of projected time), if you ever have occasion to go through this part of the country, do not be afraid to solicit their help, they have been recommended to me over and over since relocating here.

Mossy Nissan, Houston TX

Below Average. Service sux. Service manager has his nose on his head. Unless you own a Maxima or 300ZX, he won't bother to talk to you about your car problem. All the service advisors over there are suckers, they won't bother to look at you when you modified your car.

I was supposed to have them replace the cushion cover for the driver's side and the leaking sunroof. After leaving the car there in the morning, I went back in late evening to pick up my car. I found out they did not touch my car at all. They said the parts department is out of cushion cover and they have to order it. Then they said they spray water over the sunroof and found nothing wrong with it. But when it rained the next day, the roof started to leak again. I waited two months and still no words on the cushion cover.

Below Average. I had some damage from an accident to my front bumper; there was a deep dent in it and the gap under the right headlight was 3/4 of an inch bigger than the gap under the left one. So i drop the car off on Tuesday 9/28 and a mechanic looks over the bumper and does notice the gaps under the headlights and the misaligned right light. Then tells me the car will be ready on friday 10/2. So i come back on friday and before going into the office i go to my car and look at how the job was done. The paintjob was perfect - no complaints; the gaps are still there and the headlight is crooked. I push on the bumper up and down and it moves prob an inch up and down. The mechanic sees me from his office but doesnt come out. So i go into the office and ask him why they didnt realign the bumper and the headlight. He says: "Well you just jerked it around, it was fixed before you came." then i say: "show me any other car here, and i'll jerk the bumper around and see how the gap changes." to which he replies: "you are not touching any cars here." after which i ask him for a manager. He points into the office without any specific instructions, so i ask for the managers name. He mumbles something and i go inside and ask for a manger there. Some guy in his 50's is sitting talking to one of his buddies. I ask him for a manager and he says that he is the manager. I go and show him the car. The manager and the mechanic are both there, the mechanic is sitting down on the ground, and the manager is listening to my complaint. I notice a really strong smell of beer, wasnt sure though from whom it was coming from. So after all the hastle the manager tells me to come and pick up the car on monday 10/5. So i come on monday and the bumper looks good - nothin wrong. I get the keys and start the car and notice a crack in the windshield. I go inside and ask the lady who worked there what happened. Unfortunately the mechanic nor the manager were there. The lady said that no one had a clue how it happened, and that the mechanic asked me to call him in the morning...

Town-North Nissan, Austin TX

Above Average. THE best dealer I have ever worked with.   They know me by name (not just because I'm there every other day!) and say hi every time.  The service is exceptional.  My 3rd and 4th gears broke in my car and they even called during repair to tell me how the repair was going.  The sale staff is courteous and professional and know their products.  The have helped me with info about probable damages the aftermarket products might cause with my 200sx.


Dahle Nissan, Murrey UT

Above Average. Good techs that have raced SCCA and understand what you are talking about.


Bob Crumpler Denbigh Nissan, Newport-News VA

Average. When I initially bought my car here it had a few problems.  I had thought that it ran kind of funny, but since at the time it was my first car, I didn't really know if it was supposed to be that way or not.  Turned out it did have problems.  They  knew it too.  That and the fact that it took them two weeks when they said it would take a few days to fix the problem just irked me more.   Since then, though, I would have to say the service has been pretty decent.   The lady who sets the appointments in the service department is very helpful and the parts guy has always gotten me the parts I needed when he said he would.  One time, when I took my car in to get my fog light fixed, they noticed my seatbelt was frayed and replaced it right then free of charge.  Though they don't seem to know too much about our cars, they always seem to fix any problems.  Plus they are open on Saturdays.

Brown's Fairfax Nissan, Fairfax VA

Below Average. These people are horrible, they must have learned how to work on cars off the back of a cereal box. 1. way too expensive, (get your grease ready). 2. They over tighten everything that has to do with an oil change, filter and drain plug were near impossible to get off, I had to use the end of my jack to extend the wrench to get enough torque to get the drain plug loose. 3. I had them replace my clutch cable, first the price was insane, and paying that is my fault, but I have little time. Second they left the old cable lying on the block, and the thing still seems like it is binding. Beware to all do not go to them. I also have a close friend that used to take her Maxima to them and similar stuff would happen, over tightening, general rudeness, and crappy work.

Kline Nissan, Springfield VA

Below Average. I have my 92 SE-R front and rear engine mounts replaced at Kline because they were collapsed. In addition to that, the service guy told me that my clutch cable needs adjustment. $300 for the mounts and $30 for the cable adjustment sounded reasonable after all replacing engine mounts can be a tedious job. A week later, I got the car from the dealer. I was very satisfied with the engine mount job because I didn't know this car can be this quiet. I realized the car must had bad engine mounts to start with. However, I also discovered that the engine bay has a very strong odor. It smelled like rotten roden or fish. It didn't matter with engine on or off. It was unbearable if driving with the vent opened. After around 80 miles enduring trips, I returned the car to the dealer and the service guy assured that it must be a dead roden in the engine bay. A few hours later, the service guy called me that the odor is coming from the clutch. He said the clutch is fried and needs to be replace for $450. I was shocked. I told him the car has never had any clutch problem and has only 65K miles and it is obvious the problem is caused by the cable adjusment job. The guy went crazy and said he smelled the odor when he first time saw the car. After more than 20 minutes of arguing, the guy still refused to admit it was their fault. So I finally gave up and let them replace the clutch. Next day, I got the car unhappily from the dealer. While I was driving the car away, I realized the speedometer was not working so I returned the car to the dealer right away. It took them 2 hours to fix the problem. This is one of my bad experiences with Nissan dealers. I used to be a big fan of Nissan because I have bought a 91 240 sx, a 92 SE-R, and a 94 300zx. Not anymore. No more Nissan!!!!!

Pohanka Nissan, Fredericksburg VA

Below Average. "Buyer Beware". These guys are not up front and are definitely not your best pals. Service department does not provide you with any up-front, true estimate.

Case 1: Had oil changed with them once, requested Synthetic and they charged me almost $6.00 dollars per qt. They said they didn't have the requested oil on hand, so they had to order it from a parts vendor (shaah). I bitched at service mgr and got a $15.00 dollar refund, scary huh!

Case 2: Went in for wheel-alignment/balancing/rotation/oil change. I was charged approximately $200.oo for these combined services, should have been around $100.oo. I threw a fit right in front of customers (aka: lambs to the slaughter) and told them I would never come back again. They couldn't even provide a price listing for routine services. Top Scammers award.

Case 3: Found a reliable mechanic to work on car, and then Engine light comes on. Trouble shooting revealed forward o2 sensor is shot, OK, Nissan Car needs Nissan parts (figure that). My mechanic orders from Pohanka and they qoute him price of $110. I have replace O2's before and I last remember buying one for around $65.00. Needless to say original price was $75, they tried to charge a restocking fee of 35dollars. Real Scammers!

Case 4: Air Bag light comes on in my 240SX. Diagnosis: Faulty Airbag Control Unit (cost to me: $600 + 100 labor = $700.00). Mechanic tells me and my wife that they know this has been a prob in this model for some time and wouldn't even offer to get Nissan Corporate to pick up tab, which should be a recall item (I'm working on this). Overall, completely stay away from the sales and service of Pohanka Nissan. DON'T TRUST THEM WITH YOUR CAR!!!

Below Average. Absolutely the worst!!! My 300ZX broke down in the city of Fredericksburg. I had it checked out by a mechanic who diagnosed the problem to a tee and informed me that the problem was a recall. I had my car towed to Pohanka after having talked to the service manager. I was told that once I dropped the car off it would take 2 days to get the parts in. Long story short, 14 days later and 3 trips to Fredericksburg (an hour drive) I got my car back. On one occasion during my car's stay, I called and they told me that my vehicle was not at their dealership. I freaked out!!! Upon arrival I was angered to find that my vehicle was clearly visible from the service manager's office window. Then they called me to tell me that my key was not there, so I took them a spare, then they couldn't find the drop box envelope with the instructions so they wanted to know what I needed done. When I finally picked up my car, I was told that the "paperwork was not ready yet"???? And that it would be mailed to me. I blew up! I was finally handed a xerox copy of something stating what was done and the number of hours it took for repair work (30 minutes)???!!! I was given no apology and no explanation for the two week stay.

Pomoco Nissan, Hampton VA

Below Average. After 40,000 trusty miles on my 97 200SX SE-R the motor decided to go south. Being a Saturday afternoon not many Nissan dealers were open so I had it towed to the nearest one. The service writer started out very nice as I explained my problem. After the following Monday she called me back to ask me if I had aftermarket cams and told her not to my knowing since I had bought it used. She had proceeded to tell me that I would be charged $70 to look under the valve cover. I asked her why so much just to take out 8 to 10 bolts from the valve cover? No comment was made but told me Nissan would take care of it if I had factory cams. I said proceed then. Nevermind the basic bolt on goodies that were already in plain view. Two days had passed and no answer back from dealership. After fighting the phone operator and talking to everybody except my service writer and being on hold for almost 20 minutes,I get her. She told me the cams were factory and it looked like a broken rocker arm had caused it. She said she had to call Nissan to authorize the repairs and said would get back tomorrow. Next two days nothing. Called back fighting with the operator again and being on hold for the end of time,the operator tells me she was off for the day call tomorrow! I call the next day after going through the bull of there phone system I finally get my service writer. She seemed not pleased to talk with me even though I had been very patient at this point. She proceeded to tell me that Nissan will not cover its problem due to aftermarket parts. I figured I would run into this problem since it is hazily written in the warranty. She said that it was caused by the aftermarket ecu. Hmmm didnt know I had one. Well maybe I did since it was a used car. But I asked her what did that have to do with engine part failure and why did they have to dig through my dashboard to pull the ecu out? Her answer was they were trying to find the problem. So I asked her what had actually broken in the motor. She said possibly a rocker arm but was not real sure. I said since I had a timing belt break on me before it sounded like the same thing had gone wrong with the chain. Dont know she said but Nissan won't cover it and she quickly started to run off prices of a brand new motor. 6500 for the motor and around 1200 for labor. I laughed and asked for Nissan's number. Well no luck from an answer back from Nissan and its been 2 weeks. Well I've been talking to my lawyer and will never set foot back on a Nissan lot. Oh yea,I have the broken timing chain!

Rosenthal Nissan, Vienna; Sheey Nissan, Manassa VA

Below Average. 1999 Nissan Maxima GXE 5 Speed. At 10,000 miles I noticed vibration in the pedals at 75 mph and higher. Took it in to the dealer (Rosenthal) several times, They could not reproduce the problem as they claimed. They kept balancing the tires. I kept telling them it was not the tires. After a lot of frustration I went ahead and replaced all four tires anyway. The problem still exists. Spoke with the manager and he said they will not test the vehicle at these high speeds. Spoke with Nissan (Patricia). They are all idiots- they said they can not force dealers to test at high speeds. They can do nothing. I think it is the drive shafts.


Bennington Motors (Nissan), Bennington VT

Above Average. Very professional and polite.A great service department.


Duffy Aurora Nissan, Seattle WA

Average. My car was in their service department to assess a driveability problem.   They said it needed three new fuel injectors.  They had to order them (why don't they keep in-stock, the parts that are necessary to keep the car on the road?)   They said the parts would be in tomorrow.  The parts arrive, and they are the injectors for the other engine!  So, it's "tomorrow", again.  The parts arrive, they install them, and the car runs great, just as it had 72 hours earlier.   The injectors cost $120 each; when the car was under warranty, one had been replaced, and it was $57.  When I inquired with Nissan how come the dealer paid less than half what I did, they explained that parts are priced  according to how long they are likely to remain in stock.  A part that sits on the shelf for a long time is expensive, while one that moves is cheaper!  There must have been a run on Sentra injectors in '95!  Not all of this is the dealer's fault, but I was rather put-off by the whole experience.

Below Average. In 1995, I went in ready to buy a black 200SX SE-R.  They only had a teal one, but said they could get a black one for me no problem.  We haggled over pricing for two days, finally coming to an agreement.  They said the only one on the west coast they could find was in Portland. If I wanted it, they would have it brought up to Seattle, which would take two days at the most.  In the meantime, I was welcome to take the teal one and switch it for the black one when it arrived.  I thought this was very nice of them but declined the offer, since I wasn't in a hurry.  The next day, I get a call from the salesman saying the black SE-R had arrived, so "come over and we'll get the paperwork done."  I drive over and there is still only the teal SE-R.  I ask the salesman where the black one is and he says, "Oh, it's not here yet.  I said the TEAL one is here."  Now, I'm a patient guy, and gave him the benefit of the doubt even though I know what I heard.   I decline the offer ! for the teal SE-R again and leave, telling them to call me when the BLACK one arrives.  The following day the salesman calls me again.   This time I ask specifically, "Is the BLACK one here?"  He says, "It sure is! Come on down, and we'll get this deal done!"  I go over and once again, no black SE-R in sight.  I ask the salesman about its whereabouts and he tells me again that he didn't say anything about the black one arriving. Needless to say, I was exasperated - but not yet angry.  I ask to speak to the sales manager, who says they want me to do all the paperwork before they bring the car from Portland.  So not only has the black SE-R they promised not arrived, but they were changing the agreement. I figured I had negotiated a good bargain and agreed.  As we begin the paperwork, the manager leaves to call Portland.  He comes back ten minutes later and says -get this- "Oh, sorry.  We accidentally sold the black SE-R this afternoon.  Would you like to buy the teal one?"  To make a long story shorter, I blew ! up in the middle of the showroom causing a huge scene, spewing the occasional profanity, then stormed out.  Never went back, but unbelievably the salesman called me back four more times to offer the teal SE-R.

NorthWest Nissan, Edmonds/Lynnwood WA

Below Average. I'm displeased with their service department.  Only three weeks after I had bought my 98 200SX SE-R, the trunk failed to open with either the key or the inside latch.  I took it in to have them look at it and they got it to work but just with the key.  The inside latch still didn't work and they told me that they needed a couple hours with it to see what was wrong.  I didn't have the time that day so I brought it back four days later.

After I got a call from them saying that it was ready I went up there to get my car back.  I wanted to make sure they fixed it so I tried it out, guess what?  It didn't work, this time neither the key nor the inside latch didn't work.  I wanted it fixed!  they said I needed to make another appointment in order to get it fixed again.  so a couple days later I brought it back.  They gave me a ride home and called me a couple hours later, I came back to get my car.   After signing the paper work and all that crap I went outside to wait for my car.   I waited and waited and waited... I could actually hear them calling the detailers to get my car but nobody was doing anything.  I waited so long that I fell asleep sitting down on the sidewalk. ....  I eventually got my car back, although a little dirty on the steering wheel and they failed to put back some thingies that held the carpet onto the trunk.... all I gotta say is that they need to learn about customer service!

Younker Nissan, Renton WA

Average. I purchased my 4X4 from another dealer and have had good luck with the vehicle. I've been in to have the heater controls adjusted, the emissions checked, and the drivers side visor replaced. In two cases the service department completed the repair on time and correctly. The other time they had to order the part and called when it was in for installation. The parts department has been responsive, although I feel the parts are too expensive. I would not rate them as a stellar group for the price they are charging but they have completed all repairs completely and promptly. Other Nissan owners in the area have the same opinion.

Performance Jeep/Nissan

Below Average. I made an appointment for the 3rd of Aug to have my '97 Pathfinder evaluated for wobbling down the road. I had already replaced the tires. So they diagnosed a need for new shocks. They gave me an estimate and I pre-paid so they had the go a head to order the parts installation. They were not able to get the quoted after market parts and had to order from the factory. I gave the go a head to someone who said they would take care of it. I then called as planned 1 wk later. And they were not ordered. "They were over looked" Apon speaking with the service dept manager. I was asured the parts would be ordered I was called 2 days later. Stating the parts were in, they could fit me in in 4 days. I had them installed. Did Not Fix The Problem!

Gordon Nissan

Above Average. I took my 1995 Nissan quest in for a (free) oil change and asked them to check my brakes. I was told that they probably needed to be replaced. During the course of inspecting the brakes, they discovered that there was still ample pressure and told me that I didn't need to replace the brakes at this time and did not charge me for the labor. I was both shocked and pleased with their honesty. I would recommend them to anyone in the Seattle area.


Russ Darrow Pontiac Nissan Isuzu, Milwaukee WI

Below Average. I own a 1992 Nissan Sentra.  I have never missed a scheduled maintenance as advised in the owner's manual and have only gone to this dealer since I bought the car.

On 04/24/98, I scheduled an oil change and tune up.  The order-taker said it was time for the 60,000 mile service (only 56,500 miles on my car).   Spent $400 for this work.  Also, told me that I would need brakes soon. 

Shortly thereafter, car started making screeching noises in drive.   On 06/16/98, I had the front brakes replaced (another $400). 

Shortly thereafter, there was alot of hesitation in acceleration and the car was running very rough.  Brought it in on 07/01/98.  I was told I needed to replace a fuel injector.  I said ALL my fuel injectors were replaced on 04/29/97.   Order-taker looked into and said that only injector #4 was replaced in 04/97 and that #2 now needs to be replaced to the tune of $400+.  I stated that that is not what my invoice showed.  He explained that a code was entered which pulled up the description "RPL ALL FUEL INJECTORS".   I said that nothing was indicated on my invoice that only one injector was replaced.  He then checked the technician's report and the injector number was not in there.  They then looked at the ones in the car and determined the numbers that way.

I told him that I felt strongly that if something is written on an invoice to a customer, that work should be done.  How would I know next time when I bring it in that an oil change or whatever was really done when it says so on my invoice, but upon checking (either with the technician's records or visually) it was not?  He explained that all parts are warrantied for a year and the car had more than 50,000 miles on it and over a year had gone by.  DIDN"T GET MY POINT AT ALL!  THIS CUSTOMER HAS HAD IT!

Below Average. Good parts department, but bad experience in service. I usually do all my own repairs and maintenance, but I took my vehicle ('93 SE-R) in for 30k service because I wanted the dealer to inspect it before 36k warrenty expired. The only real work they needed to do, besides an overall inspection, was to change the oil and coolant. The oil was overfilled (by about a quart) and the coolant was underfilled. When I called the service advisor to register my complaint, he wasn't really to concerned, and even offered my my next oil change for free. Like I would ever go back there!!!!


Rock Springs Nissan, Rock Springs WY

Below Average. This service dept sucks. Period. I took my 95 Pathfinder in for some warranty work. While my vehiclel was in I decided to have them change the fluids in the transfer case, tranny, and both differentials. I felt I was way overcharged for this service. But that isnt what really torqued me! I drove back home that day (a 100 mile journey at 70 mph) WHen I got home I decided to check up on there work. Upon inspection of the fluid in the tranny I noticed they had put ATF in my manual tranny! I was pissed to say the least. Needless to say, I just had my tranny replaced this week (1 1/2 yrs after the ATF incident). I feel this is a big part of why my transmission with only 52000 miles failed. By the way, Billings Nissan in MT provided me with a factory new tranny under warranty. Way to go Billings Nissan!!! You get my vote!!!!!!!! Rock Springs Nissan can go to hell!!