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2-Man San Diego Rally

Text by Mike Mager
Photos by Mike Mager and Aaron Lebeau

OK, so we're not as cool as those Texas guys, who seem to have a huge Rally every 3 weeks. As a matter of fact, I'm not too sure you should call it a rally. It was more along the lines of a Day - Where - There - Was - Nothing - Else - To - Do - But - Shine - Your - Car - And - Take - Some - Pictures. Here are the results.

Aaron's '93 Sentra SE-R

sentra1_small.jpg (6624 bytes) sentra2_small.jpg (6132 bytes) sentra3_small.jpg (6482 bytes) sntra_small.jpg (6476 bytes)

Mike's '96 200SX SE-R

200_small.jpg (6015 bytes)

A couple of clean SE-Rs

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Hey! Your headlights are on!

hdligh_small.jpg (4710 bytes) hdligh2_small.jpg (5780 bytes)

Action shots (Mike needs to learn how to use a camera)

cornr_small.jpg (4949 bytes) crnr3_small.jpg (3347 bytes) crnr4_small.jpg (4914 bytes) crnr5_small.jpg (3208 bytes)