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by Rob Cadle

Here is a back-to-back test of the JWT ECU versus the stock ECU. For all I know, nobody else has done this. I believe this test is extremely accurate, as I tested the two ECUs back-to-back on a dynojet. The tests were done within 10 minutes of each other. The car was run 3 times before the first run was made, so that the car's power output had stabilized. I ran twice with the JWT ECU, with no significant change in horsepower. Unfortunately, my tach is off, so the tests were cut short at 6800 RPM. However, I think the runs clearly show the improvement made by the ECU.

Previous speculation pegged the ECU as being worth about 2 hp. My tests showed different (5.5 peak hp, 4.6 peak ft-lbs at the wheels).

[Ed note: the ECU also improves throttle response, raises the redline to 7750 rpm, and on the 200SX, removes the 109 MPH speed limiter.]

Base timing for both runs was set at 15 degrees.

Other mods:

Tires were 205-50-15 Pirelli P700Z's, with 15"x7" RPO-1 wheels. The car also has NX brakes.

dyno_chart_small.jpg (19780 bytes)