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Slotting the Struts

By Ken Pratte

Slotting the strut allows you to adjust the camber setting on the wheel. So if this is a crude drawing of the strut intersecting the wheel, you slot the strut where the arrow is. The top of the strut usually has four bolts holding it into the car. The bottom of the strut usually has one or two bolts attaching to the somewhat square bracket on the strut. The bolts run along the horizontal axis parallel to the ground. The idea is to put a slot with some arc to it so that the suspension is allowed to pivot on the strut, thus giving you a camber setting.

Camber -> in and out of the wheel (vertical)

Toe -> side to side of the wheel (horizontal)

   \  {}
    \ {}
--> []{}

The slot would start towards the top right side of the [] and would go to the bottom left side with a little arc..