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Interested in what others have done / are doing to their SR20DEs? Here you'll find information and pictures of various cars that have undergone (or are undergoing) transformations from their original form. If you'd like to add a link to your own project car, e-mail the Project Cars Editor.


flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  George Roffe's '91 Sentra SE-R - Chronicling the acquisition of a spare SR20DE engine, the disassembly, the build up to a 200 bhp monster, and installation into his 1991 SE-R, also known as "The Beast".

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Matt DeHaven's '92 Sentra SE-R - Chronological record of Matt's turbo install. Includes pictures and how-to's.

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Ryan Besterwitch's (was Searl Tate's) '95 200SX SE-R - Project Ultimate SE-R. Pictures of the F-Max prototype turbo kit and some turbo theory by Mike Kojima.

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Antony Lawrence's '93.5 G20 - Lots of info on the building up of an automatic turbocharged G20.

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Charles Johnson's SR20DE-powered B12 - Follow Charles' progress as his B12 ( Project Car) gets a heart transplant!

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Joe Ippolito's '96 200SX SE-R - Lots of pics of Joe's SR20DET swap. Install notes coming soon.

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Project SR20DETruck - A '95 Nissan truck gets the mother of all transplants!

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Ralph Melendez Sr20DET Swap page - Lots of pictures and install notes for putting the SR20DET into an S13 240SX.


flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Sport Compact Car's Project 200SX SE-R

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Sport Compact Car's Project Sentra SE-R

flag_check.gif (104 bytes)  Turbo Magazine's Project Sentra SE-R