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Common Parts and Accessories

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Many thanks to Larry Weeks for his tons of parts. We had a listing for most of the common stuff, but Larry put together his list of parts that really helps to complete most of what is here. If you find something that is incorrect or that should be added, drop us a note.

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  • 200SX = 95+ 200SX SE-R
  • Sentra = 91 - 94 Sentra SE-R
  • NX2000 = NX2000

NOTE: If the year is not mentioned,
then you can assume that it was
all years of production for that car.

Body & Interior
Part Description Part # Car Price
Apron 65601-65Y00 Sentra 73.63
Base Out Mirror (rubber stump
on rear-view mirror)
96328-41L00 NX2000 3.68
Bra -Full 999N1-LF000 200SX 86.70
Bumper Cover, Front 62022-66Y85 NX2000 118.72
Bumper Cover, Rear 85022-66Y25 NX2000 150.95
Bumper Retainer, Rear 85292-61Y00 NX2000 7.79
Caps for top of flathead screws 01307-00361 Sentra, NX2000 1.18
Cargo Net   200SX 36.80
Center Console 68260-65Y10 Sentra, NX2000 55.94
Clamp, hood rod 65722-50Y00 Sentra, NX2000 4.08
Clip, carpet, trunk 01553-07801 1991 NX2000 1.75
Clip, kick-panel push-on 66916-50Y00 Sentra, NX2000 0.52
Clip, parcel shelf 79914-61Y00 1991 NX2000 2.50
Clip, washer hose 28945-30Y10 Sentra, NX2000 2.43
Corner lamp assy, front right B6120-65Y00 Sentra 34.46
Door stops inside door (top) 65823-28E00 NX2000 2.97
Energy Absorber, Front 62090-66Y00 NX2000 93.81
Escution-Cigarette Lighter Lamp 25339-79986 NX2000, Sentra 4.95
Fender, right 63112-61Y37 1991 NX2000  
Flathead interior screws 01461-08871 Sentra, NX2000 1.19
Fog Light 999F1-AA002 Sentra 34.06
Head lamp assy, front right B6010-65Y00 Sentra 90.38
Headlight, left B6060-66Y00 1991 NX2000  
Headlight bulb 26296-89908 Sentra


Hood F5100-77Y35 NX2000 250.00
Interior room lamp lens 26411-80M00 NX2000 7.71
Grill - right side defroster 68740-65Y03 Sentra, NX2000 10.32
Grill set 62310-65Y00 Sentra 93.58
Grommet, hood rod 65512-R3000 Sentra, NX2000 3.11
Marker lens, front right B6125-65Y00 Sentra 31.78
Mud Flaps 999J2-HC000 NX2000 36.76
Mud Flaps -Rear 999J2-LF001 200SX 28.00
Mud Flaps -Front 999J2-LF000 200SX 27.20
Power mirror assembly, right 96301-69Y00 1991 NX2000 93.82
Power mirror glass, right 96365-69Y00 1991 NX2000 17.19
Seatbelt buckle, right rear 88842-67Y23 1991 NX2000  
Shifter trim bezel, boot 96935-55Y01 1991 NX2000, Sentra 71.45
Side Skirt (Mudguard Center) 76853-62Y08 NX2000 150.00
Splash shield, wheelwell, right 64836-66Y00 1991 NX2000 36.45
Sunroof Wind Deflector 999M1-LF000 200SX 35.25
Trunk lock tumbler 84630-50Y01 Sentra 17.29
Windshield washer reservoir 28910-61Y00 1991 NX2000  
Wiper refill (driver's side) 28895-89903 Sentra 4.69
Wiper refill (passenger's side) 28895-89902 Sentra 4.30

Part Description Part # Car Price
Caliper Seal kit, AD22VF 41120-11L27 1991 NX2000 19.38
Caliper Seal kit, non-AD22VF 41120-40F27 200SX 19.38
Caliper Guide Pins 41140-D4401 Sentra 7.85
E-brake cable assy 36530-51Y10 Sentra 27.25
Gasket, brake line, AD22VF 46237-A4600 1991 NX2000 0.25
Hardware, front 41080-58Y26 Sentra 14.94
Hardware, rear 44080-58Y25 Sentra 15.19
Pads, front 41060-0M892 200SX 34.99
Pads, front 41060-58Y85 Sentra 34.99
Pads, rear 44060-0M890 200SX 38.50
Pads, rear 44060-58Y85 Sentra 31.60
Rotors, front, non-AD22VF 40206-0M801 200SX 59.73
Rotors, rear 43206-58Y01 1991 NX2000, Sentra 58.39
Reman. Rear Brake Caliper 44011-58Y00 Sentra 214.70
Shim kit, AD22VF 41080-54C26 1991 NX2000 17.54
Shim kit, non AD22VF 41080-0M026 200SX 17.54
Shim kit, rear 44080-58Y25 1991 NX2000, Sentra 17.54
Shim kit, rear 44080-0M825 200SX 17.54

Chassis, Mounts
Part Description Part # Car Price
Engine buffer, front 11350-50Y00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 27.44
Front Insulator (Driver side motor mount) 11220-58Y00 NX2000, Sentra 22.00
Front Insulator (Passenger side motor mount) 11210-0M800 NX2000, Sentra 54.64
Rear Insulator (rear motor mount) 11320-0M002 NX2000, Sentra 41.59
Sleeve, center support bolt 11249-50Y00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.76
Bolt, center support 01125-01911 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.95

Engine, SR20DE
Part Description Part # Car Price
Air filter 16546-V0110 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX 7.31
Air filter (K&N dropin) 33-2031-1 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX 43.54
Alternator 23100-64J1R Sentra 137.46
Belt, alternator 11920-77A00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 8.21
Belt, compressor 11920-53J20 1991 NX2000, Sentra 10.95
Belt, power steering 11950-53J00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 8.21
Bolt, engine-to-trans, lower 01121-05061 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.67
Bolt, engine-to-trans, lower 08121-0351E 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.94
Cylinder Head Gasket 11044-79E03 200SX 39.32
Distributor Cap 22162-53J00 Sentra 16.87
EGR valve 14710-M7301 Sentra 146.00
Engine overhaul gasket set 10101-0M725 200SX 146.73
Gasket, EGR Valve 14719-W0402 Sentra 6.37
Gasket, oil pan plug 11026-01M02 Sentra 0.50
Gasket, spark plug, valve cover 13271-53J02 1991 NX2000, Sentra 1.29
Gasket, timing chain tensioner 13079-2J200 1991 NX2000, Sentra 4.09
Gasket, throttle body 16175-79S70 200SX 2.53
Gasket, valve cover, center 13270-53J13 1991 NX2000, Sentra 1.29
Gasket, valve cover 13270-53J05 1991 NX2000, Sentra 11.55
Motor mount, front (dogbone) 11350-50Y00 1991 Sentra 25.12
Motor mount, front (liquid filled) 11210-64J07 G20 56.00
Motor mount, rear 11320-64J00 G20 35.00
Mount, front crossmember 11271-50J01 G20 44.00
Mount, manual transmission 11220-62J02 G20 58.00
O-ring at firewall 92477-N8200 Sentra  
Oil filter 15208-53J00 NX2000, Sentra 3.94
Oil filter (Smaller in height) 15208-65F00 200SX 5.06
PCV valve 11810-79E01 1991 NX2000, Sentra 5.62
PCV valve 11810-79E00 NX2000, Sentra 5.62
PCV valve 11810-60J00 200SX 6.75
Rocker Valve 13257-53J03 98+ Sentra SE 19.17
Timing chain tensioner 13070-2J200 1991 NX2000, Sentra 27.43
Timing chain 13028-53J03 200SX 49.14
Washer, oil drain plug 11026-01M02 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.55

Part Description Part # Car Price
Exhaust pipe 20030-58Y00 Sentra 143.04
Gasket, catalytic convertor 20692-65J00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 5.22
Gasket, exhaust 20691-51E01 Sentra 1.92
Gasket, manifold 14036-53J00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 10.00
Hanger, catalytic convertor 20722-50Y00 1991 NX2000 7.69
Muffler 20100-58Y01 Sentra 108.73
NISMO/Borla muffler 99996-11405 Sentra 275.00
Nut, manifold 08912-8401A 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.53
Washer, manifold 14037-42L02 1991 NX2000 0.91

Part Description Part # Car Price
A/C evaporator 27280-62C60 1991 NX2000  
Blower box 27200-65Y01 1991 NX2000  
Blower resistor 27150-62J01 Sentra, NX2000 14.02
Heating/cooling console 27510-65Y01 1991 NX2000  
O-rings on coolant lines 92472-N8200 Sentra  
Ventilation Control Unit 27515-65Y01 NX2000, Sentra 66.32

Ignition, Fuel System
Part Description Part # Car Price
Alternator, rebuilt ;Nissan 23100-64J10R 1991 NX2000 158.73
Battery 999M1-NB35C 200SX 61.44
Battery Tray 24428-Q5200 NX2000  
Distributor cap 22162-0M810 200SX 10.12
Distributor cap 22162-53J00 NX2000, Sentra 16.87
Distributor rotor 22157-54C01 1991 NX2000, Sentra 8.94
Distributor rotor 22157-0M810 200SX 6.69
Fuel filter 16400-41B00 NX2000, Sentra 9.85
Fuel filter 16400-0M200 200SX 9.85
Fuel injector 16600-10Y00 200SX 85.67
Fuel pump 17042-Q5601 Sentra 126.46
Fuel pump 17042-4B000 200SX 85.61
Gas cap 17251-4B00 200SX 5.23
Ignition Rotor 22157-54C01 Sentra 8.94
Oxygen Sensor 22690-64Y12 NX2000, Sentra 49.37
Spark plugs - Platium NGK PFR5B-11 22401-27N65 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX 7.87
Spark plugs - Platium NGK PFR6B-11 22401-27N66 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX 7.87
Spark Plugs - Platium NGK PFR7B-11 22401-27N67 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX 7.87
Spark Plugs - BKR5E 22401-20J05 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX 1.50
Spark Plugs - BKR6E 22401-20J06 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX 1.50
Spark Plugs - BKR7E 22401-20J07 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX 1.50
Spark plug wires 22440-0M715 200SX 41.50
Spark plug wires 22450-0E586 NX2000, Sentra 41.50

Radiator & Cooling System
Part Description Part # Car Price
Nismo Radiator 21410-63COO NX2000, SE-R, 200SX 340.00
Radiator mount, upper 21543-61Y00 1991 NX2000, SE-R 4.77
Radiator Cap 21430-01F02 200SX 6.64
Upper Radiator Hose 21501-58Y01 1991 Sentra 7.49
Lower Radiator Hose 21503-64Y00 1991 Sentra 11.24
Upper Radiator Hose 21501-Q5600 200SX 4.07
Lower Radiator Hoses 21503-4B400 200SX 5.54
Thermostat 21200-53J00 Sentra, 200SX 7.20
Water pump 21010-53J00 200SX 44.23

Suspension, Driveline
Part Description Part # Car Price
Axle nut 08911-6521A 1991 NX2000, SE-R 2.05
Bumper rubber, front strut 54052-52Y11 1991 Sentra 13.75
Bumper rubber, rear strut 55240-50Y00 1991 Sentra 14.53
Bushing, stabilizer bar 56112-50Y00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 3.56
Bushing, stabilizer bar 56112-58Y00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 3.04
CV boot repair kit 39241-53J27 Sentra 25.10
Gasket, front strut 54329-50Y00 1991 Sentra 7.87
Hub assembly (right front) 40202-0M010 200SX 124.56
Nut, stabilizer bar, lower 08912-34010 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.34
Nut, stabilizer bar, upper 08912-8401A 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.53
Rear Parallel Link (left front) 55121-50Y10 Sentra 47.00
Rubber Boot/bump stop (Front shocks) 54052-0M011 200SX 14.10
Rubber spring seat, upper 55040-D0100 1991 Sentra 6.26
Rubber spring seat, lower 55036-50A00 1991 Sentra 5.11
Stabilizer bar link 54618-D5010 1991 NX2000, Sentra 11.63
Steering knuckle (spindle) (right) 40014-0M000 200SX 299.87
Shock - Front Left 54302-4B426 200SX 61.07
Shock - Front Right 54303-4B426 200SX 61.07
Shock - Rear (L & R) 56210-4B425 200SX 28.80
Strut assembly (right front) 54302-4B426 200SX 124.81
Strut bumper rubber, front 54052-52Y11 Sentra 13.75
Strut bumper rubber, rear 55240-50Y00 Sentra 14.53
Strut mounting insulator, front 54320-50Y11 1991 Sentra 18.10
Strut mounting insulator, rear 55320-50Y10 1991 Sentra 26.23
Upper seat (front) 54322-0M000 Sentra 5.87
Upper spring seat (front) 54329-16A00 1991 Sentra 9.79
Upper spring seat (rear) 55264-50Y00 1991 Sentra 13.72
Washer, stabilizer bar 56113-50Y00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.98
Wheel bearing (right front) 40210-50Y00 200SX 66.58
Wheel bearing grease seal(front ) 40232-50Y10 200SX 3.67
Wheel bearing dust seal (front) 40227-50Y11 200SX 4.32

Transmission, RS32V
Part Description Part # Car Price
Axle Seal (Driver's side) 38342-31X01 G20 5.04
Axle Seal (Passenger's side) 38342-31X00 G20 3.49
Bushing, input shaft 32202-B9500 1991 NX2000, Sentra 4.39
Cable, clutch 30770-62J01 G20 23.78
Cable, clutch 30770-64Y01 1991 NX2000, Sentra 18.22
Cable, clutch 30770-1M800 200SX 28.04
Cable, speedometer 25050-65Y02 1991 NX2000, Sentra 14.51
Clip, release bearing 30506-M8002 1991 NX2000, Sentra, G20 2.67
Clutch disc 30100-53J14 NX2000, Sentra, 200SX, G20 60.58
Drain plug, transaxle 32103-01A01 1991 NX2000, Sentra 3.85
Input gear, 5th
replaces 32310-53A00
32310-53A11 1991 NX2000, Sentra 107.46
O-ring, case cover 32136-50J00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 2.54
O-ring, check sleeve 32182-M8000 1991 NX2000, Sentra 1.57
Oil seal, differential, left 38342-31X01 1991 NX2000, Sentra 6.14
Oil seal, differential, right 38342-31X02 1991 NX2000, Sentra 3.91
Oil seal, input shaft 32113-M8000 1991 NX2000, Sentra 3.37
Oil seal, striking rod 32858-M8001 1991 NX2000, Sentra 5.29
Pressure Plate assembly 30210-53J19 200SX, G20 76.38
Release bearing 30502-53J01 NX2000, Sentra,200SX 20.48
Retaining pin, striking rod 32917-M3000 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.85
Sensor, neutral 32006-51J00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 9.66
Sensor, reverse 32005-70E00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 14.48
Shift fork, 5th 32819-50J00 1991 NX2000, Sentra 26.59
Shift fork, cap 32886-M8001 1991 NX2000, Sentra 1.14
Synchronizer, 5th, baulk ring 32607-M8011 1991 NX2000, Sentra 22.85
Synchronizer, 5th, coupling sleeve & hub 32610-M8012 1991 NX2000, Sentra 50.98
Synchronizer, 5th, insert spring 32603-18000 1991 NX2000, Sentra 0.52
Synchronizer, 5th, insert 32609-M8001 1991 NX2000, Sentra 1.48
Throwout bearing 30502-53J01 G20 22.20

Part Description Part # Car Price
Bolt-Hub (Lugnut Stud that the lugnut screws onto - front) 43222-70T00 200SX 1.35
Bolt-Hub (Lugnut Stud that the lugnut screws onto - rear) 43222-41B00 200SX 2.16
Center Caps - Alloy Rims (silver plastic) 40315-51C00 Sentra 16.93
Center Caps - Steel Wheels (black plastic) 40343-50Y10 Sentra, 200SX 5.93
Nut-Road Wheel (Lug nut) 40224-V5510 200SX 2.48
Wheel (w/o center cap for 200SX SE-R) 40300-0M810 200SX 126.95
Wheel rim 40300-51C26 Sentra 230.45
Wheel Locks 999H1-A7003 200SX 17.56

Part Description Part # Car Price
Clip, trim, push pin type (holds ECU trim cover) 63848-01G00 1991 NX2000 1.33
Cover-Cowl Top (grill under wiper blade) 66863-61Y21 NX2000 24.00
Door Panel Handle Trim (Lower Left) 80945-61Y00 NX2000  
Driver Side Control Panel (Armrest) 80961-1M801 200SX 11.34
Hatchback Strut (R) 90450-61Y10 NX2000 56.03
Hatchback Strut (L) 90451-61Y10 NX2000 56.03
Rubber Sealing (along hood, above lights & grill) 65810-50Y20 Sentra 19.59
Spare Tire bolt 74810-01A00 NX2000 7.95
Wiper Arm (Left) 28881-65Y00 NX2000 16.25
Wiper Arm (Right) 28886-65Y05 NX2000 16.25

Updated Monday, October 30, 2000