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A/C Switch Replacement

By Marc Hernandez

Models: Classics, NX's probably.
Need: New Blower Switch, Phillips screwdriver, small blade screwdriver for catch.

Despite all the unscrewing, takes 10-15 minutes to fix.

  • Unscrew 4 screws from the center console; two under the vents above the radio, two behind the ashtray and under the cig lighter. 
  • Slide the stick cover backwards and up to release it. 
  • Pull the console away from the dash carefully.
  • Unhook the three switches (Fog lights, hazard, rear defrost) from their respective harnesses. 
  • Unhook the cig lighter plugs.  If you're careful, you should be able to rotate the whole thing 180 degrees counter-clockwise and not have to unhook the cable behind the console, but this is easy too.
  • Under the dash about A/C level on Driver's side, flip the metal holder toward you; it will pop off. 
  • Slide the cable off the post and you can now pull the cable and the console free. 
  • Undo the four screws holding in the A/C control unit. 
  • Undo the two more screws that keep the Courtesy Tray in place.   Pull that free.
  • Gently pull on the control unit cover and it should pop free, but be careful of the a/c switch which is attached to this.
  • Push the A/C control unit back carefully and it will pop free; you need to do this to get to the catch on the top on the control unit that holds the blower switch in place. 
  • Pull up on the catch behind the Recirc lever, pull the switch toward the front of the car (away from the lever) from underneath. 
  • Unhook the harness, hook it to the new switch, and slide the new one back into place.
  • At this point TEST the switch and make sure it's in right before you reattach everything. 
  • Pop everything back into place, put screws back in. 
  • Slide cable through hole under vents and to the left of the center console, reattach.
  • Reattach harnesses to switches and cig lighter.
  • Slide whole mess back into place, it should pop into position.
  • Put back in 4 screws, slide stick cover back into position.