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JWT Motor Mounts

by Shell Black

Busting motor mounts on hard launches? Car groaning? Too much wheel hop at the drag strip? Welcome to the "vibration." Jim Wolf mounts are near-solid replacements for our existing motor mounts. The OEM mounts tend to let our engine pivot too much under high-torque conditions resulting in non-ideal power delivery conditions, premature death to the motor mounts or strain and possible trauma to the tranny. With the JWT mounts installed, pivoting of the engine under quick throttle is barely perceivable. There is a downside - vibration. When the car is at a stop light, vibration from the engine is transmitted throughout the chassis. As a driver the vibration can be felt through the wheel, stick, pedals, doorpanels and your seat. Goose the throttle and the vibration subsides as increased RPMs have a harmonic effect, canceling out the throb of our idling four cylinder. After installing the motor mounts you are on a constant quest to eliminate rattles - many of these gremlins now occur from the trunk lid, license plate and bumpers. For those who have seen some of my video tape from the track, launching the car is beautiful, without a hint of wheel hop - power straight to the pavement and without torque steer.

JWT_Mounts_small.jpg (5842 bytes) A shot of the JWT Solid Motor Mounts ready to be installed.
jwt_diag_small.jpg (6877 bytes) Supplied by JWT in the Kit, the best illustration of what you're getting into.
rear_small.jpg (7003 bytes) Rear Mount installed on the car.
rightside2_small.jpg (8789 bytes) Mount installed on passenger Side of the Car.
left_small.jpg (7489 bytes) Mount installed on drivers side of the car.
bottom2_small.jpg (11018 bytes) Front mount installed on the car.