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Installing an SR20DET

by Julian Hancock

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Here's a few collected thoughts on a typical SR20DET engine install that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. If you plan on doing this cool project hopefully these tips will make your job a little easier.

The actual swap of the engines was pretty straightforward. Disconnect parts A, B, and C to pull old engine, reattach A, B, & C after installing new engine. The hardest part was just figuring out what components/sensors needed to be transfered over and troubleshooting. If you have an FSM and label what you disconnect that will help a whole lot...

This info was based on a Bluebird DET engine installed in my buddy Joe's '96 SE-R. The earlier models, as well as installing a Pulsar GTiR engine, can be a little different.

What to swap:

What to fabricate:

What to buy:

What to modify:

Install notes:

This should be most of what it takes to get you out the garage. There are things like guages, hood scoop (or MUCH better, a front mount intercooler), cleaned injectors, new EGR hookup, etc. that can be done to improve reliability, power, and emissions. These are important issues so intelligently determine what should be done now and what can be done later.