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200SX SE-R

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Changes in the 200SX SE-R since '95
'95-'97 200SX SE-R Features & Specs
'98 200SX SE-R Features & Specs.
The Stillen 200SX SE-R from Motor Trend Magazine
Edmund's Review of the '97 200SX SE-R

Sport Compact Car

Project 200SX SE-R
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) June '97 - Street Survival in the '90s.
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) July '97 - Part II: The process of making more power with an OBD-II equipped engine.
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) August '97 - In part three,  we go looking for huge power increases without upsetting the sensitive OBD-II system.  For this tall order there really is only one answer: nitrous oxide. In fact, the new nitrous system makes so much power, it nearly ripped the engine out of the car, forcing us to try a stronger clutch and engine mounts.
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) November '97 - We take a breather from high-horsepower to tweak our factory audio system.
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) December '97 -
With massive power, handling and braking under our belt, we temporarily turn our sights to the car show side of our all-around performer..
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) January '98 - We dial in our suspension and braking systems, and then go all-out with a Ground Control suspension.
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) February '98 - The quest for clean power takes us to the cylinder head.  Join us as we take a look at the art of head porting, and take our head to DPR to watch an artist at work.
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) April '98 -
In part eight of our SE-R project, we try an array of fine-tuning tricks in the search for hidden horsepower..
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) June '98 - Time to get serious. In part nine of our series, we go inside the engine in a last grab for power.
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) July '98 - Building the bottom end, part II.
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) November '98 - Chasing the Type R

bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) November '98 - Spreadsheet Bench Racing

Miscellaneous Articles
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) October '96 - Stillen's Project GTR
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) February '99 - Building the Ultimate SE-R