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Long Island Meet '98

Click on the picture on the left to see a larger version of it.

limeet1_small.jpg (10713 bytes) Group photo
limeet2_small.jpg (11338 bytes) Group shot of the owners...only 17 of the 32....
limeet3_small.jpg (10750 bytes) A row of MODDED SE-Rs
limeet4_small.jpg (11965 bytes) Rows of SE-Rs
limeet5_small.jpg (13016 bytes) The giveaways!!!!!!
brian_small.jpg (12730 bytes) Brian Changs 91 Classic "show car"
brian1_small.jpg (14767 bytes) Brian Changs 91 Classic "show car"
chuck1_small.jpg (12820 bytes) Chuck Nibbana's awesome 96 200SX, won the Stillen Strut Brace!
chuck2_small.jpg (16495 bytes) Chucks Polished engine block, tranny and everything else!!!!
limeet6_small.jpg (11393 bytes) Aaron Shea's 91 Silver Classic...Everyone putting faces with e-mail addresses...
limeet7_small.jpg (11638 bytes) There just had to be a Toyota in there! He is OUT NUMBERED!!!
limeet8_small.jpg (10839 bytes) Wave to the camera...and put that shirt back on!!!
limeet9_small.jpg (15956 bytes) Ralphy's really nice leather!!!
limeet10_small.jpg (16416 bytes) Check out Ralphy's wood dash kit...
limeet11_small.jpg (14683 bytes) This is Lee Koloszyc's 91 NX2K with an auto tranny
limeet13_small.jpg (9585 bytes) This is a group shot from the left...17 of 32 cars
limeet14_small.jpg (13747 bytes) Ralphy on the left and Rob Smith and his sister Sharon on the right.
image01_small.jpg (7583 bytes) Rob Szczepanski's engine bay
image02_small.jpg (8076 bytes) Karl Vordemeier's 95 200SX
image04_small.jpg (5331 bytes) Karl Vordemeier's 95 200SX
image09_small.jpg (5684 bytes) A few sweet-looking SR20DEs!
image10_small.jpg (6569 bytes) Chuck Nibbana's wheels
image12_small.jpg (7276 bytes) Could this be the dirtiest SR20DE in history?