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Random Technology Cat

Pictures and Comments from Shell Black

The second item in upgrading my exhaust was a new catalytic converter. $205 got me a replacement cat, made to order to the specs of my '91 SE-R. The stock cat, though rusted and dark, seemed to have decent flow. Many have mentioned that the cat's gut will melt into a "blob" especially under the heat of turbos. I was surprised to find mine was holding out.

The price at the time I purchased the cat [June 1997] was $205 from Random Technology

random_vs_oem_small.jpg (14874 bytes)

A side by side comparison of the OEM catalytic converter and the Random Technology cat

cat_inlet_small.jpg (9652 bytes) A look at the openings and flanges of both catalytic converters.
inside_cat_small.jpg (11846 bytes) A view through the Random Technology cat.

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes)Comments by Merlin Johnson (from General Info on SR20DE exhaust systems)

The OE cat is of good design and is huge for a 4 cylinder. The inlet and outlet diameter is 2.5", with the inside growing to 3". Aftermarket cats might get to about 3", but you would have to have a 3" exhaust to make it work, which would lead to a very loud SR20DE, and I don't think you will gain that much. Either leave the stock one alone, or take it out for use on the track.
... [after] prolonged runs the OE cat seems fine even with various mods like cams and headers.