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Schroth Rallye-3 Harness

By Shell Black

straps_small.jpg (10482 bytes) Shows the shoulder pads, the color matches the interior quite well! With the Schroth kit you can still retain the OEM seatbelt for that quick drive around the corner (I just sit on top of the harness or unbuckle & fold over the seat shoulders). Once you're in the harness don't expect to be able to reach over and open the glove box!
cpillar3_small.jpg (7420 bytes) Shows that the Rallye-3 kit mounts to the existing C-Pillar (remember the discussion about our seat-backs not taking the strain of a Rallye-4 mounted at a lower angle between the rear cushions). That big plastic panel snaps off and on without too much fuss to get to the pillar mount. Instructions say not to have a passenger behind you if using the harness!
schroth3_small.jpg (10639 bytes) Best all around shot of the harness. I also purchased the shoulder pads which zipper open to fit around the belts. If you take the pads off the Schroth logo underneath looks the same on the belts as the pad. Very adjustable. I also purchased the little strap install tool (looks like a little black barbell on the end of the strap hanging out the door) - makes it easier to adjust and grab - comes in a kit with 4 bars.


Installation instructions:

Point 1: C Pillar

The big plastic panel on the C pillar will pop on and off pretty easy. Start at the top off the door edge and go across the top towards the belt opening. You don't have to pull off the whole panel. Use a 14 mm socket. Thread the Schroth belt through the existing slot and use the existing bolt. Both will fit and operate through the slot (though the Schroth instructions says NOT to have a passenger behind you when using the harness - and even enclose a little warning sticker!).

Point 2: Door side

On the door side I mounted the strap to the rear left mount where the seat hits the floor (14 mm again). I pointed the clip straight back so the OEM plastic cover would still snap on (the foot of the chair). The instructions say you can bend the clip to the desired angle (I did not). The straps are very adjustable and comes around and hit fine.
    *See Bruce Hearn's comments below

Point 3: Stick side

On the stick side I had to use a open end wrench because of the clearance with the parking brake boot prevented the use of the socket wrench. The bolt will act like it won't unscrew all the way, but it is not that it is a real deep bolt but is wedged in there and you need to leverage / pull to get it to come out (that make sense? - once unscrewed you have to pull and wiggle to get it to let go of the bolt!). 
    *See Bruce Hearn's comments below

I have both belts installed (as instructions say you can do). I just sit on the Schroth harness and use the OEM belts If I am just going around the corner, or you can pull them around the shoulders and then they are totally out of your way if you want to use the OEM belt. Don't expect to be able to reach over and open the glove box with the harness on - you're not going anywhere!

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes) Comments by Bruce Hearn

Installation took me about two hours. I worked slowly and methodically and made only one mistake.
It went pretty much as Shell wrote, with the following exceptions.

Point 2:
The left rear bolt cover doesn't fit very well unless you cut a notch in the bottom to accommodate the Schroth bracket. I didn't bother to cut it because I expect little use of the rear seat, so no one is likely to knock it loose.

Point 3:
Removing the driver's seat made things much easier. The right female receptacle is attached to the seat with TWO bolts; I don't recall Shell's write-up mentioning this. I had to remove both bolts and the bracket because the spacer behind the bracket was trapped on the bolt by a rubber washer thinly that prevented the bolt from pulling through. I couldn't see this until I had removed the seat and took off the side cover. Once I had the bolts out, I installed the Schroth bracket on the front bolt, pointing forward. This allowed the seat-belt wiring harness to pass underneath the Schroth bracket as if this were OEM design. Removing the seat also allowed me to vacuum under there REALLY well. And there was lithium grease from the seat tracks EVERYWHERE!

Lastly, as Shell mentioned, forget trying to reach the glovebox. The center dash is JUST in reach and that's it. However, my one trip so far sure felt good. I've already noticed that I'm not having to brace for turns. Yum yum! Autocross tomorrow, should be good!