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Programming the Alarm Remote (200SX)

> I bought my car used and the idiot who owned the car before me did not
> turn in his/her remotes for the stock alarm/keyless entry.  So i bought
> a new one from Courtesy.  How do I program the new one to work and how
> do I get the alarm outta valet mode(at least that what it looks like).

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes) Comments by Pat Yagle

Actually, I looked this up a couple of months ago for a friend of
mine, whose dealer forgot to program the remotes to work.

Straight from page EL-166 of the 1995 200SX/Sentra FSM:

If the remote controller or the control unit needs to be replaced or if
an additional remote controller needs to be set,  enter the ID code

To enter the code, follow this procedure:

Setting Mode

Three steps must be followed to establish the "setting mode":

  1. Close and lock all doors.
  2. Insert and remove the key from the ignition more than six times in ten seconds. (the hazard warning lamp will then flash twice)
    * At this time, the original ID codes are eliminated.
  3. Turn the key to the "ACC" position

ID code entry:

  1. Push the lock button on the new remote controller once.
    * At this time, the new ID code is entered.
  2. To enter additional remote controllers, unlock, then lock, the driver's door with the door lock/unlock switch L/H (in main power window switch).
  3. Push lock button on the new additional remote controller once.
  4. This ID code entry enable state and setting mode remain until the driver's door is opened.


  • If the same ID code already exists in memory, the entry is cancelled, and no ID code will be entered.
  • Entry of maximum four ID codes is allowed and any attempt to set more will be ignored.
  • Any ID codes entered after termination of the "setting" mode will not be accepted. Additionally, remote control signals will be inhibited when an ID code has not been entered during "setting" mode.

My friend has used this process successfully.  Note that in step 2, the rate
at which you insert/remove the key is important.  It may not take 6 times.