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Would you like to submit a video? Send email to Mike Mager and: 1) Please try to use one of the formats used below  2) Please detail in the message the name of the file and description for it. - Thanks.

Apple Quicktime Movies (.MOVs)

You will need Apple's Quicktime player to play these movies.

NOTE: We found it much easier to just save a video to your hard disk and then play it. It prevents it from being loaded each time from the server. You can do this by pressing 'shift' while clicking on a video.


Videos from the Ultimate Streetcar Challenge 2000


Hi Res Lo Res  
5.14MB 1.57MB Sheening's 3rd Practice Lap
11.4MB 3.45MB Pit stop after 3rd Practice Lap
4.50MB 1.34MB Prep for Drag Race
9.19MB 2.75MB Drag Race
6.38MB 1.93MB 1st autocross lap
8.63MB 2.69MB 2nd autocross lap
9.11MB 2.82MB 3rd autocross lap
8.88MB 2.70MB 4th autocross lap
6.00MB 1.72MB 1st Award at ceremony
8.12MB 2.34MB Mike's speech
5.98MB 1.83MB 2nd Award at ceremony


Gordon Patterson's Videos from Bridgehampton
.MOVs .MPEGs  
1.5MB 494KB Gordon's brother kicking his butt... (Real Short!)
2.7MB   Gordon rippin' down the front stretch of... well you'll see.
3.2MB 850KB Lee's on the front straight...
2.0MB 318KB Gordon's wheels after spinning out in turn five. =(
5.3MB 1.0MB Gordon whipping around turn four... again. But faster!


Gordon Patterson's Videos from Pocono
.MOVs .MPEGs  
4.1MB 820KB Two brothers in two NX2000s. One drives in SCCA. Very cool people!
1.6MB 364KB Hey! Three wheelin' in not just for wabbits!
3.1MB 465KB NON SE-R A 240sx doing power slides.
  1.37MB South course of Pocono. Hand-held footage of Gordon following a GT3 Porsche.


Steve Ting's Drag Videos
.MOVs .MPEGs  
4.8 MB 820KB Steve vs. Gordon Patterson's modified ZTT, Nice race!
3.9 MB 694KB Steve vs. Clint Fong's modified RX7 TT, Pretty good race on my part, considering.
11.6 MB 2.3 MB Same as above, but bigger size
4.1 MB 734KB Steve vs. some 5.0 Mustang, He won, but I was RIGHT there.
5.1 MB 918KB Steve vs. Ivan Siew's 200SX SE-R, Great HKS harmony!
3.9 MB 674KB Steve vs. Ivan again at a different track, Same great notes from our exhausts.
3.9 MB 714KB Clint Fong against a Trans Am, Clint won


Miscellaneous Videos
.MOVs .MPEGs .AVIs  
7.1MB 2.3MB   Nissan's Maxima Famous Bird Commercial
  2.1MB 5.8MB Nissan's 300ZX dolls commercial
  239KB   Eric Waterman's Dyno Run
  2.9MB   Thomas Reynolds' Drag Race
  7.0MB   Ben Benavides' record-setting 11-second run at Pomona
  5.3MB   Mike Mager's 12-second run at Pomona

You must have RealPlayer to view these videos.

Pat Griffith's Videos
.RMs .MOVs  
380KB   George Perinis in his D Stock 200SX SE-R during a run at the 1998 SCCA Pro Solo2 at Virigina Motorsports Park. Good view from on top of the grandstand.
268KB   An in-car shot of Pat in his C Street Prepared Sentra SE-R at the Pro.
136KB 3.38MB Another in-car shot ... this time of Pat bracket racing in his old '92 SE-R during an import race at Maryland International Raceway.
415KB   Larry MacLeod in his D Stock 200SX SE-R on the North Course at the 1998 SCCA Nationals.
949KB   Bob Liu on the North Course in Larry's car.  Pull out your stopwatch and figure out who was faster!
732KB   Pat on the South Course (those are Mazda rotaries making all that racket in the background).
874KB   Joe Henderson three-wheeling around Fort Monroe, Va., in his D Stock Sentra SE-R.


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