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A/C fuse tip

Written by Clint Fong

About the a/c fuse tip (see SE-R Drag Tips): Pulling the fuse and pushing in the a/c button w/ the ventilation fans on (any position) will fake the ECU into thinking the a/c compressor is really running, when in fact it is NOT. 

There is an algorithm that the ECU follows for determining if the radiator fans should come on or not. One of the parameters is vehicle speed, another is either ambient air temp or water temp, I can't remember which. The Nissan shop manual which has the logic chart printed in it somewhere.

In any case, just about any time I'm at the strip, it's >60F out and the radiator fans come on the moment I push in the a/c button. I don't know if it really helps, I've always run that way, and since I matched mr se-r dragster himself at MIR last time I was there, I figure it's probably not hurting any :)

This technique even bailed out my ex-gf's dad's car one time when we all went to the shore together. Her dad's car overheated and I suggested doing this little trick. It worked, and we made it home w/o overheating again. It was 95F and 90% RH. He is a full-time mechanic, so you can imagine he was impressed :)