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Sponsored By: 76 Gasoline, Alpine, Blackstone Labs, Courtesy Nissan, DPR, Engergy Suspension, eRAM, Focal Wheels, Group 5 Motorsports, Hotshot Systems, JWT, JUN, Mother's Wax, NisKnacks, NU Tech, Place Racing, Progress, Suspension Techniques, Strano's, TSW, Unorthodox Racing

best200kojima_small.jpg (7496 bytes) Mike Kojima's award-winning 200SX SE-R. Mike took home the Best 200SX trophy.
kojima1_small.jpg (7775 bytes) Mike's sorta-clean engine bay :)
kojima2_small.jpg (5946 bytes) Big 18"s look great on 200SXs!
bluewhitenx_small.jpg (6219 bytes) A couple of NX2000s
wildnx_small.jpg (6453 bytes) Donalds wild NX that was featured in Turbo Magazine
bluenx_small.jpg (6327 bytes) Donald's interior
interior_small.jpg (6710 bytes) Donald's interior, a bit closer
GCG20_small.jpg (6486 bytes) Ground Control '99 G20t - looks nice!
justinbestshow_small.jpg (5679 bytes) Justin Choi's classic with 240SX headlight conversion. Justin took home the Best of Show trophy.
justininterior_small.jpg (6263 bytes) Justin's interior
nxinterior_small.jpg (6198 bytes) Interior of Chris Pinthong's NX2000
shell2_small.jpg (6894 bytes) Shell Black's super-clean classic. Shell won Best Classic.
shellser_small.jpg (6820 bytes) Shell's car again
turbo200_small.jpg (6729 bytes) Chris "Shaggy" Allen's GTI-R powered 200SX SE-R. Note the custom front bumper work for improved intercooler airflow :)
blown3rdgear_small.jpg (6988 bytes) Here's what happens to 3rd gear with a high-powered SE-R.
turbo4dr2_small.jpg (6685 bytes) Jeremy Graas' Sentra XE...
turbo4dr_small.jpg (7706 bytes) ...with an F-Max-powered SR20DET!
turboser_small.jpg (6997 bytes) Emond Ling's turbo classic
unknownser2_small.jpg (7257 bytes) Carrie Capurro's super-clean classic
unknown1_small.jpg (6007 bytes) Unknown classic
unknown2_small.jpg (6656 bytes) Unknown's classic interior
unknown3_small.jpg (4968 bytes) Another unknown classic. Do those stripes remind you of anything?
200gtr_small.jpg (4731 bytes) 200SX with Stillen's GTR body kit. Notice the Civic taillights!
16ltrsentra_small.jpg (7575 bytes) Several 1.6-powered cars were on display, as well. Here's one.
homemadeguages_small.jpg (5092 bytes) A set of custom white-face guages.
videoser_small.jpg (6188 bytes) This guy can watch SpeedVision while driving!
lotsopeople_small.jpg (4459 bytes) Picture of lots of cars and lots of people
organizers_small.jpg (5749 bytes) Some of the organizers of the event - Mike Mager, Emond Ling, and Sharon Kojima.
Vendorbooth_small.jpg (7500 bytes) Here you can see the prizes for the Raffle laid out as several of the organizers guard them with their lives.

If you have pictures from the convention that you'd like posted here, send them to Mike Mager.