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Texas Rally VI

By Shell Black

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes) Click here to visit SERCA's Texas Rally VI page.

An overcast day kept temperatures down for a very enjoyable Rally. Just over 20 cars showed up including four DET transplants. Vince delivered parts from Courtesy Nissan and away people went to work. Suspension Technique Sway Bars, HotShot headers, valve cover seals, and Courtesy short shifters were among the projects carried out during the day. The day started with breakfast at 8:30 am at Kerby's Café and ended with a 7:30 pm dusk caravan through the hills of Austin to Rudy's Barbecue for some Texas style eating.

200det_small.jpg (9200 bytes) Super clean install of a Bluebird DET (no scoop)
autose-r_small.jpg (7219 bytes) An AUTOMATIC Classic SE-R. I never knew such a thing existed!
Det001_small.jpg (5950 bytes) Texas Turbo "001" - Mike G's car is now owned by John of SE-Rious Performance
hernandez_small.jpg (6931 bytes) Mark Hernandez's Classic - soon to swap his Stillen for a Hotshot header.
jody&jeff_small.jpg (6339 bytes) Jody takes "King" Jeff for a ride in the DET
jodyDET_small.jpg (8363 bytes) Jody's DET transplant (see SE-R Skunkworks)
jodyvalvecover_small.jpg (7857 bytes) Jody Misenheimer replaces the seal on the valve cover as George Roeffe looks on.
lineup_small.jpg (5562 bytes) 20 SE-Rs on display at Reigning Performance in Austin TX
lineup2_small.jpg (5444 bytes) What? A 300ZX!? Oh, that is Vince from Courtesy Nissan who delivered orders to awaiting rally-ers.
newton_small.jpg (7836 bytes) Drew Newton's 200SX SE-R. Love the wheels, thank goodness he finally switched out that STB!
nisnaks_small.jpg (7196 bytes) NisNacks projector headlights on a nicely appointed 200SX SE-R
scoop!_small.jpg (9228 bytes) Jeff "King" Naeyart by his GTiR transplant & the "original" ghetto scoop!
scoop2_small.jpg (5122 bytes) Jody Misenheimer's attempt at "scoop-tech" engineering.
scoop3_small.jpg (3514 bytes) John with SE-Rious Performance's "scoop."