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Note: These are merely the comments of people from far and wide on Nissan dealerships they have dealt with. People's experiences may vary, but we're just trying to give people a better idea of who to deal with and who they probably shouldn't.  And by all means, if you have something to add, click on the link above and send us your comments.  We remove all names. :)


ABC Nissan, Phoenix AZ

Below average. This is the worst place in the world !!!! RUN AWAY ! I purchased a Nissan from these jerks with the agreement they would remove my Kenwood amp and Fosgate Bass tube and install it in my new car. Well financing went through and I got a call from sales claiming someone (lot attendant) had stolen the equipment! To make a long story short, Director of sales has no intention of making this right. He has offered me $150.00 for &400.00 worth of equipment and said take it or leave it! Well I took it to my lawyer.

Above average. Bought my used '98 SE-R at Brown & Brown in Tempe, AZ. They would not give me the optional keyless entry remote that was with the car at the time of delivery to the original owner. Said they would have to have an extra $250. Bought the car and took it to ABC Nissan in Phoenix. Went to the parts department and purchased a new remote and then went to the service dept. told them it would not work any more. long story short, repaired under warranty, time 6 hours, reprogramed the black box (which Brown and Brown had screwed with) and the remote. total cost $54.

Brown & Brown Nissan, Tempe AZ

Below average. After leaving my Pathfinder there for warranty work on a CD radio that ate the cd (second radio for same malfunction) when I went to pick it up, they could not find my car! Waited 45 minutes, then they said "come back tomorrow." Drove by an hour later (10 min after closing) and spotted my car on their lot with the door open, engine running, no one around. Condensation from the AC was running about fifteen feet from the vehicle, so I assume it had been sitting there about an hour running. I got in it and drove away. They didn't say anything... six months later, I returned with another CD stuck and had them install yet a third radio. Meanwhile, I received five recall notices from Nissan regarding brakes, transmission, mounts, muffler clamps, and something I could not identify. Left car to have these items done, they called me six hours later and said they goofed, these recalls were for 2 wheel drive models...What a totally screwed service department!

Culliver Nissan, Phoenix AZ

Below average. They really suck!! I bought the car new at this shit hole. I brought my 95 200 SX SE-R in to get my tach replaced because of a whining noise in it. While the car was there they broke the Clear plastic lens, scratched the trim piece up with what looks like a flat head. The car also had a problem with the parking brake. While "repairing" the parking brake they broke the console where the two plastic pieces clip to the stick shift trim. Upon further investigation it looks like they never removed the front screws on it and just pried it until it snapped.They went to fix one of the power windows and ripped the tint. I did not notice ( it was already dark) until the next day and Culiver wouldn't take responsibility. I will never even look at a car there again. I don't need bring my car in to Nissan to disservice the car. I think I'll go to West Valley Nissan next time, service guy named Bob there is knowledgeable and seems pretty cool. The best part is they wanted to charge me $35 to "re-adjust" the console, $65 for the lens and I just stopped them there. BOYCOTT CULIVER!!!

Pinnacle Nissan, Scottsdale AZ

Below average. July 17, brought vehicle to Pinnacle's service department to have repaired or replaced: deformed gear shift knob, loose/floppy passenger side visor, stain on driver's seat, faulty left directional signal, and rattling jump seat.  Also, they were to install a nose guard that was part of the July 11, purchase.  RESULT:   parts were ordered for the gear shift knob and visor.  The nose guard was installed but didn't fit correctly.  The left directional still malfunctioned, the stain remained on the driver's seat and the jump seat still rattled.  The vehicle was originally to be ready at 2.  I said I would be in at 4.  The truck was ready at 5:30.

July 21, returned to Pinnacle's service center as agreed with the General Manager after faxing and phoning.  They were to repair/replace as per the July 17, visit.  RESULT:  Same gear shift knob-waiting for part-promised for the 23rd.  Replaced the visor with one without the vanity mirror (part of the Convenience Group option I bought) and is still floppy.  Replaced the nose guard with one that fit.  Removed the stain from the seat.  Said that the turn signal operated in a normal fashion (as long as I turned the wheel a half turn right of center to turn off the left light).  I demonstrated the foolishness of this to the service Advisor and Customer Service person.  No change in their opinion.  The jump seat has stopped rattling.

July 22, wrote Nissan Motor Corporation (NMC) Consumer Affairs.

July 25, wrote NMC.

July 26, e-mailed NMC.

July 29, received a call from NMC and arranged to have the vehicle inspected at another dealership.

July 30, brought the truck to Scottsdale Nissan and it was promptly determined that the left directional was malfunctioning.  Parts ordered.

July 30, received a call from Pinnacle stating that the shift knob was in but they had to reorder the visor.  This response followed three days of calling and faxing Pinnacle.

Aug. 3, received call from Pinnacle.  Parts in.

Aug. 4, 20 minutes, in and out, visor and shift knob replaced satisfactorily. Waiting on turn signal parts at other dealership.

Aug. 7, Took the Frontier to Scottsdale Nissan to have the directionals fixed; the problem that Pinnacle said didn't exist.  Arrived at the appointed time.  They took the vehicle at once and I was out in an hour, a half hour SOONER than estimated.  Thank you, Scottsdale Nissan.

West Valley Nissan, Glendale AZ

Above average. At first I thought they were an average it's not covered dealership service dept. I took my 92 in early on in 94 for this weird creaking noise, sounded like it was coming from the right front strut. They changed the strut no change, I left only to return a few short weeks later with a severe vibration(which we all know now to be motor mounts)they changed the right front mount and surprise  that damn creak left as well as the vibration. I told the assistant service manager and he was glad I pointed this out to him so that he might help other SE-R owners. Over a period of years he fixed problems and always knew what they were before they dug into it. In my book that puts them on the top of my list. I have also called the assistant service manager on occasion just to ask a technical question and he always takes the time or calls me back with an answer. 

Below average. I brought my Nissan in to have a squealing pilot bushing replaced under warranty.  They replaced the pilot bushing which I have had no more problems with. They even went above and beyond by greasing my clutch plate which left me sitting in the road right outside the dealership across traffic. The car would not move clutch in or out, in gear or not.  These fine folks even went out of their way to stand outside and watch me push my vehicle from the rush hour traffic.   After this they quoted me a $500 estimate because the clutch is a "wear item". NOTE: to replace a pilot bushing (which is seated in the rear of the crankshaft), it is customary to pack the inside of the old bushing with grease and drive the bushing out by placing a dowel in the middle of the bushing and striking with a hammer, this is done after removing the clutch assembly first!


Cypress Coast Nissan, Seaside CA

Below Average I am getting the run around from everyone about the FAULTY wheel covers on my 1995 Nissan Altima. The covers have a poor design and fall off, they cost over 60.00 to replace at the dealership, about half that from independents, however, the dealer refused to help secure the new cover or to advise me that the covers are faulty. On purchasing my second cover I was told about the problem, and a subsequent dealership in Alabama also said they knew of the problem but would not fix it, could not fix it.

If anyone else has this problem, please call 1800 NISSAN1 and report it to try to get a recall in motion.

Davis Nissan, Davis CA

They sucked. They wanted an average of twice as much as B&B Nissan for parts and told me to use injector cleaner in my SR20DE... I pointed out the TSB and they told me that TSBs don't apply to my car. *shrug*

Dublin Nissan, Dublin CA

Average. The service department generally does good work and is honest. There was one occassion when they screwed up and tried to charge me for their screw up. But they were quick to rectify the situation once I pointed out that it was their problem.

Below Average. The service department needs to start working on customer service. They can never manage to call the customer back, I don't know why they have voice mail. They always promise to make it better (over & over again).

The mechanic part of the organization is good, but if the service desk can't book the repair or service, they won't get the work. I hope the service desk isn't a part of the same union.

I am currently looking for another place to get my automobile serviced on a regular basis.

Ellis Brooks Nissan, San Francisco CA

Below Average. The service writer was pretty nice and cool about things, but they charge an arm and a leg for every little thing. I had a noise that I simply wanted them to check out that was under warranty (I've already asked a friend to help me check it out) and they told me that they would have to charge me if they find nothing. Since the engine mounts were worn and broken, they tried to not warranty it because the car was lowered. I think the shops policy sucked!!!

Fairfield Nissan, Fairfield CA

Below Average. Anyway, I have a '96 200sx SE-R which had the following problem. The 'Check Engine' lamp kept coming on. All Fairfield Nissan did was to reset the lamp. This went on for 4 service calls in which they kept the vehicle for a day. Finally, I contacted Nissan Motors and threatened to invoke the lemon laws.

Falore Nissan, Sunnyvale CA

They are great guys who understand performance. Hey always do their best to satisfy the customer. The parts guys are patient and helpful; I took my header in to look for a plug for the AIV port, and they brought out boxes of plugs and other threaded stuff to see what would fit.

They have put up with my picky gripes about hard-to-find noises. They have solved problems the other dealer (below) wouldn't even look at. The service manager got the dealership to sponsor his race car, and one of the service writers drives a ZR1 and used to race a 510.

The most recent site of the SE-R BAM. Very cool dealership. The head service tech, Dave, helped us do some maintenance work, and let us use all the lifts and facilities basically unsupervised. The guy who runs the department, Doug, is the driver of their PTCC 240SX, and Dave is his head pit crew tech. One of the few dealerships that is involved in professional racing, and does not frown upon aftermarket performance parts on your car.

Average. Purchase went ok, at least I thought it did for my first car buying experience but I was dissapointed with the job they did getting the car prepped for me after I purchased it.. I was excited to bring the new car home but the exterior was hardly clean at all (they supposedly "detailed" it but it was showing plenty of dirt, plus whatever they used on the tires apparently got all over the paint near the bottom of the car) and when I got home I noticed that both front floor mats were extremely greasy, looked like they didn't even bother protecting them while working on the car...

Below Average. I took my 300ZX into them two years ago to have the transmission and clutch worked on. Specifically, I couldn't get it into 2nd gear. It took three (3) trips to get them to finish the work. First trip they looked at it and scheduled it a week later. The second trip the changed the clutch and bearings in the transmission but did not supply the used clutch parts as requested. The transmission worked better but had obvious problems. The third trip, they replaced the 5th and reverse gears. (Not second.) The final product was not as good as I expected and I lost the use of the car for nearly a month.

I wish I had bought a whole new transmission rather than have them rebuild the existing one. I paid $3000 and feel that they did not do all the work. Specifically, there was no new flywheel or clutch parts on the parts sheet.

The parts guys however have been very good.

Below Average. I took my '94 300ZX 2+2 in for a 60,000 mile service. The "service advisor" told me that at that time the timing belt should be replaced. I declined, but he insisted that if it broke it would be a $15,000 engine replacement job instead. I caved, and agreed to have him replace the belt for some $450 or so. When I later looked at the car handbook I found that for all models except the turbo, the recommended replacement interval was 105,000 miles. My fault - I should have looked at the book first. This is the third time they have left me dissatisfied in one way or another with their service. That's a strikeout.

Fremont Nissan, Fremont CA

Below Average. Service department tried to sell me unneccessary work. Very poor experience overall.

Glendale Nissan, Glendale CA

Above Average. I have had nothing but top notch service every time I have visited this dealership for my service needs. I feel their prices are fair and reasonable and they have always repaired my vehicles correctly the first time. It is so refreshing to be able to drop our cars off and know with confidence our problems are going to be fixed and at a reasonable rate. In today's world customer service is everything. I would rather pay a little more for proper work than try to save a little cash and receive inferior repairs.

Above Average. My overall experiance with the service department staff was above and beyond what could be expected from a dealer. They took care of my car and treated me with respect. I highly recommend this dealer to anyone needing their car serviced.

Below Average. My wife and I were very dissapointed about the unprofessional attitude of the service manager regarding the simple matter about the rental car that they will provide while checking the complaint about the engine light indicator. The service advisor wrote on the service paper that we are going to be provided a rental car since the car is still under warranty but insinuated that we "tampered with the car" in order to have free check up and after just 2 hours called me and said that my spark plugs are busted because it's wet and blamed me for probably making it wet while cleaning the engine. He said that this is not under warranty and I need to pay $55.00 to change it, and we have to pay for the rental car that they provided. Upon learning this we talk to the service manager to clear things up but she was irate, inconsiderate, not well mannered, and told us that she will only pay the car rental if they will do the 30,000 mi service with them. Since we are Asians it seems that she underestimated our intelligence and started raising her tone and said "WE'RE NOT WORTH IT!! "

Irvine Nissan, Irvine CA

Below Average. They couldn't find an open recall on my 1982 280ZX. I know there was a recall, but don't remember what it was about. I've also heard about other 280ZX's getting free fuel injector replacements through a recall. Does anybody know about this recall? I've already called the 1-800-NISSAN1 # and got the same answer.

Miller Nissan, Van Nuys CA

Below Average.  Be wary of the service boys here.  I took my '91 SE-R in to have the seat belt fixed.  While it was in, they replaced the fuel pump (which was NOT broken), but was under re-call or something or other.  They did not tell me they were going to do it, but they did not charge me for it.  I maintain and repair my own car, and I love my SE-R, and it made nervous. They also had cooked up a $1500.00 repair estimate that included a clutch, major tune, new cv-joints, various emissions replacements... "and all this is just for starters", they insisted. All this was on the phone when I called to see if it was ready. "You are all done," I insisted.  "Do not touch my car, I am coming right down to get it."  When I got there, these guys tried to tell me my car was basically unroadworthy, acting very alarmed.  I scanned the estimate they wrote up, seeing the word "sparkplugs". "Sparkplugs!?!?" I asked.  "Yeah", the service guy said, "they're in awful shape, completely shot."  My response:   "well, I just replaced the plugs with factory platinum plugs I bought from ANOTHER DEALERSHIP NOT THREE WEEKS AGO.  Go get my car."  'Weird thing is, I was never charged for the seatbelt repair, and the fuel-pump works fine, also free.   Thank goodness I never gave these boys any money, and not more than one afternoon with "Peggy", my beautiful white 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R.

Below Average.  I took my 1990 NSX in for service recently as there was a loud squeak emanating from somewhere behind the driver seat. Miller's service dept advised me that there would be a fee for "diagnostics" which would be applied toward my repair bill. They told me that I needed new struts and a variety of other items. The proposed repair bill was subtantial so I called my husband at work who said we would have it looked at by another mechanic. My husband spoke with the Service Director, Stuart Simons, who said that if the diagnosis was incorrect that he would gladly refund the fee for the "diagnostic" examination. My husband took the car to a mechanic near the company he works at, and for thirty-five dollars, the squeak went away. The problem was not with the struts but with a bracket rubbing on the body's interior above the rear wheel-well. My husband spoke with Mr. Simons concerning this matter one time since, who was argumentative regarding the issue, and has been unable to contact him since as Mr. Simons neither returns his calls and always seems to be in a meeting. There has been no refund.

Mossy Nissan, El Cajon CA

Above Average. 2 days after I picked up my 95 Pathfinder from the 45k mile scheduled service, the brakes squealed horribly. Making a long story short, although it took three trips back to the dealer to find and correct the problem, I was very pleased with the service I received.

Above Average. The service people were very willing to fix the brakes that I had fried on multiple 100-0 stops, the pads were shot, the rotors badly cracked. They replaced them for free under warranty(even though i had more than 12K miles) and although I had to come back because they hadnt ordered them, they still did a good job on it. Also, if you ever take your car in there, say NO to the 25 point inspection, they charge a lot for it and include it anyway with just about any job they do anyway.

Below Average. Brought in my 92 classic to get the seatbelts taken care of.  I came in to make an appointment (and so they could order parts) and was told to bring it back in two days.  No problem.  I brought it back two days later, and was told not to worry, in 1 hour they would be done so I sat down in the waiting area.  1/2 an hour later, they come out and tell me they hadn't ordered all the parts, so I had to come back another day.  I came back and dropped off the car.   I instructed them to leave my keys with the receptionist because I might be coming back after hours.  They told me no problem.  I came back after hours to get my car.  My key was NOT left with the receptionist.  I made the guy look for the key for about 1/2 and hour and then gave up and used my spare to drive home.  To top it off, they called a week later saying I had to come pick up my car.  I told them I would be glad to pick it up if she could find it on the lot. They mailed me my key with the invoice, and after 3 trips to the dealer, I got a door panel that wasn't put on right, and a note on the invoice that the door panel was damaged possibly due to me removing it (HELLO!!!! Why do you think I got the seatbelts replaced in the first place???!!)   This dealership has delusions of adequacy.

Novato Nissan, Novato CA

Bought my 92 SE-R new there. The car pulled to the right, and the steering wheel was turned to the left while going straight. Brought the car back to the dealer for an alignment. Supposedly fixed, but the problem persisted. Brought it back again. Supposedly fixed again, but the problem was still there. I gave up and just lived with it. A couple years later I need new tires, because the inside of the tread is bald, while the outside has plenty of tread left. One more thing: I had an aftermarket map light plugged into the cig. lighter. The dealer broke it and never even told me.

Pacific Nissan, San Diego CA

Below Average. THEY ARE TERRIBLE.  My clutch was making a grinding noise when depressed.  They told me it was probably the throwout bearing and they would have to order it.  They said it would take 2 months to get here from Japan, but that I was "first on the list" in the whole U.S. to get one when it came in.  What B.S.

I called another Nissan dealership 15 miles away who said they had over 10 throwout bearings for my car.  Pacific Nissan had no explanation.  I ended up taking the car to the dealership 3 times and the grinding is still present.   I have also spent about $200 on a rent-a-car during the repair periods for nothing.  

Pacific Coast Nissan, Oxnard CA

Below Average. Brought in my Girlfriend's Sentra for service.  I was bored so I wandered the showroom waiting for the shuttle (which was leaving in about 20 minutes).  Salesman told me not to worry, that if I wanted to take a test drive, he would get me another ride home.  Well, I couldn't resist and fell for it.  When it came time to get me my ride home, he said the next shuttle was like in 2 hours (which was completely unacceptable).  I had to complain to the service manager to find a ride home (and even he wasn't too pleased with the salesman).   This dealership reminds me of a saying I heard: "If Jesus sold cars, he would have lied".  Enough said.  Stay away from this place (I think it has changed names, but one of the other salesman I saw working the floor had pulled a very hard sell on me years before, so I know what type of "talent" this place likes hiring).

Performance Nissan, Duarte CA

Above Average. I have always been treated well there.  They have good prices of parts and seem to stock more parts than your average dealer.  All of my warranty repairs were handled in an acceptable manner.

San Luis Nissan/BMW, San Luis Obispo CA

Above Average. They were very thorough about resurfacing my front brake rotors, doing the recall on the wipers.

Serramonte Nissan, Colma CA

Above Average.  After experiencing several problems with service at this dealership, I met Rick. I explained some of the problems that I was experiencing. He personally took care of all of the problems that I was having with my 93 Pathfinder. Whenever I return for service I make sure I speak with Rick. I recently bought a 90 300tt and Rick checked for recalls right away. He does not mind if I buy my parts at Brown and Brown Nissan and bring them there to be installed. If you want customer satisfaction go to Serramonte Nissan and ask to speak with Rick. He will take good care of you. [Ed. note: we usually don't include names, but we made an exception in this case since the use of the name could help people.]

Below Average.  Before I picked up my car I confirmed 3 times that my keys, invoice, and old parts would be in my car since I would be getting my car after hours. When I picked up my car none of those items were in there! Of course I called the next day asking for those items, Serramonte promised to mail them and then called every couple of days, even leaving voicemail messages to the Service manager, Dan Root. Finally 6 weeks later someone returned my invoice would be mailed to me, but my keys,along with my locktronic device, and my old parts were lost!

Stevens Creek Nissan, San Jose CA

Parts people are OK, but pretty impatient. You better know what you want. If you do, you'll get it. Service sucks. They have a new manager since I was there last, but I'm not going back. One of the service writers told me I voided the whole warrantee when I put the 'sway bar' on. He was talking about the Stillen strut brace. That was the last time I went there.

Below Average.  Took my 92 SE-R in for some warranty work: buzzing dash (speedometer cable), rattling latch on the trunk, packaging foam from rear side window panels stuck in the window jambs. They couldn't find the buzzing in the dash the first time I brought the car in, nor the second time. They finally heard it when I took them out for a test drive the third time I saw them. It was finally fixed, and they gave me a free loaner car (240sx!) the third time.

Torrance Nissan, Torrance CA

Below Average.  Clueless - with an added bonus of incompetence. My stock '93 SE-R needed a new sunroof rail assembly - I had them order and install it. When I picked up the car, I tested the sunroof and it wouldn't close all the way with the open/close switch - you'd have to bump the up/down switch to fully close it and guess when it was sealed! The service writer tried to tell me that was by design, and after all his Toyota worked that way. He actually said this with a straight face. They finally admitted to me they didn't have anyone who had done the repair before. I had also asked them to adjust the clutch pedal free play. I noticed that hadn't been done and I asked them why - they told me that was pre set at the factory and not adjustable... I actually had to show them the adjustment point! I will no longer let these clowns anywhere near my car.

Tustin Nissan, Tustin CA

Above Average. Service and Parts people are pros. Very customer oriented. Took the 87 300ZX in for warranty fuel injector replacement on a recall. Even though the car was ten years old and had never been in their service department; when I called for an appointment the Service Advisor checked to see if the parts were in stock and told me to bring in the car the next morning. Repairs were completed in a top notch fashion (in one day) and they even washed the car!

Had the timing belt repalced in the 4x4 truck on a service special price offer and had them do a few other things as well. Because repair tab exceeded $300 they provided me with a FREE rental car! And I mean free; the rental agent asked to see only my driver's license and copy of the repair order, period. No dicking around with credit cards and/or proof of insurance, etc. etc. And once again the truck was ready as promised in one day and washed!

I have told other folks about this dealer who reported the same stellar service and treatment at Tustin Nissan. Some even drive past two or three other Nissan dealers on their way to Tustin Nissan!

These folks are great outfit to do business with!

Universal City Nissan, Universal City (Los Angeles) CA

Well, haven't had too much experience with their service. But they advertise themselves as being the #1 Nissan dealer in the country, and I believe it. They always have a stock of at least 1000 cars, and my family has bought two cars from them: My brother's 93 Sentra SE-R and my 96 200SX SE-R. The salesmen there actually knew some facts about the cars that we looked at. They are also one of the few dealers selling restored Z's. The little service I had them do was fine, no problems like other places I've heard of.

Vallejo Nissan, Vallejo CA

Above Average. Anyway, I have a '96 200sx SE-R which had the following problem. The 'Check Engine' lamp kept coming on. ... The car was taken to Vallejo Nissan which reset the lamp and replaced one of the smog valves. About a month later, there was another occurrence of the 'Check Engine' lamp antics. Again the car was taken to Vallejo Nissan which brought in a factory representative which found that the car was produced using an EGR tube that was too small in diameter (there was a service bulletin on the subject). It's been about 9 months since the last occurrence.

Valencia Nissan, Santa Clarita CA

Below Average. My first experience going into this service department was with a slipping fifth gear, and a leaking transmission.  $850 later, my transmission leaked more than when I first took it in, and my fifth gear still slipped.   I took the car back a second time, to get this problem fixed and with a new problem with the AC condenser cooling fan motor that I noticed upon inspection of the work done.   Replacing the fan motor was going to cost me $290.  I asked how much for just the part to replace the motor myself, it would be $195. I decided to put off replacing the fan motor until I could call around for pricing on parts-by this time I was getting increasingly wary of this service manager, who promised me a free rental car over the phone, but as I stood there at the dealership, pointed me over to the rental house to go rent my own car, and tried to push a timing belt replacement on me for another $300.   After I got my car back, my transmission leak went back to the level before I brought it in for "servicing."  I bought an entire fan assembly from Antelope Valley Nissan for $65, and replaced it in the parking lot myself in about 5 minutes. Since then, I have traded in the Sentra and purchased a brand new Altima GXE from another dealership far away, even though the Valencia dealership is right in my neighborhood.  I have now commenced to do my own service, and will drive far out of my way to not do business with this dealership anymore.


Bob Sharp Nissan, Wilton CT

Above Average. Sold me the brake repairs I needed, apparently nothing more and or less. In the process they also found leaking tranny switches at least one other dealer may have missed, and returned the old switches. We didn't discuss other work, but it's possible this dealer has even heard of Nismo parts.

On a later visit, though, another service writer claimed that he couldn't specify which OEM struts would be correct for my '92 (Sentra SE-R) without a number(s) off the original struts, which I no longer had. He said there was a wide range of price differences between the various possbilities. Correct or not, I can't say. It surprised me and stymies other dealers and SE-R owners I've asked. Did I misunderstand? The good part is that if necessary, I'm pretty sure they would take the time to assure that I do.

See favorable comment about this dealer under Napoli Nissan below

George Hart Nissan & Infinity, New Haven CT

Average. I would give this dealership an average rating. Fortunately, not too many things have gone wrong with the car. In fact, it's been (knocking on wood) very reliable. The only suspicious thing I have is when they told me over the phone that 2 of my CV boots rotted out. The car had only 65K on the odo. That set me back about $280.00!! I've never had something like that go that quickly. They did, at least, tell me that the CV bearings were ok and didn't try to stiff me for new bearings and possibly axial shafts. Otherwise, they seem to be an ok place for factory based servicing. I've heard that Nissan dealerships not qualifying for an Infinity dealership are pretty bad. But, I've heard the same for Toyota dealerships which are not associated with Lexus also tend to have a lot of customer complaints.

George Harte Nissan, West Haven CT

Below Average. George Harte Nissan in West Haven actually has no harte, as they have printed up on their business cards. They do not do a complete check of the cars before you drive it off the lot after paying the high prices they have. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone. When I had a problem and had made numerous calls to the manager I took it a step higher and called the owner with no response. Maybe if I have the local tv station to go their they'll be on the phone in a second. The Hartford location was just as bad. They lost me as a potential buyer as well as a zillion others - remember word gets around when you know enough people!

Hart Nissan, Hartford CT

Below Average. Terrible. Is the only word I can sum up to describe Hart Nissan. To make a long story short I brought in my 85 300zx for the injector recall. 2 months later they "finished" the Z. When I arrived at the dealership my Z would'nt run. They pulled out a list of sensors and connectors that had to be replaced so I could drive my car home. 700$ later it still did not run properly and my AC and cruise control stopped working. When I returned the service manager said " go to small claims court" if I wanted my problem solved. Disgusted I purchased a nissan factory manual and after about 2 weeks discoverd many hoses and connectors "disconnected".

Napoli Nissan, Milford CT

Below Average.  Brought car in to have CV boot replaced as we had noticed it was leaking.This dealer, after looking the car over called to say the axle needed replacing as well and that grease was all over the brake disc so the front pads should also be replaced as well as turning the rotors. Told them to do nothing so they charged $40 diagnostic. Took it to Bob Sharp Nissan in Wilton, CT who replaced the boot and told us the brakes and axle were fine.

Stamford Nissan, Stamford CT

Below Average.  Courteous, but troubling. Seeing the car for a leaking brake, they recommended that cylinders on both sides be replaced as S.O.P., and wouldn't even consider just replacing the seals. On the other hand, their price for a cylinder clearly specified as "remanufactured by Nissan" seemed impossibly low (according to other dealers). To get your car back if you don't want them to work on it, it'll cost you an hour's charge (creditable within 30 days if you return). And to exit their main driveway in anything shorter than an SUV, you *need* an SE-R, or x-ray vision to see oncoming traffic through their hedge.


Chapman Nissan, Wilmington, DE

Average. The service department is a little ignorant when it comes to diagnosing problems. I took my '92 Sentra to them because I was hearing noises in the front. They told me the motor mounts were bad. So I got a second opinion. Guess what, the motor mountes were in excellent condition. Turned out to be 2 worn out bushings on the stabilizer link. I figure they just took a wild guess.

Below Average. I think that they seem to tell you things that are wrong with the car just to get a little extra money out of you. I went in for car service on 7-11-00 for an oil change, and brakes, after i guess they checked everything over they called me and told me that i need 2 new tires, which i knew that, and i need a new air filter, and new wiper blades,and my radiator flushed out. I just told them to go ahead and fix the oil change, and the brakes which came to about $221.93 for that. Also he told me it would be about $200.00 dollars or more for 2 new tires, which i purchase for $110.00 brand new. And it would cost me $60.00 dollars for my air filter, which i purchased for $15.00 and replaced it my self. wiper blades was not even $20.00. To make along story short. Not even a month later, my car started running hot and come to find out there as a blown head gasket which i think they should have checked all fluids when changing the oil, and should have told me that besides getting my radiator flushed. So ran the car after it had cooled down, and it ended up burning a hole in the radiator, so i purchased a new radiator for $145.00 not from Nissan, I know it would have been more than that, and that still wasn't working so Nissan told me that i blew a head gasket and that it would run me about $1000.00 to get fixed and they recommend i replace it with a new engine which would run me about $3999.00 and a rebuilt one would run me about$2999.00. because if he fix the head gasket it would still burn oil, which i have a oil leak, and me and my husband believe that it was just patched up when we purchased the car because not even 2 or 3 months after we brought the car the oil light came on, and when we did take it in to have service they said our warranty had just ran out, so we were looking at about $600.00 for that which still has to be fixed. They said that if they do fix the head gasket it still would burn oil, and it would start making loud noises, So now we are stuck with a car with all of these repairs to be fixed. I guess my next car will be a brand new car, and not a used or pre-owned car.


Coggin Nissan of Regency, Jacksonville FL

Below Average. The service dept. of this dealership is primarily concerned with doing only that whitch takes the least amount of thought and time. The service techs are either lazy or incapable of trouble shooting computer codes. This leads me to beleive that there is a lack of experience in the driveability troubleshooting area. This is indicative of the Jacksonville area nissan dealers. Very sad!

Coral Springs Nissan, Coral Springs FL

Below Average. I took my 91 SE-R to get the door hinges replaced on a Thursday. They told me they would call me back with an estimate, and they did, $336 to change "all" the hinges, which they said were in stock. Then the car is finally ready the next Tuesday, and now the said its going to cost me $457, because the first estimate was for only the left side. After talking to the service manager, he straightened out everything and brought the price down to the original estimate. This was the first and last time I ever go there.

Below Average. Terrible, as are all the dealers i've dealt with. They don't care about fixing anything under warranty, but just want to sell you services you don't need. They seem to be technically incompetent. Service people keep telling me they know something is not right but they can't find it. I'll bet if I laid a bucket of money in front of them it would get fixed.

Esserman Nissan

Below Average I brought the car (94 Maxima SE) that still was under warranty to have the noise A/C compressor replaced, the sunroof lid weather trim replaced and the CV joint boots replaced. The A/C was left with air in the refrigerant circuit. It would not cool as before and would stop cooling after 45 secs or so. The sunroof lid was replaced and damaged during installation. Needed to replace once more. The left hand side outer CV joint was damaged so much while attempting to replace the boot that they needed to replace the complete axle. The right hand side cv joint was worn out and they replaced it with one for the ABS model (my car does not have ABS).

Gettle Nissan, Bradenton FL

Below Average. Wants $500 to fix a starter. Smelled fishy to me. I had the starter replaced elsewhere for $270.  The dealer said it would be 5 hours labor. The other guy put it in in 45 minutes.

Thornton Nissan, Venice FL

The service Manager, Bill, is great. He is very honest about what needs to be done. We continually go to the dealer for service even though the prices are a little higher than most service shops. I used to have an "86 Maxima. Things were slowly starting to go wrong with the car, but Bill only had the items fixed when they were about to fail or when they had failed. He was helping us by nursing the car. When we took it to another dealer, they told us there were many things wrong and they needed to be fixed immediately, but Bill told us that they didn't need to be done that second, that we should wait till they get worse. I would give them a very high rating. Parts department usually has the items in stock, and if they don't they are generally in within the week.

Below Average. I purchased a vehicle from Thornton which had a minor problem with the rear door. I was given a voucher that they would fix the problem, and give me a loaner vehicle. I was 8 1/2 mths pregnant at the time of buying the vehicle so I told them I would wait until after my son was born to have the item fixed. I called them to let them know that I wanted to bring the car in, they gave me a date and time to bring it. I brought it down to them (a 45 minute drive), and they were going to give me a loaner vehicle that was filled with cigarettes, and McDonald's bags. I was there with my son who was only three weeks old, there was no way that I was going to put him in that vehicle. When I approached them they responded with -- this is not an urgent repair, and you take what you can get. I ended up paying my mechanic to fix the problem, and my car was ready within 30 minutes.


Troncalli Nissan, Decatur GA

Above Average. Service performed on my 200SX SE-R has been fantastic so far. A bit on the pricey side though. It cost me $400+ to have my alternator replaced! Once, in a daze, I left the engine cap off after putting in some oil. I guess you can imagine the mess. I took it in for a 35K work over and got the car back with the engine compartment as clean as it was when I purchased it - without extra charge.

Below Average. Brought my Nissan 300zx 1995, non-turbo for my 60k maintenance. They just changed my fluids and clean-up my injections. Charged me $530 instead of fmv of 300. They did not even put in a platinum spark -plug!!!!!!

Regal Nissan, Atlanta GA

Average. Did a good rebuild of my transmission under warranty (3000 miles).  However, it did take some negotiating about the rental car. Customer Focus: Fair to poor Technical capability: Good to Very Good

Below Average. Bought a used car from Regal Nissan and they failed to advise me they no longer handle obtaining license plates for cars purchased there. They charged a $289 documentation fee which covers nothing. They offered no help or assistance, throwing it back at me to take the time & pay the money to get the tags. If I knew this up front, I wouldn't have dealt with them.

Below Average. Went for an oil change and the 14 point inspection. Took more than 30 mins and would not give me free service for the delay ( as advertised ). Failed to show me any proof of inspection report when I showed him that essential fluids were quite low after the servicing. Overall pretty untrustworthy. Won't take my car there and would not advise you to do so unless you don't love your car.

Below Average. I brought my 200 in there twice for body work (only "Nissan" bodyshop in Atlanta) and they gave two of the worst paint jobs I have seen. My bumper was spider webbed within 6 months. DON'T go there for body work, I am not the only one that feels this way!

Sutherlin Nissan, Marietta GA

Below Average. I have repeatedly had bad experiences with them. Misdiagnosis's, sloppy work, leaving off parts, etc. My car will NOT go back there, period.

Below Average. They took 2 1/2 days to determine that there was nothing wrong with our car, after it began shaking so bad that we had it towed in.   The towing would have been covered if a warranty condition had been uncovered, as would the rental car under an extended warranty we bought there.  Now we are out $80 for towing, $80 for rental (because of their slow work), and it will most certainly start shaking again.

Below Average. I bought my 99 Maxima SE new from this dealer due to the professional treatment I got from the sales person. But a week later he was gone. Quit? Fired? The service dept. is not concerned with customer service at all. I got a creaking noise about a month after I bought the car. So I took it in to have it checked out. The service advisor told me it would take all day to find it and it may be a normal noise. What a bunch of BS! I remained calm and told him it will not take so long to find it because it makes this annoying noise at all times. I ask him to drive with me to hear it. but he said he was too busy to take test drives. I told him to get in the car for a minute and not more. He finally reluctantly got in. I promised him we will not leave the dealer lot so I will not inconvinence him. "I wonder what is his job responsibility?" As soon as he got in the car, I pulled forward a couple feet and applied brakes to load the body. The car made a loud creaking sound. He said this is normal. I barely kept my calm and asked him to show me the same sound on other Maximas. My car only had 800 miles on it. If he can demonstrate this on other cars I will believe him. I have owned many other cars and this is not normal. So he kept the car for 3 days and found a loose/broken weld on the rocker panel. They had to reweld the lower rocker panel and repaint it. When I went to pick up the car he admitted to me there were many other Maximas with the same symptoms. I guess he was right all along, this must be normal. I don't ever want to deal with this place again.

P.S. I was charged $350 for theft protection on my car when I bought it. It was to have glass etched and It was never done! This dealership is a SCAM! I hope they go out of business, because they have lost a Nissan customer for life. This was my fourth Nissan in the last 15 years.

United Nissan, Morrow GA

Below Average. The techs here are a bunch of morons. I have spent many hours arguing with them and also teaching them about recalls and/or tsb's. If you have any visible mods they almost won't work on your car and they hassle you the entire time if they do. The parts guys though are awesome. Helpful, knowledgeable, and understanding. All in all stay away :)


Pacific Nissan, Waipahu HI

Below Average. Took my car in for a leaking water pump. They fixed it successfully, but then did an engine flush without my permission (draining my high quality Redline oil!!) They then refilled with some crap oil, BUT I got a low oil pressure light come up after driving a few minutes. Checked the dipstick and it was very low on oil!! Those fools apparently put in too little oil. Took it back, they admitted they were wrong and would find out who did the actual job.

I always do my own oil change, and this is exactly why I frown on any dealer doing something where they can screw up so easily.


Mark Bass Nissan, Joliet IL

Above Average I bought a 93 Sentra SE-R there in March 1996.   Since then I have had the car there for an inoperative Speedometer, loose spoiler, and some maintenance jobs.  Though I do most of them myself.  Friendly and efficient service and parts department.  Expensive parts, though most dealer are.   Courtesy Nissan is more than 25% cheaper from mail order.  Only thing I didn't like was a rough idle I had.  All they did was check for computer codes.  No codes came up, car is said to be OK.  I found later AIV valve was defective.   Not performance minded.

Parkway Nissan, Bloomington IL

Below Average The people who work in the parts dept. are friendly and knowledgeable. The service technicians are the former but not the latter. And like most dealer mechanics, instead of admitting that they don't know, they simply go ahead and replace somthing. For example, my '93 classic was running rough (this was before I became enlightened by I brought it into Parkway: Consult--$50, new BPR valve--$150, new plug wires--$100. No improvement. Problem? Timing set to 3 degrees. They didn't spot it; they didn't check it. My neighbor helped me set it 16 degrees in five minutes (following the directions on which I had discovered during this ordeal).

Star Nissan

Below Average After spending over $30,000 on my new Maxima GLE, I was expecting good service. I'll try to sum up the events as brief as possible: my car was not inspected when given to me, the Service Dept. lost my car and I waited over 1 and 1/2 hours to get it; Service Manager said they put paint protector on my car, which they did not, even though I paid for it. Then, Service damaged the bumper on my car and tried to cover it up with black touch-up. My car was at the Service Dept. several times to correct their mistakes (stains on alloy wheels from undercoating, replace bumper they damaged, and more) I sent certified letters to the managers at the dealer. Everything was taken care very promptly, however, I feel I should have received an apology from someone. I have met other Star Nissan customers on various web site forums who have also had negative experiences. Hopefully all of us together can help ensure that other people will not be treated this way from a dealer.

Woodfield Nissan, Woodfield IL

Above Average. This dealer is in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, near Schaumburg. They have great hours, parts and service open until midnight on weekdays, and until 5 PM on Saturday.

The parts department is quite good. They do not have the parts computer, only fiche. However, the parts people have always worked hard finding my parts, promptly call when they arrive, and have been willing to bargain on prices. I have a standing 25% discount with them because, as my parts guy said, "he buys a lot of parts from us." :-) In fact, this discount is under the "SE-R club" account, so you can likely ask for it as well. Tell them Larry Weeks sent you.

The service department is also very good. Large, clean facilities, good mechanics, and honest, knowledgeable service advisors. They have done good, fast work for me, and are always ready and willing to answer questions and help you out even when they know you will do the work yourself.

I recommend asking for either Jason or Guy in the service dept. Both are great. Jason was my parts guy, but he moved into service in the fall, and I don't know the new evening parts guy very much yet.


Collins Nissan, Indianapolis IN

Average. Went to them for various fixes and installs over two years. The service advisers are prompt and sincere, and the parts guys are very patient.  Never got overcharged. Rates are about $45.00 an hour.  They're open Saturdays too.

Below Average.  I have had good experience with the parts department at Collins. The parts guys are knowledgeable, helpful, and they have the computer, not the fiche. I have never tried to bargain on the price, but I have the feeling that they would be open to approaching or matching mail order prices.

The service department is another story. They ignored specific instructions of mine on multiple occasions and botched obvious things, like reconnecting sway bar end links. When my 1991 NX had the engine fire, I had the car taken to Collins. Insurance couldn't do anything until the dealer gave them an estimate for the damage, and Collins sat on the car, not even opening the hood, for several weeks. I eventually had it taken from there to another shop. Personally, I do not intend to ever have a car serviced there again.

Average. Only one service event with them so far (new axle) - but they did a good job and in a timely manner. As for the parts dept., I agree with others in that they are good - very knowledgeable and helpful (ask for Carl). But their prices are still higher than someone like Courtesy (thanks to the se-r discount) so I only use them if I am in dire need of a part.

Kendrick Nissan, Lafayette IN

Below Average. My brand new Xterra crashed 1 month after purchase and we live 45 minutes from the nearest Nissan dealer. We called Kendrick Nissan for info and they told us to tow our SUV up. Once we towed it at our expense, the service manager took the vin # and promptly left, instructing my husband to "park" it somewhere. After we pushed, steered,and backed a non-running suv into a spot, the service dept. said it would give us a call. Seven days later, they called to tell us we could come get our suv. Now my suv has crashed again, only 2 months later. At 6500 miles, my suv is on its way to the same service dept. To sit for probably another 7 days. Since we live 2 hrs from the next nearest dealer, we have no choice, but I'm not looking forward to dealing with this service dept. again.

Royal Nissan, Bloomington IN

Below Average. Had a year of trouble-free service. Then they tried to cheat me out of about $60 by telling me my timing was wrong, or they weren't cheating me and are unable to figure out how to check the timing. Also, previously they had quoted me a price for sparkplug wires that was about $50 over what they really were. I passed it off as a simple mistake, but after the timing experience, I'm not so sure. Not recommend.

Tom Wood Nissan, Indianapolis IN

Below Average. Went to them to get mudflaps added-not a big job. A service advisor quoted me something like $50. I asked why and he said they need to drill holes to do it. Hmmmmm...drill holes-sounds like a future rust problem to me. I asked a mechanic who walked by what it took. He said a small screwdriver to get between the tire and wheelwell, but no drilling. I bitched up a storm and they knocked $10 off the price of the flaps, but the same labor. Needless to say I didn't have them do it. Once they pull something like this, I'll never trust them again. I took my business to Collins, even though I live 5 minutes from Tom Wood and 1/2 hour from Collins. Collins also quoted me $200 for 30k maint including tire balance. Tom Wood quoted me $375 without balance. Hmmmmmmm........

Average. I have found that the level of service you get depends on the service rep and technician that you deal with. Some of them are pretty good, while others seem to be rejects from the old Yugo dealerships. The parts department tries to be helpful, but it seems their level of expertise is not too high (quoted incorrect parts/prices).


O'Neill Nissan, Overland Park KS

Above Average. While this dealer seems to be above average, (They paid for the tow bill and all parts and labor for replacing the fuel pump on my 93 SE-R, which I didn't buy from them, which had 73,000 miles on it, and that I am not the original owner of.  I realize it was a Nissan recall, and that Nissan reimbursed them, but it was something that I did not know about and was expecting to pay about 300 dollars for the repair.)  However my car did come away with a Quarter size ding right below the roof line, that's really noticeable.  I am pretty sure it wasn't there before but not positive so I didn't say anything.  There not very enthusiastic about their cars.  They are also a Honda and Oldsmobile dealer.  They don't carry any accessories or performance parts like some other dealers.  All in all they're basically honest and thorough on their repairs, hence my rating.  If your in this area (Johnson County Ks.)  Try Olathe Nissan, they're really ENTHUSIAST!


Towne Nissan, Florence KY

Below Average. Was recommended to me by the local Z Club.   Not worthy of recommendation.  A Service Advisor swore that our cars had a hydraulic-clutch and not a clutch cable, so it couldn't be adjusted.  He even told me he believed his mechanic over what the FSM said.  They had my mom sit and wait for 1.5hrs on the car while they "looked" at it, and yet they still thought I had a hydraulic clutch, so they must not have looked too hard.  Quoted me a price of $630 for a new clutch (probably hydraulic).  I got my clutch adjusted for $20 by another dealer, and it works fine.  I called back to inform him that the normal Sentras had hydraulic clutches, not the SE-Rs, so that he wouldn't make that mistake again, and he said "So?".  That is not a place I will ever deal with again.

Below Average. My problem is both with this dealership as well as Nissan in general. I have a 96 Maxima SE with 48,000 miles. I'm looking at a clutch replacement to the tune of $540. Of course, Towne Nissan says its a "maintenance" item not covered by warranty. I'm a middle aged guy. I outgrew hot rodding and stoplight to stoplight drags years ago. There is absolutely no reason for this clutch to fail this early. As a matter of fact, we own two other vehicles with manual transmissions, a Chevy S-10 and a Suzuki Samurai, both over 80,000 miles and NO clutch problems. However, Towne Nissan assures me its MY fault, not theirs.

Bottom line is, they will get their money, I will get a new clutch, and Nissan in general, and Towne Nissan in particular, has lost my business forever. I will NOT buy another Nissan product. Maybe this is one of the reasons Nissan sales are declining. That $540 cost them a follow up sale for sure. They'll get their money and permanently lose a customer.


VOB Nissan, Rockville MD

Only one service visit, never went back. Went there to do some stuff that I couldn't do myself for the 30k tune-up, namely a fuel filter change, coolant change, and to get the B-13 fuel pump recall done. They denied me the fuel pump recall saying that "it wasn't applicable to my car." They told me I could call Nissan Consumer affairs and the service guy gave me the 1-800 number. Mind you, this is after my car was in their hands for the other service. When I called 1-800-NISSAN1, they updated the owner info(my SE-R is used and the old owner's name was still in there), then proceeded to tell me that they were somehow missing the warranty work done on my car, and then proceeded to tell me that somewhere along the line, the fuel pump recall had already been done. Unbelievable. They gave me a file number. I called VOB Nissan back and told them I got a file number, etc. The service guy got mad...go figure--who gave me the consumer affairs number in the first place. I suppose I'll never know if the fuel pump was upgraded, I'm not quite sure what to look for. Even Nissan Motors Corp., can't help me out.

Also, I had VOB Nissan install the left wheel fender/splash guard above the wheel. I already had the part from before, but didn't have the necessary screws needed. After a winter of salt, sand, etc. getting up near the battery, air filter area I decided to have someone put it on. It was here that I found out that these service guys must go through sales training. First the guy quotes me $70.00. "It's a bitch to put on, trust me, my guys always tell me how much of a pain-in-the-ass it is." I say, "Never mind...I'll just have the other stuff done." He starts mildly scolding me about the dangers of water entering the engine compartment, etc. He then says, "Tell you what, I'll do this for $50. It's my own special." This again is too much, and he says I'm sure it won't take the better part of an hour, if it turns out to be quick, I'll only charge you for that amount of time. Somehow I fell for it at the moment, it sounded good. $$cha-ching$$, next day I come in to pick up the car, total for coolant change, fuel filter change, and splash guard install comes out to $143. I could've had the whole 30k service done for just another $100. Bitched and slapped myself the whole way home. Lesson learned, eh?

Horrible, while I was having my 2 month old car serviced they rammed it with another car while pulling it into the service area.

Waldorf Nissan Jeep Eagle, Waldorf MD

Below Average In mid-August I bought a Nissan Pathfinder from the Waldorf dealership. The car began to wobble at speeds of 55 mph or higher so my wife bought it in for balancing. They balanced the tires but we had to bring it back a few weeks later because it still wobbled. We were told that they did not have the proper tool to balance the tires and I was sent to a Southern Tire to have the tires balanced. To this date the tires still wobble at speeds higher than 55 mph. Also, the running boards are rusting and we are awaiting word on whether or not they will replace them or try to paint them. This has been a very bad experience for both me and my wife.


Cole-Gilmore Nissan (Pontiac, Cadillac, too),  Kalamazoo MI

Below Average Nissan is 3rd fiddle behind Pontiac and Cadillac at this dealer (in MI, what do you expect?) so they rarely sell any Nissans.   I walked into the dealer with all knowledge necessary (price, options, color...).   They sold me a car without even knowing what they were selling. They couldn't order the correct mud-guards (3 times).  The service was atrocious.  They never did hear that noise that I pointed out on two separate occasions.  Also, they were supposed to do a warranty job on my sunroof, but they broke a small piece while working and had to keep the car all weekend causing me to miss the season ender autocross. There isn't enough time in a day to tell you how bad this dealer is.

Gezon Motors

Below Average My Nissan Altima began leaking oil badly at about 58,000 miles. My lease was up and I told the salesman about the oil leaking. He said it probably was a minor oil switch problem. Not believing it could be anything major at such low mileage I paid $12,000 and purchased the vehicle at the end of my lease. I brought the car into service at about 61,000 miles regarding the oil leak. Eventially I was told the major engine seals were leaking. The Nissan warranty covered replacement of engine seals to 60,000 miles. Gezon Motors refused to cover replacement of the seals under the warranty. Michigan law only requires that the defect be reported within a reasonable time. There is no law that states you must bring the car into service before the mileage limit is up. Gezon Motors referred me to the manufacturer's complaint department. The representatvive took the information and said someone would call me back in a few days. No one ever called. I called the complaint department again and asked to speak to a supervisor. The representative after admitting she had no authority to approve the warranty coverage refused to let me speak to a supervisor. I sent a registered letter which went unanswered.

Jeffrey Nissan, Roseville MI

Above Average This was probably my first good dealer experience in Michigan. My car would not downshift from 2nd to 1st without grinding. They assured me it would be covered under warranty. I took it in on Monday and got it back on Friday. The service manager actually knew what was going on and could answer my questions. I'll drive past two closer dealerships to go to Jeffrey Nissan again.

Key Motor Mall (Nissan),  Warren MI

Below Average two and a half hours for an oil change. not going back there.

Suburban Nissan,  Troy MI

Below Average Overall, the experiences were unpleasant. You're required to sign a document that says you will pay them for labor even if they don't find a problem. This sets up a disincentive to actually find a problem. My squeaking/crunching suspension was apparently undetectable so they charged me $40.00. In the course of their explanation I was told that if there was a problem it would not have been covered because my car "had been sideswiped" according to the "technician." Since I had purchased the car new, I knew he was wrong and it didn't matter to them. They would not return my keys without the $40 in spite of my protests of incompetence. I'll never go back.

Tamaroff Nissan,  Southfield MI

Below Average I took my '97 SE-R in for an oil change, and made it a specific point that the filter be changed. Guess what? They didn't change the filter. What am I paying for? All they gave me was a free oil change next time, and apologies, even after I told them my father works at Nissan R&D, and that I was going to post this. Needless to say, I'm not going back for anything, not even my free oil change.


Brainerd Nissan, Brainerd MN

Below Average My experience has been that parts are sold, incompletely installed and repairs not done well.   My used Nissan Sentra ran great with one scored cylinder was taking oil and had twice aluminum fouled a spark plug when I decided to repair instead of junk it (poor choice).  This dealer installed the remanufactured engine and did that poorly in failing to correctly tighten the manifolds.  That intake manifold then seeped coolant into engine.  Also grit was introduced into the fuel system past the filter which has pretty well wrecked that.  When I first returned to have the very poor operation of the new engine checked the mechanic proceeded to disconnect some of the vacuum lines and assured me it would run just a good.  Well it didn't run much longer after that.   The service stated they were not responsible for these developments which had nothing to do with their work and would be happy to be paid to repair the car.  I have no idea what is going on at that shop but I have no reason to trust them further.   This carburetor sells for over $800.00 and for some strange reason they actually get that.  There is no recourse with this dealer but to retreat.

Feldmann Nissan, Bloomington MN

Above Average Expensive, but very good.  The shop at this place is in white tile, and you could eat off of it.   Their service center is open late and on weekends.  At 5:00 on a Friday, the diagnosed, my injector problems in 5 minutes, and fixed the car while I waited (another 45 minutes, 1.5 hrs by the book, which is how they charged, but I'm not complaining in the least).  The parts department will actually let you know when parts are in, and they return calls!  They're also a Mercedes dealer, but they treat their Nissan customers every bit as well.

Above Average Excellent service department.  They fixed several problems with my 93 SE-R that the previous dealer didn't consider problems.  Like the car randomly idling at 3000+ rpm (wiring problem) and the infamous air recirculation lever breaking.  The service writers are courteous and will accompany you on a test drive if they don't understand what the problem is.  The only complaint is that they are on the expensive side, charging full book rates whether or not it took that long.  The parts department is very competent, and know the vehicles.  They special ordered a cap for the radiator overflow tank that turned out to be the wrong part.  They reordered the correct part and shipped it to me at no cost.

Wayzata Nissan, Wayzata MN

Below Average Prices are pretty good.  Salesman was the best of any I've ever dealt with.  Service is the worst.  Took them a month to diagnose the engine on my 1st Classic (Cracked head, bent valves, shattered connecting rod, cracked block, etc, should have been pretty obvious).  Took them a week to diagnose a simple short in my 2nd SE-R.  And apparently 50 miles of road testing, including the guy who blew by me in my own car while I was driving a rental.  Others have reported similar treatment of their cars and incompetence on the part of the techs.  They don't return phone calls either.

Below Average First the good points:  Their sales department is good, with sales people that actually know the cars and don't feed you too much BS.  The parts department is actually quite competent, but they don't follow through and call when special order parts come in.

Now the bad points:  Their service department stinks.  I had the car in 2 times for fuel injector failures, and both times they tried to blame me for abusing the car, which caused the failures!?!  Another dealer replaced a third injector and explained that Nissan had had a bunch of problems with them.  They tried to fix a broken air recirculation lever only to discover they didn't have the parts to fix it.  They ended up keeping the car three days until the parts came, claiming the car was undrivable.  So explain to me why the car came back with 30 more miles on it and Wendy's & Burger King bags stuffed under the seats.  Their explanation was that they needed to roadtest the car to insure that the heater was fixed.  They didn't have a clue as to why my car would occasionally idle at 3000+ rpm other than to say that I must have accidentally stepped on the gas.  I'll never use them for service again.


Perry Nissan, Columbia MO

I've heard nothing but complaints about their Chevy Dealership (next to but seperate from Nissan), yet I and other Pathfinder owners have nothing but good things to say about the service dept. I have not purchased anything from the dealership but the salespeople were moderately friendly during test drives. The Service Dept I found to be outstanding. I brought my Pathfinder in one morning to track down a peculiar squeal in the drivetrain. They drove the vehicle twice to try and track down the source but never heard it (it was intermittent before I brought it in). Nevertheless they took my word for it and looked at several possible causes they had seen in other Pathfinders. They immediately serviced the vehicle and I waited less than one hour and a half. After that, they explained what it may have been and welcomed me back if further problems occurred. Although the service may or may not have been covered in my warranty(3/36k expired but under 5/60k) they never discussed charging me. They apparently fixed the problem because it never re-occurred. They are also always happy to answer technical questions for the shadetree mechanic about their products. This is by far the best experience I've ever had with any dealership anywhere of any manufacturer.


Missoula Nissan, Missoula MT

Below Average My thoughts of the work that have been performed at this dealer are way below average. I have had my sentra and a truck worked on here and have had to take it back several times just to get the problem fixed. I feel the service department is incompetent and doesn't even have a clue. I know not too many people will ever make it up to Montana (or have even heard of it!) but I thought I'd tell you; BE WARE!