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Would you like to submit a sound? Send email to Mike Mager and: 1) Please try to use .WAV format2) Please detail in the message the name of the file and description for it. - Thanks.

48KB Under the hood of Tom Paule's SE-R with the Stillen (Jim Wolf Racing) Intake "POP" Charger
46KB From the rear of Tom Paule's SE-R with the car revved to about 4500 RPM.
682KB A G20 with a turbo
356KB This was the last run I (Shell Black) made at the Texas Motorplex at Ennis during the Import Shoot-Out this summer. I made the quick eight for normally aspirated cars (number 7) but was eliminated on this run vs an Integra with a built motor (I ran a 15.098 he ran like a 14.6). The cool thing about this was it was recorded via my camcorder in cockpit ESPN style so you get to hear it from MY perspective. Notice that VTEC screaming right outside my window!
433KB Shell Black's car on the dyno
381KB Brian Ricasata's 92 SE-R going for a test run.


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