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Stillen vs Borla

Pictures and Comments from Shell Black

The last thing I did when upgrading my exhaust in June of '97 was to switch from my Stillen to the Borla / Nismo Stainless Steel exhaust. The Borla / Nismo exhaust was purchased though Courtesy Nissan. The sound is unique and is not overwhelming at highway speeds.

stillen_vs_borla_small.jpg (12489 bytes) Here is a side by side comparison of the Stillen (left) and Borla (right) exhausts. The look was a much different, going from the dual tip Stillen to the single "Intercooled" tipped Borla.
stillen_vs_borla2_small.jpg (12267 bytes) Another side by side comparison: Stillen (bottom), Borla (top). Obviuosly the stainless construction of the Borla is great. I like the Borla because it does not look too aftermarket due to it's relatively modest sized tip.
polished_tip2_small.jpg (11648 bytes) The Borla exhaust does not ship with a polished tip. I took it to a local Harley guy ("Shiney" Bill Dell (972) 327 - 4805) to have it polished up to the can.
borla_installed_small.jpg (18834 bytes) Some people feel that the Borla sticks out too far from the rear bumper. It does center nicely in the bumber openings and utilizes the stock hangers as well.