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Changing the Oil

bullet_blue.gif (891 bytes)  When to change your oil?

Every 3000 miles and you can't go wrong.

bullet_blue.gif (891 bytes)  What type of oil to use?

Nissan recommends a 5W30 weight oil.
Synthetic or Dino Oil?

bullet_blue.gif (891 bytes) How much oil?

3-5/8 quarts.
If after you drain your old oil, you can only put 3 quarts back in (instead of the specified 3 5/8 quarts), check out Jarrod Wright's detective work in the Missing Oil Syndrome

bullet_blue.gif (891 bytes)  A special note about available oil filters.

Not all oil filters are created equal, some have a special valve that keeps oil in the filter when the pressure is relived, while others don't. Why is this a big deal? Because during startup if the filter is 'dry' you have to fill it up BEFORE you get oil pressure in the rest of the engine. Nissan's OEM filter (about $4 mail order) does provide this valve while others don't.

bullet_blue.gif (891 bytes)  Where can I get my used oil analyzed for contaminants?

Blackstone Laboratories provides quick and accurate oil analysis to the Auto, Aircraft, Trucking, and Industrial Equipment Industries for state-of-the-art, cost effective, preventative maintenance.

Richard Squires says "They're fast, easy, and understandable and have great customer service."

How in the hell do you guys change this oil filter of ours?   I can't get any leverage on my filter wrench to even try to get it off.

Comments by Larry Weeks

I use a filter cap with a 3/8" T-handle (handle with drive on end which swivels 180 degrees). I work the filter cap on, get the T-handle attached, press against the cap with one hand, and turn the handle with the other. Once it loosens up enough, I spin it off by hand. I tried a U-joint with extension to a rachet, but that was too awkward. Maybe a slim flex head rachet would work better.

Comments by Julian

I've had good luck with one of those little sheets of rubber that you use to unscrew jam jars with. The filter is tightened hand tight and the filter has never leaked.

Comments by Robert Bonner

I have bought the wrench and the cap and never could get them to work. I used a hammer and a long, flat-head screwdriver. Works ever time. I whack at it off-center to the left. Obviously, you do NOT strike in the middle or you would hit the shaft in the center of the filter. I hit it at in angle which will loosen it and then, when the driver begins to penetrate, I twist from right to left and then the oil filter's grip is "broken". I then remove it by hand. It's messier because now you have a hole in the filter, but it works and I hate fumbling with those tools that don't work...