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Stromung B-Pipe

Pictures and Comments from Shell Black

[Note: The "B" pipe is the portion of the exhaust system between the catalytic converter and the muffler.]

In the archives of SE-R performance you will find Stromung one of the first aftermarket vendors, also making dual tip exhausts. This piece [the "B" pipe] is mandrel bent and only slightly larger in diameter than the stock piece. As the photos illustrate it is coated to prevent rust and follows the exact path of the OEM pipe and uses the stock hangers.
Some may opt for a straighter shot (less bends) custom exhaust, cat-back exhaust, or a much larger diameter B-pipe.

The price at the time I purchased it [June 1997] was $160.

A side by side comparison of the OEM B-pipe and the Stromung B-pipe

stromung_vs_oem_small.jpg (9146 bytes) The Stromung B-pipe uses mandrel bends as compared to the crush bends of the stock pipe. The Stromung piece is also coated to prevent rust as is evident on the stock one.
stromung_vs_oem2_small.jpg (11350 bytes) A look at the openings and flanges that connect to the catalytic converter.
The Stromung piece is constructed of heavier guage metal.