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Magnecor Ignition Wires

Comments and Pictures from Shell Black

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When I started seriously thinking about ignition wires, the two brands I considered were Nology and Magnecor. Nology received good marks from Mike Kojima in his December '97 SCC article. Magnecor has a solid reputation and was the #1 choice of members of the RX-7 list. I requested via e-mail and received Nology's press kit containing their propaganda. I downloaded Magnecor's catalog / propaganda in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format from their web page.

The choice boils down to whether you believe in Nology's capacitor / shorter, more powerful spark theory or not. The Nology wires can also be more of an investment as they recommend that both a secondary coil and their silver electrode plugs be used in conjunction with their wires for best results. Magnecor, in their literature, slams Nology directly. OK, its a coin toss. If your wires are old, any new wires will be of a benefit, etc.

In the end, I chose Magnecor.  I opted for the 10mm R-100 Racing wires are part #49196 which cost about $150 directly from Magnecor. Their on-line catalog does not list the 10mm R-100 Racing wires for any SR20DE vehicle, but if you ask for them - they have them ready to go. The 8.5mm KV-85 Competition wires are less expensive at $120. I hope you like red...I think it is the only color available. They also offer less expensive 7mm and 8mm High Performance wire sets. Details on all sets are can be found in their downloadable catalog.

The Magnecor wires have very pliable silicon jackets and soft silicon boots. I also ordered their cheap-o wire looms which worked fine. The boots on the spark plug end of the wires, have a straight design not a right angle design like the stock Nissan wires. This is really not a problem because the pliable silicon wires bend easily enough so that they don't stick up at all.

The wire set includes four plug wires and the coil wire. In the past people have commented that the soft silicon boots may work themselves loose with time. After two months on the car, I have not had this occur. Being a soft silicon boot they will not "snap" like the stock Nissan boots which are made of hard plastic. Others have e-mailed me and said prices for the wire sets are much lower through other aftermarket dealers than direct from Magnecor. I believe this to be true.

Installation takes a whopping 10 minutes.