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JWT Cams

by Rob Cadle

Here is a back-to-back comparison of stock ('91) cams and the JWT S3 cams.

All numbers are based on multiple runs that were taken after the horsepower had dropped off to a stable level (many people just show the second pull, which shows higher horsepower numbers typically. I am showing runs after the third pull. The peak hp is less, but the runs are stable and consistant). The chart show stock cams and the JWT S3 (current customer) street cams.

Mods during these runs:

Tires were 205-50-15 Pirelli P700Z's, with 15"x7" Enkey RPO-1 wheels. The car also has NX brakes.

HP numbers are corrected.

The cams gained 9.5 peak hp and 7.5 peak ft-lbs of torque. A mistake caused us not to get baseline hp numbers beyond 6800 RPM. I believe that the peak hp gain of the cams is actually more like 12 hp over stock, but that peak gain probably comes somewhere above 7000 RPM. 200SX's with their smaller factory cams will probably see bigger gains.

Notice that the car didn't lose any power anywhere in its rev range. Very impressive performance.

jwtcams_small.jpg (22085 bytes)