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Matt DeHaven's Turbo Sentra SE-R Project


I Have Always wanted a Turbo car. At first i was going to get a Talon TSi AWD but for one thing the insurance is a little high on a Turbo car. Exp. with a Teen Driver, 2 Wrecks =( . then i got the Sentra SE-R in Sep. of 96 and now i have moded the car with NA parts but still looking for more power. These parts did give more power but not what i was wanting, so i have made the decision to add a turbo. I am going to add it step by step, i wish i could just get it all and put it in tonight but i don't have all that money.

This setup with stock compression i should be able to get about 225 - 235 HP not to bad for just starting off

the next step would be the compression which then i could get about 250 - 260 HP now that sounds Better =)

then after that New Injectors, fuel pump, TB, MAF, I could get what a Great deal of HP. =) the Bigger the Turbo the higher amount of HP =) (that's what i like to hear)

Parts Ordered From:

Jim Wolf Tech Courtesy Nissan Gray's Auto Foreign Parts JEG'S Pettersen Motorsports


    Starting off VERY VERY slow, called JWT and got all the info that i needed, and Hoping to order the JWT ECU with out the Turbo program by 5-28-97 would get it before then but have to graduate on the 23ed. the ECU will make a Big improvement because i am maxed out on the Injectors now, which can only take 175 HP the ecu will turn up the injectors and raise the Rev limiter.


    Was losing the idea of Turbo. but got the new Street Power which has Info on Turbo. I Hope to Order the JWT ECU without the Turbo Program on 5-27-97 and also go look for a 300ZX TT in a Junk yard and get the Injectors and Intercooler, but will have to sit for Some Time =( .


    I got the ECU in my car Now, really Like it, but it is not a turbo. I now have to get new Breaks I think that AutoCross really Killed them. I am planing on getting the Axxis Pads. i also have been trying to plan out how i am going to get it all in my car, i am going to try to mount the Intercooler at the bottom of the motor, were there is a space. When i get the Interecooler i am going to try to get it there, but i had no luck finding the Q45 or the 300zx tt injectors.


    Not to sure what the Date was But on the List i was told about a Comp. that Did turbos for the 91-94 SE-R's and other SR20DE motors, this is the first i found . I am going to give them a call here soon and see what it will cost for some of there parts, they have 3 Kits, the first 2 kits don't use new ECUs so all i want is the intercooler, piping forsure and not sure what else, i am still wanting to get the Manifold kit from JWT, and find a good Turbo. i will give them a call on 6-16-97 and see what they say. hope its good!


    Well now, I want a new Muffler so this is going to put a little hold on the Turbo. I am going to go with the Greddy System. As for the place that i was going to get the Piping and all, NO GO =( they don't want to Sell it in Parts, so i am thinking about Not useing a Intercooler for now, and just try to get the Turbo on.


    WoW, Long Time since last update. Well i have talked to more People and get more info, like the T3/04 Turbo that i want to do now, which will give me more HP! i am just Working alot now, have have a Few things lined up and get the Turbo on. Can't WAIT!


Got the Conquest intercooler today. took my Metal bumper to a friend and get about 2.5 feet cut out of it. I installed the Intercooler to see if it will fit. Fits Great.


Ordered a Boost gauge and Kit to Move the Battery to the Back. i think on monday i am going to order the Manifold, downpipe and the Gaskets for Courtesy Nissan!


Ordered the Manifold and Downpipe and all the gaskets. and i got the injectors.It looks like it is all falling together now!


All the Parts are in now, But the guy with the Turbo has to wait for his new turbo. This Gave me time to port and polish the Manifold and downpipe, I was also able to install the remote battery kit, this really opens up a lot of room under the hood.


Worked on the Turbo during Thanksgiving, and was done with it all on the Saturday after. took it to the muffler shop today and got all the Pipes done. I NOW HAVE BOOST!

How To Install a Turbo and Info!

Parts and Prices Used!

Pictures of the Turbo SE-R

Yes i know this Looks like Juilin Hung page but i really like how it is! =)