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JWT Cams & Timing Chain Install

by Shell Black

This is a job I felt was above my experience. I had never worked on the "guts" of an engine, so I opted for Courtesy Nissan to do the install with mechanic "Smitty" to be surgeon on my SE-R. At the same time I decided to replace the timing chain and the water pump since I was fast approaching 100K and that side of the engine was going to be torn down. It also put to rest fears of end of life failure on these parts in the near future. I was not able to be present for the install (at work), but here are some "in progress" pictures:

Cams_desk_small.jpg (4911 bytes) The Jim Wolf Street Cams ready to be installed.
OEM_vs_JWT_small.jpg (9385 bytes) A side by side of the Original Cam vs. the JWT Cam.
OEM_Installed_small.jpg (9836 bytes) The valve cover pulled off, the OEM cams exposed.
JWT_Installed_small.jpg (8210 bytes) The JWT cams installed, valve cover ready to go back on.
New_Timing_Chain_small.jpg (12802 bytes) Shot of engine bottom and side torn down with timing chain & oil pick-up.
chainguide_small.jpg (7616 bytes) Shows timing chain and guide up the side of the engine.
Parts_small.jpg (6456 bytes) Parts list from the install of the timing chain, water pump, and cams (18 items).