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One Wiper Conversion

for 200SX by Ralphy A Louis

This method turns your stock wipers into the one wiper action.


  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • 14mm wrench or socket
  • 20" wiper blade assembly (optional)
  • Rust prevention spray paint (optional)
  • WD 40 / liquid wrench (they might come in handy)
  • Rain X (for heavy rain fall)


  1. Raise the hood and use the screwdriver to pop up the 2 wipers nut cover and loosen the nut with the 14mm wrench.
  2. Remove the driver and passenger side wipers, they should pop up, if not then spray some WD 40 or liquid wrench on it.
  3. After both wipers are removed, take the driver's side wiper and put it on the passenger side (the driver's side is longer) at a 15-30 degree angle on the windshield. Replace the nut and hand tighten.
  4. Now go and sit in the driver's seat like you normally would and turn the wipers on. See if it goes past your driving view - if not you can adjust it to suit you the best by giving it a higher or lower degree of angle. Then tighen the nut with the 14mm wrench and replace the nut cover and you're done!!!

Optional Items

  • You can use a 20" wiper instead of the standard 18" for a wider sweeping motion.
  • The rust prevention spray paint is simply to prevent rust on the driver's side wiper stud that's now exposed (e.g. rain).
  • The Rain X simply helps bead away the rain from your windshield.

The best thing about it is, you can always replace your wipers to stock form.

Enjoy the mod!