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Welcome to the National SE-R Convention page!

Sponsored By: JWT, JUN, Stillen, DPR, Place Racing, Motul, Stranos, Nissan Motor Corp, Puente Hills Nissan, Performance Nissan, Apexi, Zoom, Eibach, Hotshot, SMC Products


poster2.jpg (53484 bytes) The Cars

The Turbos

The People

The Vendors



The Cars
Cars came and went throughout the day, and we got some photos of 'em. If you recognize one of the unidentified cars, let Mike Mager know.

aldwin1_small.jpg (8545 bytes) Aldwin's Sentra SE-R
sentra4_small.jpg (7887 bytes) Alvin's Sentra SE-R
justin1_small.jpg (7996 bytes) Justin Choi's Sentra SE-R
sentra1_small.jpg (6397 bytes) Steve Chow's Sentra SE-R
kojima1_small.jpg (9402 bytes) Mike Kojima's award-winning 200SX SE-R engine bay
kojima2_small.jpg (8370 bytes) Mike Kojima's 200SX SE-R
phil1_small.jpg (8133 bytes) Philip Klotz's Sentra SE-R. Nice PIAA driving lights!
mager1_small.jpg (9180 bytes) Mike Mager's 200SX SE-R
sentra2_small.jpg (8108 bytes) Jeff Oleksow's Sentra SE-R
george1_small.jpg (7889 bytes) George Peters' Sentra SE-R. Cool Saturn wheels, huh?
george2_small.jpg (8353 bytes) George shows how a HOTSHOT sticker and a little creativity can really add some spice to the engine bay.
john1_small.jpg (9095 bytes) John Spangler's 200SX SE-R
john2_small.jpg (6793 bytes) John Spangler's 200SX SE-R
sentra5_small.jpg (6785 bytes) Terry Vincent's Sentra SE-R. Cool license plate...
sentra3_small.jpg (8055 bytes) Tevs Yen's Sentra SE-R
200sx1_small.jpg (8444 bytes) Unidentified 200SX SE-R
cars1_small.jpg (7813 bytes) From left to right: Jeff Oleksow's Sentra SE-R, Mike Mager's 200SX SE-R, Chris Parker's Sentra E with the GTi-R SR20DET, and David Graas' Sentra SE-R with an SR20DET.
cars2_small.jpg (7032 bytes) From left to right: Unidentified 200SX, Justin Choi's Sentra SE-R, and Bob Seeckts' Sentra SE-R.

The Turbos
There were more turbos than you could shake a stick at this year: 4 Sentras, a 200SX, and an NX2000.

david1_small.jpg (8465 bytes) David Graas' SR20DET.
zak1_small.jpg (7918 bytes) Zak Nillson's Turbo NX2000
chris1_small.jpg (8153 bytes) Chris Parker's Sentra E with an SR20DET from a Pulsar GTi-R. The bit of sunlight shining on the motor is coming through the large, intercooler-sized hole in his hood!
tom1_small.jpg (8512 bytes) Tom Paule's Turbo Sentra SE-R
tom2_small.jpg Tom Paule's Turbo Sentra SE-R
searl1_small.jpg (8307 bytes) Searl Tate's Turbo 200SX SE-R
searl2_small.jpg (8319 bytes) Searl Tate's Turbo 200SX SE-R. This thing puts out about 250 hp at the wheels at only 10psi. As soon as he builds up the bottom end, he'll up the boost to 17psi. Can you say 450 crank hp?
ron1_small.jpg (7290 bytes) Ron Vasquez's Turbo Sentra SE-R
ron2_small.jpg (8573 bytes) Ron Vasquez's Turbo Sentra SE-R

The People
It was really cool to see all the people who showed up, some who were not even SE-R owners (a few Honda drivers come to mind :) A good time was had by all as we talked cars and ate Subway subs. Thanks again to those who planned such a great event!

tents_small.jpg (7150 bytes) Emond and Jarod manned the Registration desk. DPR was kind enough to loan us the tent, as well as donate several gift certificates for the raffle.
emond1_small.jpg (6639 bytes) Smile Emond!
chillin1_small.jpg (8049 bytes) Sheening Lin, Jared Holstein, Tom Paule, and a couple other people enjoying the shade.
chillin2_small.jpg (8241 bytes) They were supposed to wave...
consult1_small.jpg (8655 bytes) Mike Kojima diagnoses an SE-R while Ed Wolff and George Roffe look on.
consult2_small.jpg (8749 bytes) After diagnosing comes tuning!
group1_small.jpg (8493 bytes) Mike explains in great detail exactly how the hat he's wearing shields the skin from the dangerous UV rays.
police1_small.jpg (7377 bytes) "No officer, it must've been some other cars racing up and down the street. We wouldn't do anything like that!" Mike explained. Chris Allen listens in so he knows what to do the next time he gets pulled over :)

The Vendors
The event couldn't have been possible without the generosity of all the vendors. It was great to meet those that came out, and quite a few people walked off with nice new goodies for their car!

jun1_small.jpg (7972 bytes) JUN was there with two representatives to show off all their cool stuff. They even donated two lightened flywheels and a set of timing gears to the raffle!
place_racing_small.jpg (8709 bytes) Place Racing was there with their Cool-Air Intakes, a few of which were donated as prizes for the raffle.
nismo_small.jpg (4405 bytes) An interesting NISMO badge


If you have pictures from the convention that you'd like posted here, send them to Mike Mager.