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Camber Plates

What are camber plates?

Comments by Mike Mager

If you open your hood and look at the strut mounts on the top of the wheel wells, you'll see a bolt which holds the struts in place. The plates that are holding the struts there are replaced with adjustable camber plates, which allow for adjustment of the strut itself. Bad ASCII art to follow (looking down onto strut tower):

	  ______			  ______	
	 /      \			 /      \
	|   __	 |			| ______ |
	|  |__|  |			||______||
	|	 |			|	 |
	 \_____ / 			 \_____ /
	Stock				Stillen	
	Bolt is stuck			Bolt can be adjusted <-->

They basically allow for the camber to be adjusted, stopping excessive tire wear that occurs after lowering the car. They're also used when autoxing, since negative (?) camber is desirable. They're blue, they're expensive, but I think they're worth it.

They are available from Stillen